New models GAZ (GAZ) 2019 model year

The oldest car factory in Russia did not have time to rejoice over the second after ZIL after its decent performance at the last exhibition, where a whole bunch of original special versions were shown, as the mood was immediately spoiled. The release of such a long-awaited new generation of the Sable-Next is postponed indefinitely.

True, against the background of the incident with the freezing of this project, Gorky’s residents are trying to somehow straighten that image, financially unpleasant, so the information about a powerful and unplanned restyling of all active models in the end of 2018 - beginning in 2019 became quite logical news from them. .

We mean both all-wheel drive minibuses with vans, and mini-trucks of the Business series, and even all current modifications of the Sobol. By the way, it is possible that the move is very far-reaching and competent, because it is on the updates that, most likely, the solutions will be tested, which they will then implement on the Sable-Next.

From the interesting promise a lot.First, on the Gazelle-Next platform, several versions of special equipment will be produced at once - these are different food trucks and mobile shops, and even mobile repair shops will be on the wagon version. The latter have never been seen even at exhibitions at a live show; perhaps, this is a matter of powerful work on special orders.

They are also going to make a refueling truck and crane-manipulator from Gazon-Next, but only after updating their basic medium-tonnage truck.

And, of course, in connection with this, GAZ promises with its renewed line not only to completely force out import competitors on the Russian market, but also to effectively perform on the world one. Will he be able to advance further than in the traditional near abroad? Well, let's try to evaluate what he cooked ...

Foodtrack Gazelle Next

Improved aerodynamics and a fresh design are tipped to the updated foodtracks. Grills, coffee makers, deep fryers, steamers, freezers and refrigerated display cases powered by a transport refrigeration unit will be available to choose from.

The mass of this modification will be 4.6 t with a load capacity of 2.6, which means that it is destined to become a full-fledged mini-cafe on the road.

Exterior and design cars

foodstuff gazelle 2019

The module of the van part will be made of fiberglass, they will arrange a folding table and a protective visor. Display cases - polycarbonate or tempered glass, if desired. The front part in the spirit of the last restyling of this model boasts smooth lines and sloping shapes.

Of the new - even more increased the slope of the windshield, which, the truth will in no way affect the review. True, the company's traditional headlights will remain, and after all, their appearance is more than necessary in need of rework.

Interior and equipment model

On board there is a stand-alone refrigerator, water supply and a sink, a bio-toilet, cabinets with shelves and many outlets for connecting the most diverse kitchen appliances. All this should work from a standalone generator of 10 kW.

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In the cockpit, everything will be rebuilt for the sake of growth for the convenience of the driver and passengers: there will be significantly more space, adjustments will be added at the helm and at the seats. Since this is still an enterprise for business, there will definitely be a lot of convenient cabinets, shelves, compartments and pockets for documents, trifles and personnel clothing.

Mobile Shop Gazelle Next

“Multifunctional mobile retail space of improved comfort”, is exactly the name of the new generation of this wonderful 2019 model year Nizhny Novgorod themselves.

gas next 2019

But behind this stingy formulation hides a very worthy update of this modification, which it would be honored to see in your fleet any enterprises with divisions of exit trade.

Exterior and design cars

Over the design of the exterior worked for the glory. Before us is something infinitely cute, with rather futuristic lines of glass, clear edges and an incredibly kind face with a broad grin grin that flows smoothly into the bumper with grotesque air intakes.

new cars 2019 gas

The sides rise vertically up above the roof, forming two huge, full-length wagons, LED monitors to which you can broadcast both video and sound. The machine will be insulated with thick foam, the window will be glazed with a single-chamber package.

Interior and equipment model

Both triple and seven-seat variations with convenient sockets for connecting gadgets, cup holders and paper compartments will be available.Even a wardrobe is planned, and the driver's seat will be equipped with three adjustments, as well as the steering rack.

GAZ shop trailer

They promise several options for finishing the walls and floor to choose from, as well as a modern bio-toilet. Depending on the destination for non-food or food products, it can be equipped with built-in racks, cabinets and drawers, or a sink with water and refrigeration equipment.


