New Year 2018 in Dombay

Dombay is a unique mountain area located at an altitude of about 1620-1650 meters above sea level in Karachay-Cherkessia. It is also worth going there because the region is located at the intersection of three famous rivers - Alibek, Amanauz and Dombai-Ulgen, and at the crossroads of all these three valleys there is also the settlement Dombai. As a tourist base, the region became widely known around 1926, during this period, the first tourists began to go here, wishing to relax and unwind as comfortably as possible, having had a comfortable time.


Location above sea level 1620-1650 meters
Where is The intertwining of the three most famous rivers of the region - Alibek, Amanauz, Dombai-Ulgen
Tourism For the first time, directions were opened in 1926
Locality Settlement Dombai
Skiing season December-May

What will remember the rest in Dombay

New Year 2018 in Dombay

Distinguished rest in Dombai following:

  • In fact, the region is an all-Russian center for lovers of unforgettable skiing, as well as mountaineering, extreme rest;
  • Even if you go here to rest in the winter time, you may accidentally stumble upon various competitions that are held here regularly, starting with the opening of the season. For example, international competitions are regularly held in the region, when the best athletes from different countries and regions of the planet gather in one place;
  • In addition to sports, Dombai is famous as the real capital of film festivals, various competitions of the All-Russian level. For example, it is worth noting the numerous festivals of the author's song, scientific forums, which, if desired, you can easily visit, having enjoyed the organization and specifics of the event.
  • Rest in Dombai is famous for numerous hotels in which everything is included, the tourist only needs to choose the time and day of arrival, he will have to wait for a comfortable and cozy room, created, as if specifically for a specific request;
  • Numerous open airs deserve special attention, symbolizing the heightened interest in such a place of rest and pastime today.

In addition to the above advantages of recreation, you can easily take advantageous trips to the region,settle in with children, choose a hotel complex for yourself (it could be just one of the huge buildings or even small houses) and spend time comfortably so. In the region there are a variety of mountaineering camps in which everyone can get the necessary equipment, accommodate and practice their favorite sport. You can also try equipment rental, traditional mountain and European cuisine, excellent in all respects tourist service and much more than what is known for the whole country tours in Dombai. Positive feedback can be heard about the most diverse and modern means of communication, which can be used by every potential tourist.

Climatic features of the region

It is noted that the climate in the Dombay region is mild enough, it is characterized by moderate humidity, there are no possible temperature drops, only an increased number of sunny days per year prevails. The skiing season starts in December and ends in May, the best time can be called February and March, they are distinguished primarily by a combination of positive air temperature,bright enough sun and just excellent light, ready to share with all potential guests of the specified region.

New Year 2018 in Dombay

Dombai is a good option for professionals and beginners in skiing, even snowboarders. A distinctive feature can be called quite good slopes, they are very wide, devoid of such undesirable steepness, while those skiers who are confident enough to behave on the track will find a huge mass of various advantages for freeriding and skiing off-piste.

Rest for every taste

There are quite a few lifts that are ready to deliver each potential camper directly to the main ski area, located on the fourth and fifth line of the road. The main area here is considered to be the ski area of ​​2600-3000 meters, and this is due to the fact that there is a fairly wide plateau, and the slope is also processed by an additional special snow cage, here most of the people are resting.

Among the best places that are definitely worth a visit, you can highlight Mount Moussa-Achitara, located on a hill at 3012 meters above sea level.A rather even and calm relief differs, but it is only in the upper part, a little lower it is very diverse. Ski slopes offered in this place are distinguished by the possibility of using absolutely any category of holidaymakers, both beginners and professionals. If you wish, you can even find places that are in some way similar directly to the southern slopes of Cheget. Pleasant are the prices for 2018, which can surprise any potential vacationer, regardless of social status.

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