Novogrudok: sights to see tourists

According to ancient chronicles, an ancient cityNovogrudok, whose sights we will consider in the article, owes its appearance to the Kiev prince Yaroslav the Wise. It was he who founded the settlement in the middle of the eleventh century. Several centuries later the city became the first capital of the Lithuanian principality. In the middle of the sixteenth century, it is part of the Commonwealth, and at the end of the eighteenth - the Russian Empire. Of course, all these changes of the protectorate did not pass for the city without a trace. They are reflected in architecture, had their echoes in folklore, cultural traditions, which, of course, fixes the status of the most ancient and fascinating for tourists with monuments of antiquity.

Beautiful places

Now Novogrudok is a regional centerBelarus. The townspeople call it Navagrudak. There are so beautiful landscapes here that the area is called Belarusian Switzerland. First of all, this is the territory that is part of the landscape reserves of Novogrudok, Naliboksky and Svityazanskiy. The beauty of the Svityaz and Litov Lakes can not be described in words. The clear surface of the reservoirs, surrounded by lush foliage of trees, bushes, emerald and soft grass, causes such delightful sensations, the expectation of a certain magic, that it seems: just now a mermaid looks out of the water. And looking at the transparent waters of Svityaz, you can try to see the ancient city, which, according to a beautiful legend, is hidden on its bottom.

Novogrudok AttractionsThe ruins of Mindovg Castle

Near the city are the ruins of the castleMindovga. It once belonged to the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. From the terrible castle, which withstood more than one siege of the crusaders, the Tatar khan, the Moscow governor, now there are only two dilapidated walls and fragments of stone fortification.

novogrudok attractions reviewsAnd yet, even among such meager memories of antiquity, the greatness of the medieval fortress is felt.

Novogrudok: attractions

In Novogrudok the tourist will undoubtedly be curiousto see the temples of different faiths. At the end of the fifteenth century, the Tatars settled here, and three centuries later the first mosque was built. Despite the fact that it is a wooden building, it is perfectly preserved to our days. At the end of the eighteenth century, the Franciscans built the Baroque church of St. Anthony. Fifty years later, for the participation of the monks in the national liberation uprising, the church was closed, and a little later it was converted into an Orthodox church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The fire in 1852 did not spare the building of the church. Therefore, it was rebuilt in an entirely different architectural style, only the foundation remained unchanged from the old building.

Borisoglebsk church

If you come to Novogrudok,local attractions you have to see. The most ancient church is the Boris and Gleb Orthodox Church. It was erected in the twelfth century, at the beginning of the fourteenth century, it opens a monastery. In the middle of the sixteenth century, it was handed over to the Uniates. Then, in the building, some restructuring was carried out. According to the times, the church was equipped with defensive fortifications. Three centuries later, when Novogrudok was transferred to the Russian Empire, the church again became Orthodox. Now this is a beautiful, upright white-stone building.

Church of Michael the Archangel

What else can you see when you arrive in Novogrudok?Its attractions, including religious buildings, will be of interest to many tourists. Not an exception and the church of Michael the Archangel. In the seventeenth century, Dominican preachers contributed a lot to enlightenment in the local area. The church of St. Jacek, built in 1624, became not only a religious but also a scientific center. At first it was a wooden structure, but a century later a stone baroque church was built and a church was named in the name of Michael the Archangel. At it the Dominican school in which in due time the famous Polish poet Adam Mitskevich studied was opened.

Other attractions

The poet's museum is located near the ruins of the castleMindovga. This is a modest one-story house with two columns near the porch. It was opened in the early twenties of the last century and, unfortunately, completely destroyed during the Second World War. But the house was rebuilt, now it houses expositions dedicated to the leader of the Polish liberation movement, the talented poet of the era of romanticism Adam Mickiewicz.

novogrudok attractions descriptionIt is best to learn about such a eventfulhistory Novogrudok will succeed in the local history and local lore museum. It was discovered relatively recently, about thirty years ago, but it has rare rare exhibits, for example, archaeological finds, objects of everyday life of the nobility and ordinary people.

Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord

What else does Novogrudok take pride in? Attractions here are all very interesting. But the unique, rich in historical events and legends is the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

Novogrudok city attractionsThis is austere, like a small castle temple.He rises on a hill, surrounded by lush trees. Built in 1395, at first it was wooden, then, in the seventeenth century, two stone baroque chapels were erected. At the beginning of the fifteenth century, the wedding of the Polish King Vladislav II and Princess Golshanska took place here. During the war in Novogrudok, Nazareth sisters were shot. All eleven are eventually ranked by the Holy See to the face of the blessed, their relics are kept in the church. Since 1621 there is a miraculous icon of Our Lady of Novogrudok. The church is very cool. Legends say that the fault is the underground springs, which are under the foundation.

Some interesting places

If you have already inspected the cityNovogrudok, its sights, then you should definitely rest. To relieve fatigue after interesting, intense excursions, it will be nice to look into one of the local restaurants or bars. For example, the restaurant "Svityaz", the bar "Rome", the restaurant "Valeria", the cocktail bar "Chance" will be able to please its visitors with excellent cuisine and high level of service.


We have provided you with basic information,concerning one of the most wonderful corners of Belarus. Now you can safely go to Novogrudok. Attractions, descriptions and interesting facts about the history of the city, the beauty of nature - what else does a tourist need for an unforgettable vacation? And here even an experienced traveler will find something to do.

New Town Attractions People who saw the city of Novogrudok,sights, reviews leave positive. They say that it is really very beautiful, there are many interesting historical monuments, churches, churches. And strongly recommend to visit this place and make sure of its beauties, as they say, personally.

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