New Volkswagen models (Volkswagen) 2019 model year

The Volkswagen brand is part of one of the world's largest automakers Volkswagen Group, consisting of 342 companies operating in the automotive industry and related services.

VW cars compare favorably with their competitors in this German quality, reliability and modern appearance. In developing its vehicles, the automaker takes care not only of the driver and the technical characteristics of the car, but also of all the passengers in the cabin.

In addition, the indisputable advantage of many models of Volkswagen is their more affordable cost, compared with products of other brands of similar quality.

The model range of Volkswagen includes cars of the most different class and price category. In addition, the range of products of the German automaker is constantly expanding and modernizing. For the 2019 model year, VW has produced many notable new products, including the Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Tiguan.

New Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen plans to upgrade its popular Passat model in 2019. In this case, the version for the United States will be redesigned separately, although at about the same time as for other markets.

Although, as expected, there will not be much fundamental difference between the American and European models. The updated Passat will be based on the MQB modular platform, which is used in most new VW products, including Atlas.

Volkswagen new models prices

Cars of this brand have always been a model of quality and reliability. In order to attract customers, especially after the diesel scandal, the new Volkswagen Passat sedan should become more dynamic and stylish, but remain concise and strict.

The designer of the new model for 2019 was first introduced by Michael Mauer, who since the beginning of 2016 has been the general designer of the brand.

Reportedly, the new model will receive a semi-autonomous driving system and an automatic security system. Aluminum alloys will be widely used for the manufacture of the body, which will make the car lighter, but harder and stronger.

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In connection with the tightening of environmental standards in the US and Europe, the manufacturer will be obliged to improve existing engines or replace them.It is likely that after launching the standard model, a hybrid configuration will appear.

The redesign should increase interest in the Passat, whose sales have fallen markedly in 2017. Although this decline was more a reflection of unprofitable sales for sedans in general, and not a lack of interest in Volkswagen products.

Volkswagen Jetta Sedan

Jetta Volkswagen new model 2019

Presented at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2018, the new compact Volkswagen Jetta sedan reflects the company's current corporate identity, which can be seen on the larger Passat and Arteon sedans. From its predecessor, the novelty differs in almost everything.

In addition, Volkswagen claims that the car will be loaded with modern premium features. After two generations of riding on the PQ35 chassis, the 2019 model will switch to a new modular MQB platform.

Volkswagen put a lot of effort into redesigning the Jetta. For almost eight years, the previous generation was rather outdated and obviously boring in design, especially when compared to the company's later products. But while the new generation is a significant departure from the old model, its style is far from revolutionary.

vw jetta 2019 models

The design of the new Jetta with corner lines at the front and rear is obviously inspired by the wider Passat. You may even notice some replicas from Arteon.But this is not so bad, since all these new stylistic decisions make the Jetta more seductive than ever. The car turned out more elegant and sporty than expected, even without the R-Line enhancement package.

The Jetta has a new, bold front panel with one of the largest grille in the Volkswagen model range. Angle lights give the car an angry look. Refined front optics look perfect. A spectacular image completes the sculpted bumper with large daytime running lights in the corners and a wide air duct, located just above the splitter.

Surprisingly sporty profile differs kupepopodobnoy roof, short overhangs and protruding ring line. The latter is not very original, as it resembles the style of the BMW 3 Series, but it is a great addition and a great improvement over the faceless design of the Jetta.

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While the back of the car is fresh and sporty, it looks very similar to the Audi A4. Long and slim two-piece headlights, a spoiler on the tailgate and a large stack under the license plate - these are just soft interpretations of what can be seen on the premium A4 model.

Even the configuration of the bumper is the same, and the thin red lights are similarly located above the large tailpipes. Of course, some A4 models have round connections, but there are also trapezoidal variants. It is a pity that Volkswagen could not come up with a more original design, although most customers will most likely not be concerned with such plagiarism.

The new sedan has become longer and wider, and short overhangs provide a longer wheelbase. Fully LED lights in the front and rear are standard equipment, an exclusive feature of this segment.

2019 Volkswagen series

Obviously, Volkswagen is again moving the Jetta closer to the premium market. The car badly needed a radical make-up to justify itself in the eyes of fans. And Volkswagen did its best.

The instrument panel is no longer flat, it now uses different angular lines and a more pronounced two-level design. The new information display is at the top, and the HVAC trapezoidal vents have moved lower.

The management interface has become much more convenient, and the new console is big enough to fit the iPad standard. The steering wheel is the only element that has remained unchanged, with minor updates to the control section.

Volkswagen characteristic

Seats and door panels have also been redesigned and have received new upholstery colors. Volkswagen claims he used better and softer materials.

New equipment includes 10-color ambient lighting, heated and ventilated front seats, driver's seat with memory function, leather upholstery and dual-zone automatic climate control.

The infotainment screen is also new, which facilitates access to all information about the vehicle.

New 2018 Volkswagen

Driver customization with four settings is standard and includes data for driver's seat memory, preferred driver assistance systems, temperature, Volkswagen Digital Cockpit, ambient lighting colors, radio presets and navigation.

The new Digital Cockpit instrument cluster is optional. It comes with a reconfigurable display and the ability to position navigation data in front of the driver.

Rearview camera is standard for each model, while the list of options includes a warning of a possible collision and autonomous emergency braking, monitoring of blind spots, adaptive cruise control and warning of leaving the strip.

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Features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, integration with MirrorLink, as well as the most powerful 400 watt Beats Audio sound system in the brand line are optional.

The new compact sedan uses a 1.4-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine with direct injection with 147 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. This is three horsepower less compared to the outgoing model, but still keeps the Jetta on top of a compact power class.

The engine is paired with a new six-speed manual gearbox. An eight-speed automatic is available as an option.

Volkswagen Tiguan crossover

model 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan compact crossover has been qualitatively updated last year. The automaker finally realized that size matters. Therefore, the current model has grown in length by 25.4 cm, which positively affected both the free space for passengers and the capacity of the cargo hold.

Very little time has passed, and the German manufacturer has already announced the next update in the 2019 model year. There is no official debut date yet. Perhaps the premiere will be held this summer.

car volkswagen

Since this redesign is still fresh, no major changes in the 2019 Tiguan model can be expected.The car has gained a more athletic appearance, but in general, visually almost unchanged. Due to the increased dimensions, it can carry up to seven people in the cabin and more than two cubic meters of cargo.

Under the hood, the upcoming new product will have a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 184 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque.

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Power is supplied through an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Tiguan comes standard with front-wheel drive, but buyers can also choose the all-wheel drive option.

The new 2019 car model has not yet been tested by IIHS or NHTSA, so there are currently no official ratings. The previous Tiguan experienced minor difficulties in the crash test with a small overlap, but updating the design on the model of the new generation should overcome this drawback.

The upcoming Tiguan will also receive an update of safety systems and driver assistance, which include automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, warning of leaving the lane and much more.

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