New form of Schalke 04 2017-2018

The new form “Schalke 04” for the season 2017-2018 has not yet been officially confirmed. But the first rumors about it already exist. So, most likely, the main change will be the brightening of the T-shirt colors. The blue tint will, of course, remain here without surprises, just now it will be lighter than before. Believe it?

The sponsors of gelsenkirhen in the face of Adidas and Gazprom are not going anywhere. Their logos will still adorn the front of the T-shirts of German footballers. Read about this and many other interesting things in our review below.

Home form "Schalke 04" for the season 2017-2018

Today we know the following: information from insiders leaked information that among the changes made there will be not only a clarification of the former coloring, but a rounded collar. Perhaps someone would like this innovation.

The new form of Schalke 04 2017-2018

Sample home shape

So, they promise to place a picture or strip along the perimeter of the main part of the T-shirt. What do you think, is this appropriate? Or leave everything as it is?

On the sides of the shirt can lose their bands. In principle, this will not surprise anyone.Thus, summing up, we can say that the new form of the Miners will become a little more youth, or something. Draw your own conclusions. To love or not to love is your own business.

Exit kit

The new guest form "Schalke 04", according to rumors, will also remain the same. But we have much more information about her.

The new form of Schalke 04 2017-2018

Guest Package

So, first of all it is necessary to say about the pattern printed on the main part of the shirt. Here you can see the plural gray lines scattered in a chaotic manner.

Recall that the previous version of the design assumed the placement of horizontal stripes, which, however, were barely noticeable.

The stripes on the shoulders remained. True, now they break off on the sleeves. The edges of the sleeves are marked with a wide blue line. And here you should pay your attention to the fact that blue replaced the blue color. Gate rounded.

As it seems to us, all this in the amount went exclusively to the benefit of the new design. Although the previous one was just as beautiful, undoubtedly.

Backup option

The third form of “Schalke 04 ″ in the new season, presumably, will be all the same green. True, this time its colors will be monotonous.

The new form of Schalke 04 2017-2018

Backup option

Yes, and it is worth highlighting the noticeable lightening of the green shade, closer to the emerald green. Here, too, the collar is rounded. Although here before he was on the "reserve", if that.

Let's see if the assumptions of insiders will come true soon. In the meantime, it remains to wait for the official presentation of at least the new home form of the Germans.

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