Pensions in January 2018

The Russians received higher pensions in January 2018 - by 3.7% recalculated payments to non-working citizens. In total, the country plans to recalculate three times: in winter, spring and summer. But retired servicemen were the very first - their pensions were indexed back in December 2017.


Indexation of pensions in January

In the coming year, Russian pensions will be indexed three times: in winter, in January; in spring, April, and in summer - in August. The first recalculated social benefits will be received by non-working pensioners - since January 1, they have been increased by 3.7%. Thus, the average monthly pension amounted to 14 329 rubles. Also, the Pension Fund reported that certain categories of recipients, whose payments are lower than the subsistence level established in the region, rely on social supplements. The amount of co-payments depends on the size of pensions, but in the aggregate it should correspond to the minimum level of income.

Pensions in January 2018

In the spring, in April, indexation of social pensions is expected. This type of payment is due to the following categories of citizens:

  • disabled people;
  • war veterans;
  • children without a breadwinner;
  • citizens who do not have the necessary work experience.

At the moment, social pensions, if we take the average amount, equal to 8,742 rubles. In April, this amount will be indexed by 4.1%.

If we talk about another category of recipients, then working pensioners still should not expect an increase. The recalculation for pensioners who continue to work, was canceled a few years ago. Instead, they began to accrue retirement points for each year worked after reaching retirement age. After the final retirement, the accumulated PB will be recalculated. According to the latest news, this year the cost of one point increased from 78.68 rubles to 81.49 rubles.

Also, at the end of last year, military pensioners were recalculated - about 2.6 million people will receive an increase of 4%. It is expected that the average size will be 24.5 thousand rubles. The Defense Ministry noted that the military will count twice this year, an increase in pensions in February and an increase in the money allowance in January.

«According to the established tradition, military pensions for January 2018 were paid in an increased amount already in December 2017 before the New Year holidays"- said the department.

In total, approximately 3.07 trillion rubles was allocated for these purposes.

Pensions in January 2018. Will there be a surcharge

Recalculation and payment of pensions

As you know, the recalculation of the pension took place on January 1, and not in the traditional February, as it was in previous years, therefore the Pension Fund of Russia notified in advance what schedule the payment of pensions would be held in Moscow and the region:

January 3 and 4 on schedule
5 January payments for January 5 and 7
6th January on schedule
since January 8 on schedule
from January 3 according to the schedule Russian Post and alternative delivery services
December 29, 2017, January 10 and 15, 2018 Central Russian Bank of Sberbank of the Russian Federation
Sberbank of Moscow, a branch of "Central" VTB Bank, Bank Revival December 29th
January 10 other credit institutions

It is reported that in the regions the payment schedule is slightly different. For example, in the Republic of Komi pensions and social payments are made according to the first name of the recipient:

  • letters from A to K - January 12;
  • letters L to Z - January 19th.

Those recipients who receive pensions and social benefits to accounts in banks and other credit institutions will be paid on January 19, 2018.

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