New cars: Toyota 2018

It is not a secret that the most famous countries - automakers Germany and Japan constitute the main competitive pair, thanks to which the consumer gets the most modern models. Sedans, katch backs, lift backs, crossovers and SUVs - all of these types of passenger cars, even in the photo in the catalog of salons, delight both professionals and amateurs.


General information about new products

Traditionally, the widest product range is the Japanese concern Toyota. The 2017-2018 season was no exception, when for the first time on the video, and then in Detroit, several concepts based on the Toyota New Global Architecture platform are presented, each of which is interesting in itself. Why are cars of this brand so popular?

  • Models of the season of 2018 are distinguished by a sporty design, well-thought-out ergonomics, stylish trim, a high level of comfort;
  • Guaranteed safety of passengers and driver, promising navigation options, the use of popular elements of artificial intelligence;
  • Toyota cars are the quintessence of robust body construction, reliability, good quality, ease of operation and low cost prices;
  • The use of advanced powertrain systems, where harmful emissions into the atmosphere are minimized, the engines combine economic and ergonometric indicators, which makes the Rav 4 model different.

The Japanese are inherent in the most progressive expected models. A decent range of high-quality cars need to be studied in more detail.

Toyota CH-R

New cars: Toyota 2018

Fans of Japanese crossovers will see the Toyota CH-R model on the Russian market in the coming months. To create new items was used innovative design platform TNGA. Fundamentally new system used in the modified body, which is made of unique alloys using synthetic materials. The crossover became powerful and aggressive, the CH-R acquired the features so beloved by Japanese designers - a formidable tiger, ready to jump. Latest news - the car is equipped with various types of power units. Attention buyers offered gasoline, diesel, hybrid engines. Prices depending on the configuration in the range from 1, 5 to 2, 0 millionrubles.

Camry season 2018

New cars: Toyota 2018

The new version of the 2018 Camry Series is equipped with a new reinforced body, it has increased the wheelbase and slightly reduced ground clearance. These changes resulted in changes in the center of gravity and the increase in the elephant, where the driver and passengers will be accommodated spaciously and comfortably. In addition, the new Camry is a very modern model:

  • Options cruise - control, definition of pedestrians and dead zones, maneuvers in reverse.
  • Functions of automatic switching of light from far to near, monitoring of dynamics and statics in the transport row;
  • From 6 to 10 airbags, the changes affected the rear suspension, where there is now a multi-link option.

Power units with a volume of 2, 5 l and 3, 5 l, automatic transmission 8 steps. The introduction of a hybrid power unit is planned, the cost, as always, is acceptable - from 1,500 thousand to 2,100 thousand rubles.

Toyota Highlander

New cars: Toyota 2018. Review of new models, photo

Category of off-road car - SUV is becoming increasingly popular among fans of quality, good quality and quality. The renowned Highlander undergoes some kind of improvement every year, but this is not a trivial restyling, but a significant unification of all parameters, dimensions and systems.The upcoming season will give us a new “Highlander”, which has become an off-road vehicle of the future thanks to the introduction of technology and innovative nodes in the field of navigation, safety features and stylish interior design. Highlander rightfully competes with the famous Lexus RX crossover, in Russia the buyer will be able to buy a car in the second half of 2017, the cost is up to 4,000 thousand rubles.

Toyota Prado

New cars: Toyota 2018

No less interesting are the Prado 2017-2018 SUVs, which are reliably adapted for traveling in various conditions and speeds. Urban road, high-speed autobahn and rural off-road will not be a problem for the Prado, thanks to the design of elastic suspensions and numerous other promising technical improvements.

The cockpit TP is equipped with a comfortable dashboard with soft lighting. A large computer monitor displays current information about fuel consumption and mileage. A large trunk, upholstery of the seats and the salon with the thinnest natural leather, the anatomical shape of the back rest denotes the status of its owner. Three engine systems are used:

  • Petrol volume of 2, 7 liters - 164 liters. from. and a volume of 5, 7 liters - 381 liters. from. Automatic transmission and manual transmission;
  • Diesel unit of 3, 0 l, power 178 liters. from. Automatic transmission.

Release of the hybrid motor is planned.

Corolla 2018

New cars: Toyota 2018. Review of new models, photo

The novelty has a fundamentally new body geometry, where the reinforced frame is in harmony with the smooth, gently streamlined, sporty lines and outlines. Not only the outlines were updated, but also the grille, front optics, new lantern composition, and the tailgate weighted. The range of engines includes 1, 3 liters per 99 liters. from. , 1, 6 liters per 122 liters. from. and 1, 8 l. 140 l. from.

Depending on the configuration, the model will cost from 1 to 2 million rubles.

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