Peeling and scrub - what's the difference? Definition and types of peeling and scrub

To make the skin more smooth, elastic andit is noticeable to rejuvenate it, women resort to a different method. The most safe of the means, corresponding to all the above prescribed requirements, are ordinary peeling and scrub. What is the difference between them, many do not know, although they have these weapons. In this article, we decided to talk about each of them, explain what their differences are and determine what is better.

What is peeling?

Peeling appeared in ancient Rome, and today'swomen enjoy using it. But the very word "peeling" came from England, and it can be translated as "shake off", "sand" or "scrape". Indeed, the properties of this procedure resemble a real scrap, thanks to which the horny old layer is removed from the skin, and a beautiful and young appears on the light. The most effective method is salon peeling, but there are also good tools that you can use yourself at home.

So, why do you need peeling? The procedure is designed to prevent the appearance of pigmentation spots and freckles, significantly rejuvenate the skin, to give it smoothness, softness and elasticity. Thanks to her wrinkles do not appear so quickly.

The procedure of peeling is useful in that it helps to get rid of young and healthy skin, promotes rapid cell division, removes comedones, cleanses the skin of contaminants at the deepest level.

It is important to know that absolutely different means are peeling and scrub. What is the difference between them, you will learn further.

Peeling and scrub what's the difference

Types of peeling and the depth of their impact

Depending on the type of skin, its problematic, you need to choose a suitable peeling. This procedure is divided into the following types:

  • mechanical peeling;
  • chemical;
  • radio wave;
  • laser;
  • enzyme;
  • biological;
  • fruit;
  • physical.

And according to the depth of impact, there are three types of it: surface, deep and medium.

mid-face peeling reviews

What is median peeling?

Many people heard about the mid-peeling. And almost everyone knows that this procedure is one of the most popular salons, but not all of them could test the effect of this method on themselves.

Thinking about making a medianpeeling, it is important to remember that this procedure is not the most pleasant, and in most cases causes even strong pain. In addition, it is recommended to do this kind of peeling only on vacation or, if possible, work for a while at home, since after the procedure for several days, redness and swelling on the skin may be present.

So, what is remarkable about this "execution", andwhy do women deliberately go for it? The thing is that the medial peeling helps to get rid not only of freckles, but also of very noticeable pigment spots, remove the first signs of aging, including the average depth of wrinkles. The skin after the procedure becomes smooth, supple, the result of rejuvenation is noticeable within a week after the peeling, and persists for six months to two years.

Medial face peeling: reviews

Women who have experienced themselvesThis type of peeling, note that this is the best, relatively inexpensive and, by the way, not the most painful way to rejuvenate the skin. Most of them were satisfied and recommend this method to all women. The customers note that the pigmentation with time almost completely passes, the uneven relief of the skin is smoothed out, and even noticeable acne scars are lost.

And speaking of pain, they say that you can and suffer, because the result of the procedure is just magical.

But it can not be asserted that available on the middlePeeling face reviews are only positive. Some of the ladies remained unhappy with him, as the edema slowed down for a long time, and they had problems at work, because they had to take a sick leave sheet.

In addition, there are also allegations that the procedure did not help get rid of wrinkles, however, in this case, women complain about the master who did the peeling.

What is peeling for?

What is a scrub?

Scrub as well as peeling, is aimed at smoothing and peeling off the top layer of the skin. Their actions are similar, but the result after peeling lasts longer.

Under the scrub is meant a mechanical effect on the skin by friction. The composition of the product has tangible and noticeable hard particles, which, like a grater, rip off the dead skin cells.

The majority use Scrub at home. It is better to apply it after or during a hot bath. Then the skin is steamed, supple, and the result will be noticeably more qualitative than using the tool in other conditions.

As you can see, they are aimed at rejuvenation and cleansingskin and peeling, and scrub. What is the difference between them? In composition and effect. So, if in peeling there are special chemicals that are able to remove dead skin cells, then there are bits of berries, coffee or nutshell in the scrub.

Which is better: scrub or peeling?

Peeling and scrub (what is the difference between them we have already figured out) have the same focus, but which of these funds is better?

If you have sensitive thin skin, then preference should be given to peeling. It simply needs to be applied to the face, and after the due time is washed off with water, it does not injure the skin.

The scrub acts mechanically, and for thatTo get the result after using it, you need to rub the skin for five minutes. Such rubbing by coarse particles can cause damage. However, the majority of allergic reactions appear after the application of peeling. To understand what is best for you, it is worthwhile to test both methods.

And peeling, and scrub is recommended not to be used more than twice in one week, and if the skin is dry and thin, then at all once.

home scrub for body

Home Scrub

Unlike peeling, you can yourselfmake a home scrub for the body and face. Women have long used a variety of products for the purpose of exfoliating the skin. In the course go and candied thick honey, and coffee grounds, and salt, and a variety of berries with small bones, and so on.

Home scrub for the body is done very simply, andit can be created by any woman. The beauty of this tool is that it takes minimal ingredients to make it, there are no chemicals in it, and useful ingredients and natural vitamins have a beneficial effect on the skin.

body salt scrub

Sea salt for rejuvenation

Scrub of sea salt for the body not onlySmoothes and rejuvenates the skin, but also contributes to the disappearance of cellulite and extra centimeters. The fact that sea salt is able to remove excess moisture and slags from the skin, and massage movements during cleaning accelerate the process, help penetrate the salt substances faster and deeper.

Such a scrub should be done after taking a shower,apply massage movements on damp skin, massage for at least ten minutes the whole body. After the procedure, rinse the skin with water and grease with milk or a nourishing cream.

In the salt, you can add olive oil, in a ratio of two to one, where two parts of sea salt (crushed), and one part - oil.

coffee scrub at home prescription

Coffee scrub at home: recipe

Coffee is not only one of the most fragrantdrinks, but also an excellent antioxidant. Ground coffee can be made a non-waste product, and, having wrung out the used thick, make of it a fine scrub. It will not cost you anything, and the impact on the skin will be just amazing.

In order to benefit more, we offer a recipe for honey-coffee scrub. Honey is known for its antibacterial action, it is able to get rid of black spots and acne.

Mix a large spoon of coffee grounds with a spooncream or sour cream. Add the honey warmed up in a microwave or water bath, wait for cooling and apply to a clean and dry skin of the body and face. Massage the skin for about five minutes and leave the mixture for a few minutes so that the maximum amount of nutrients is absorbed.

Use this crab is recommended once a week.

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