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My acquaintance with Thai massage

Afterof my recent salon trip and use gift certificate, less like a magnet drawn to all this exotic. At the weekend, persuading a friend to make me company, we went to the salon. She is on my recommendation for wrapping. chocolate, and I continue to rejoice that I was born a woman and all are available to me These pleasant chores, namely - self-employment. Seeing the list The procedures and all the other things I chose Thai massage.The administrator took me to the office, and along the way she told me that the masseuse originally from Thailand, and studied the art of massage since childhood, respectively Ukrainian and Russian almost do not understand. When we entered I saw before me a small, frail woman of 35 years old. The administrator told her: “Tuk, classic Thai,” and left. Without a word, but with a good-natured smile Tuk gave me a white cotton a suit (wide, dimensionless pants and a similar tunic) while I changed clothes, she put a white sheet on a large square mattress, which lay on a small elevation in the center of the room, and put on a white pillow on a small pillow.

Thai massage

When I lay down, I realized that the mattress it warms up, it was very warm, which was most welcome after the frost on the street. Tuk started a massage with the feet. And I could not stop looking her. She looks about 35 years old, she is small, I think no more than 155 cm. Slanting eyes, typical Thai face, long hair, gathered in a bun. She was dressed in suit similar to mine. In the course of the massage, I realized that it was very comfortable. things since she was free to move and bend and straighten my arms and legs so it is necessary, without holding down movements. The main movements are pressing and swaying, she stimulated various parts of my body with hand pressure, and fingers. Sometimes, it seemed to me that she had more than 10 fingers on her hands, so diligently and quickly she moved them. From the foot massage, she moved to a hand massage, each limb was given special attention, all movements are exactly repeated on the other arm and leg. Later The fat on the fingers showed me that I had to lie down on my stomach.And it all started from the beginning: legs and hands, and then back. She pressed on my back with her fingers, palms, whole brushes, and even endured its weight bodies on my back, everything crunched and in some places even ached, but the moment I relaxed and closed my eyes I just enjoyed it. Massage lasted a whole hour, did not want to leave, but when she finished working on my back, Tuk clumsily said: “That's it, thanks,” I realized that is the end. Having changed clothes I left the office, my eyes could not get used to the light, after half the gloom on a Thai massage, and the body wanted to rest further. On the corridor Already waiting for a friend, we had just a sea of ​​emotions, so that the evening lasted for coffee.

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