Moscow AIP for 2017-2019

The budget of Moscow's AIP for 2017-2019 is estimated at one trillion 433 billion rubles, broken down as follows:

  • 2017 - 492 billion rubles;
  • 2018 - 477 billion rubles;
  • 2019 - 463 billion rubles.

The targeted investment program of Moscow for the specified three-year period was compiled, strictly relying on allocations from the capital’s coffers in 2017-2019 for the implementation of existing state programs and holding various meetings, holidays and celebrations.

The main priority of the three-year program

A significant part of the TIP estimate is 987 billion rubles, or 68% of the total amount - during 2017-2019. allocated for the implementation of the state program "Development of the transport system." The main part of the funds, 507 billion rubles, which is 51% of the AIP, is intended for the construction of the subway. Thanks to such significant sums, 41 metro stations and 6 depots will be commissioned, 89.9 km will be laid. ways.

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Significant investments will go during 2017-2019. for the construction of roads: 452 billion rubles. will provide readiness for use of 376 km. roads, 42 crossings for pedestrians and 73 related objects (such as bridges, overpasses, racks).

AIP 2016-2019received its improvement and refinement in the new document - the Address Program for 2017-2019, where predominantly investments are allocated primarily to improve and improve the transport system of the capital, including the new administrative-territorial districts of Moscow.

Social sphere and sport promotion

Further improvement of the social environment of the capital is also among the priorities of the above document. 272.9 billion rubles will be spent on the implementation of the state program for its improvement over the designated time. They will build and surrender them to the selection committee:

  1. 42 doe to 9580 students;
  2. 61 schools with extensions to them - 32135 students;
  3. 29 polyclinics (16400 visits of patients during the shift), 26 hospital buildings, 7 ambulance substations;
  4. 24 cultural sites;
  5. 5 objects intended for social support of residents of the metropolis;
  6. 1 million 977,000 square meters. m housing.

In order to improve the sports base of the capital in accordance with the three-year investment program, builders will prepare for Muscovites 8 football fields, 13 fitness centers, 4 BMX-velodrome, 3 swimming recreational and sports pools, 25 objects in the Luzhniki Olympic world championships.In addition, the IFC will be built for gymnasts, acrobats, sports dancers, swimmers, in the complex you can do general physical training; arena for athletes, indoor skating rink.

future school

Other objects AIP

The address program does not bypass the side and other problems of the metropolis. So, it is taken into account that the municipal engineering system of Moscow needs to be updated. And for its restructuring allocated 78.3 billion rubles.

The implementation of the Safe City state program provides for the direction of 21.2 billion rubles over three years, due to which, by the end of its operation, 20 fire stations, 15 administrative facilities and two stations for search and rescue operations will be put into operation.

The implementation of the state program "Urban Planning Policy" laid 16 billion rubles. This will make it possible to introduce the administrative and business center of the Trinity and Novomoskovsky administrative districts in the first year of operation of the AIP. Within the boundaries of this GP there will be construction and delivery of the selection committee of 7 objects of the sacral-ritual direction.

In accordance with the SE "Development of the Recreation and Tourism Industry" in the first year of the program, the formation of the Zaryadye recreation zone should be completed.

In total, 2306 objects are included in the AIP for 2017-2019, for the construction or reconstruction of which investments are directed from the city budget.

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