The special versions of Gazelle Next have the following characteristics:

  • independent double-lever front suspension and a stabilizer on the rear;
  • lockable differential;
  • rack and pinion steering;
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gazelle shop trap Pricemobile gazelle 2019mobile shop vanGAZ shop trailer
  • 150hp cummins engine (diesel) and petrol or propane Evotech;
  • air conditioning;
  • length - 3.1-4.2 m, depending on the choice of standard or elongated base;
  • cruise control for diesel engines;
  • optional - sunroof;
  • power steering;
  • heated mirrors;
  • power windows.

Crane manipulator Lawn Next

lawn nekst manipulator

Stylish cabins, somewhat reminiscent of American classic trucks in miniature, simple but reliable and functional on-board platforms with integrated boom - get acquainted, these are updated crane-manipulators based on GAZon-Next.

Absolutely unique both in its characteristics and in design, the machine is a real pride of the designers of the plant. It will occupy an average niche between full-fledged crane installations and mini-manipulators, which can often be seen on tow trucks and other similar units.

Exterior and design cars

lawn nekst 2019 model year

The length of the onboard platform is 6.2 m, despite the fact that its height can be conveniently adjusted, and in the urban version is also available under-board with ramps. Due to this, and the productivity of the crane installation of the model, it is possible to transport building materials on it, and even metal-rolls up to 6m in length.

The exterior of the cabin by design will not reveal anything to the revolutionary world, of course, but, they never expected any special premium from it, just as they do not expect an evening dress from a sleeper to change.

Interior and equipment model

Triple cabin with improved noise insulation will be equipped with adjustable seats and steering wheel, as well as electric windows and a set of drawers, hooks and pockets to accommodate all the things passengers.

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The working unit is expected to have a Unic URC 374K forklift, the boom of which can be adjusted for departure by 3.4-10.0 m, and it will be able to lift up to 3 tons of weight.It, by the way, is automatically folded and securely fixed, which meets all the most stringent safety requirements.

Fuel Truck Gason Next

The authors guarantee that the new generation of a gasoline truck on the basis of the Gazon-Next-platform will easily adapt to any field conditions, becoming an indispensable assistant for agricultural enterprises, mobile repair teams, construction and road repair companies.

Lawn Fuel Tanker 2019

Unlike its predecessor, it will demonstrate higher maneuverability and capacity, as well as transport, if necessary, more attendants.

Exterior and design cars

Due to the use of aluminum in the filling system, it will be possible to significantly reduce the weight of the car, and, by the way, this should have a positive impact on the future quality of the transported fuel.

GAZ 2019

In the new generation, they will be much more responsible about both active and passive safety, due to which some significant changes will be made to the chassis and bodywork.

The cabin looks quite modern, moreover - fully comply with the safety requirements for this class of special equipment, with regard to visibility, and external protection, and lighting power.

Interior and equipment model

GAZ 2019 model year

The cab can be selected in a three-or seven-seater configuration, with a variety of storage places, adjustable steering wheel and seats, as well as audio equipment. The tank is a one- or two-section organization with a suitcase section, which will lower its center of gravity for greater stability.

In the tank will be placed up to 5300kub.m. fluid. The ribs of the tank are at the same time breakwaters that save the hull from water hammer. It was decided to equip the fuel hub unconventionally - at the back, which will make it possible not to be tied rigidly to the placement of the vehicles being served on a particular side of the tanker. Also on board will be a folding ladder with a handrail.


car models gas

The special versions of the Lawn Next have the following characteristics:

  • Russian diesel engines and gas installations from YaMZ (various options are planned);
  • rear drive;
  • power steering;
  • City modifications are available on smaller wheels for both special versions;
  • Cruise control;
  • ASR, ABS;
  • heating, ventilation;
  • radiator insulation;
  • rear and front suspension with stabilizers;
  • tool kit on board.
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Also in the automaker's news flashed messagesthat representatives of the “Ural-Next” heavy trucks (6x4) will still be launched into the series. By the way, just the right-hand drive version of this monster and gathered to conquer export markets.

But, so far, there has been no exact information from insiders about refitting the lines, as well as that plans to introduce Vector-NEXT and Kursor tourist buses will be implemented (a low-level version for people with heightened needs). But Cruise will launch exactly, because they are going to serve the upcoming World Cup.

Well, the plans - the mass, interesting ideas, respectively, too. It remains only to hope that the policy of the plant will be extended to make the machines really accessible to the masses, thanks to which they will not lose the market, which, for example, unfortunately, is the direct move of the electorate - AvtoVAZ and UAZ.

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