Movie Rush Hour 4 (2019)

Brett Ratner, the director of the Rush Hour trilogy, never gave lengthy comments about a potential fourth film.

The most detailed one sounded like this: “I hope the picture will take place. Why not try? If viewers like these films, they will go and see a new one. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are great artists. Rush Hour is an international project for me personally. ”

Tucker has repeatedly stated that he is ready to participate in the continuation. Chan agreed to play beforehand, but on one condition - if the script is interesting. Hollywood is now actively reviving successful series of the nineties and zero, so there is no reason to doubt the release of Rush 4.

Preliminary release date

The catch is only in one thing - when exactly the picture will come to the cinema halls. Arthur Sarkissian, the producer of the series, has always been optimistic about the next sequel.

The third film was released in 2007, and the gap with the second part was six years. Then Sarkissian said that they might have to wait another six years before Rush 4. Alas, the forecast was not justified.

Sarkissian and his colleagues were lucky that Tucker and Chan are equally interested in continuing. In a recent interview, Chan said - filming is about to start. If this happens in 2018, the fighter will almost certainly be on the screens in 2019. The exact date is difficult to predict.

Ageless jackie chan

Let Chris Tucker is known in the United States as a successful comedian, Jackie Chan for a long career conquered the Chinese, Hong Kong and North American markets. He is the main star of Rush Hour.

rush hour 4 movie

At the dawn of his career, Chanu played into the hands of kung fu and acrobatics, honed as a teenager. Already, as an actor and stuntman, he collaborated on the set with such colossi as Bruce Lee and Yuen Heping.

His early known projects are Drunken Master and Cannonball Racing. In Hollywood, Mr. Steep and Dismantling in the Bronx helped to gain a foothold. Another famous American series, in addition to "Rush Hour", where he played in a duet with Owen Wilson - "Shanghai Midday".

In Chan's career, success was alongside failures. For example, saturated with special effects "Around the World in 80 Days" and "Medallion" did not justify themselves at the box office.The popularity of the actor returned through the "New Police Story" and "Baby for 30 million." Modern viewers are familiar with him from "Karate Kid" and the new parts of the "Armor of God."

rush hour 4 release date in 2019

In parallel with the "live" cinema, the actor is actively involved in the voice acting of cartoons - talking about "Kung Fu Panda." And in the early 2000s an animated series with him in the title role - "The Adventures of Jackie Chan".

Not so long ago, Chan was awarded an honorary Oscar. Now, as a director, he sets Polar Night, produces the Dragon Seal Secret: A Journey to China, and is preparing to shoot in Shanghai Dawn and the sequel to Karate Kid.

Director and his team

The hypothetical film crew of Rush Hour 4 looks like this:

  • director - Brett Ratner (his last known tape - “How to steal a skyscraper”);
  • Producer - Arthur Sarkissian;
  • screenwriter - Jeff Nathanson (involved in "Rush Hour 2" and "Rush Hour 3").

The first three parts of the Rush Hour franchise

rush hour 4 trailer

Briefly refresh in your memory the events of the trilogy.

The main characters are Detective Carter from Los Angeles (Tucker) and Inspector Lee from Hong Kong (Chan). In the first part, they meet in Los Angeles, when members of the Triad kidnap the daughter of the Chinese consul Khan.It was Khan who advised the FBI to get Lee involved in the investigation, but the Americans are "pushing" the Asian into a headstrong cop Carter. However, the case reveals just an eccentric couple.

In the continuation of the hero Tucker comes to Hong Kong - to visit a friend. At this time, unknown blown up the American embassy. Stepping in the footsteps of criminals, Carter and Lee find out that the local crime "cone" Ricky Tan and billionaire from the USA Stephen Rhine were involved in the blast. Despite being removed from business, Lee departs for the States, and in Las Vegas, with a partner, "opens" a cell of counterfeiters.

Well, in the third part of the heroes brings to Paris. The attempt was made on the consul Khan from the first film, and friends once again face the Triad.

The plot of "Rush Hour 4"

jackie chan rush hour 4 2019

Brett Ratner and Jeff Nathanson worked on several plot concepts, preparing for Rush Hour 4. It is obvious that Chan and Tucker have long been "in the years" and are not able to perform dizzying stunts. In the sequel, there will certainly be a lot of special effects - Ratner, for example, is enthusiastically studying the technology of motion capture (motion capture).

Also, the director is actively looking for artists for minor roles - for example, he secured the prior consent of Danny DeVito and Jet Li.Arthur Sarkissian disappointed the third film - the producer hopes that the sequel will be harder with new ideas.

It is interesting to note that Jackie Chan and Jet Li have already played together - in the Forbidden Kingdom.

Start filming

rush hour cinema 4

In October 2017, Jackie Chan told the press that the Rush Hour 4 scenario was under construction for a long time. If we manage to quickly get Tucker's consent, the shooting will start in 2018. The creators keep the locations secret - unless they somehow let it slip, they say, do not mind taking a picture in Moscow.


The first "Rush Hour" collected at the box office $ 244 million with a 33-million budget. Rush Hour 2 is $ 90 and 347 million, Rush Hour 3 is $ 140 and 258 million.

The franchise, which earned $ 850 million, is doomed to continue! Hopefully, Brett Ratner will no longer pull the launch of a new film into production.

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