2017 year of the rooster

Pictures of a Christmas tree in 2017: for children, decor, cards and gifts

Oleg Skrinnik
2017 year of the rooster

Everyone probably knows that is the main symbol of the New Year. Of course, this is a fluffy green tree or pine. In the house, where the decorated Christmas tree stands, the New Year's mood reigns from the moment of its installation until the time when the tree has to be removed.

No wonder that decorating an apartment, buying a gift or other festive paraphernalia, we pay attention topictures of the Christmas tree 2017. Everyone understands that the real New Year will be in the house where there is a Christmas tree decorated with bright toys, garlands and tinsel.

Christmas tree in the card

When buying a gift to a dear person, many of us try to get a postcard to express our feelings in it and write a wish. Especially in demand before the New Year holidays beautiful pictures, which depicts the forest beauty - the Christmas tree.

As a rule, print publishers choose images of the most original, fascinating and attractive trees or pines, so that the buyer will certainly choose their products. In addition, you yourself can make a postcard no worse than any printing house, and in some cases even better.

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Pictures with a Christmas tree for children

More than anything, children love the New Year. On this day, the dreams of many boys and girls come true, for example, Grandfather Frost brings a cherished toy. In order to stir up the child's interest in this holiday, you can pre-show him pictures with the Christmas tree, snowman, icicles, snow and other objects that are inherent in winter and New Year.

It is advisable to accompany all these images with fascinating stories, for example, about the origin of the holiday, its traditions, etc. Surely, the guys will like to hear the story that in Russia there were no such bright toys made of glass and the Christmas tree was made to dress up with apples.

In addition, on the Internet you can download the coloring for the New Year 2017 for children with a Christmas tree. The kid will be able to paint it, showing all his imagination. Make a simple New Year's card with your child, which you can give to friends (grandmother, grandfather, aunt). This occupation will entice both you and the child.

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pine picturescrafts christmas picturespictures of the Christmas tree 2017 for childrenpine 2017 pictures for children

Not necessarily to draw.Following the example of a Christmas tree, you can make a craft out of more durable materials: cardboard, plywood, cups, etc. Tune in to the desired wave, and then in your house for a few Christmas trees will be more, and the Christmas mood will spread to all tenants, as well as those who will come to visit you.

Christmas tree decor

Now on the Internet you can find a huge number of images of trees of different sizes and with a different set of toys. In order for your apartment on New Year's Eve to look original and amaze everyone gathered with its festive decor, you can not be limited to just tinsel and a garland on the walls and windows.

Print a few pictures with the Christmas tree, you can paste them into frames and hang them as pictures; You can make voluminous toys, Christmas trees, connecting several pictures to each other. It is worth noting that such decorations will not be disposable, because with careful use they can be hung next year.

Christmas tree simple drawingChristmas pictures with a Christmas tree and giftsChristmas treebeautiful tree pictures
christmas tree 2017 home picturesDownload picture Christmas trees 2017tree with a starChristmas tree toys

Christmas tree in the gift

The image of the Christmas tree can be transferred to wrapping paper and then the gift wrapped in it will look even more attractive. You’ve probably seen in stores that before New Year’s come rolls of paper with beautiful Christmas trees in several rows, and it is in them that the presents are wrapped.

Christmas tree wrapperChristmas trees and ballsdifferent drawings of the Christmas treewinter trees pictures
tree picturesherringbone patterntree ornamentChristmas tree wallpaper

Christmas trees at the morning

In many kindergartens and schools are held pre-holiday matinees, where the guys show skits, lead dances, sing songs. In the assembly hall is set a large lush Christmas tree, and it is the pride of the institution.

But after all, in the groups or classes themselves, the tree is hardly allowed to be supplied, and I still want to have a piece of the celebration before my eyes. In such cases, an excellent replacement for a living tree will be its image. Pictures of Christmas trees can be printed on thick paper, hang on walls, planks, doors or windows.

Christmas tree with gifts and garlandsimage of a Christmas tree for childrenpine picture beautifulpine image new year
drawing toys and pine 2017tree on ng 2017Download a simple image of a Christmas treePictures of the Christmas tree 2017

Christmas tree on the desktop

Before the New Year, everyone wants to have a reminder of this holiday, thereby bringing its arrival closer. A few days before the New Year's Eve, various thematic decorations appear in the shops, colorful lights of the garlands begin to flash in the apartments and even on the streets they can hang shiny tinsel. In addition, the owners of computers, smartphones, and other gadgets are trying to put on the screen saver a picture of a Christmas tree or snegovichka.

pine in winter 2017 picturestree and snowchristmas trees 2017 pictures for mobile phonesChristmas tree wallpaper
Christmas tree 2017 pictures and photostree 2017 new year photo picturespicture of the Christmas tree with toysbeautiful christmas trees pictures

You look at the monitor and you understand that very soon this long-awaited day of fun and gifts, which is able to radically change life, will come.

We can continue the list of options for using pictures with Christmas trees for a very long time. Any person can easily find their use, with the support of their imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment, be creative and your holiday will be unforgettable.

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Pictures of a Christmas tree in 2017: for children, decor, cards and gifts 59

Pictures of a Christmas tree in 2017: for children, decor, cards and gifts 85

Pictures of a Christmas tree in 2017: for children, decor, cards and gifts 30

Pictures of a Christmas tree in 2017: for children, decor, cards and gifts 84

Pictures of a Christmas tree in 2017: for children, decor, cards and gifts 34

Pictures of a Christmas tree in 2017: for children, decor, cards and gifts 85

Pictures of a Christmas tree in 2017: for children, decor, cards and gifts 12