Parquet selection criteria

January 27, 2018

The types of wood used for the manufacture of parquet

First of all, in order to correctly make a choice, it is necessary to determine the question of what wood materials the parquet flooring is made of. Solid woods that are highly resistant to washing and mechanical damage, as well as durable, are best suited. The most commonly used species are deciduous trees.

Parquet selection criteriaParquet selection criteria

oak. This material is not only durable and beautiful, its use speaks about the status of the owner. It is considered one of the best coatings, which is produced not only in natural color, but also in darker shades;

ash. Amenable to polishing, while has a nice appearance;

beech. Rather durable material, the use of which will give the room an original appearance;

nut. Durable rich brown coating;

maple. Able to change its shade during operation from white to honey;

bamboo. Differs in the long term of operation and high strength characteristics.Bamboo stalks are pressed during the manufacture of parquet, due to which the material has high strength characteristics. In addition, this material is not subjected to deformation, does not pass moisture and dampness. If you do not have enough skills for self-laying the floor, you can order construction or repair work at

What types of flooring are

floorboard- such flooring is now the most popular and practical due to its low price. Distributed in the form, the assembly of which is not difficult. At the time of manufacture, the material is already exposed to the lacquer coating, therefore, all that needs to be worried about during work is the substrate and the installation itself. The base of the floorboard consists of low-grade wood, and the upper part - of solid. Boards are equipped with special holes, through which they are fasteners. Of the minuses can be noted only a small number of possible layings, which are of the following types: frieze, deck and herringbone. However, if you put parquet correctly, such coverage will serve for many years;

parquet flooring- represents the levels made of strong breeds of a tree. Fastening is carried out by ridges and grooves. Of the advantages stands out high stability, which is provided by special carved grooves located on the back of the product. Their presence allows you to evenly distribute the load on the floor, which prevents the formation of cracks;

parquet flooring- is a fairly expensive floor covering used for the display of these drawings and panels. It is such a product wooden plates, where paper is glued on the front side (ensuring ease of installation), and the backing is on the back;

parquet shield. It differs from other options by the size of the structure, which is a square shape;

pronto parquet- not so long ago found coating in the parquet device. It is made by pressing several plates. Fastening is made not only grooves, but also spikes. Due to the special manufacturing technology, such a coating has not only high mechanical resistance, but also resistance to moisture and temperatures.The price for such a parquet is now quite high. Can be sold with or without varnish.

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