Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty

Pies with mushrooms are ancient Russiandish. The oven is quite simple, but it turns out very tasty. To prepare the dough for one and a half cups of warm water, you need to take about 850 grams of flour, 8 grams of dry yeast and vegetable oil. For the filling, take 200 grams of dried mushrooms, one onion, and salt and pepper to taste. Pepper can be taken either black or red - if desired. Mushrooms can be used white or champignons.

This recipe for pies with mushrooms is extremely simple.First we put the dough: we dilute yeast in water and pour in the flour, but not all, but only 600 grams. When the dough rises, pour a teaspoon of salt, two tablespoons of any vegetable oil and the remaining flour. The dough should be well kneaded and put in a warm place to rise.

Mushrooms are washed and put on the stove to cook.When they are almost completely ready, they are removed from the fire. Onion cut into half-chopped and slightly fried with chopped boiled mushrooms. Shortly before the end of cooking, the mushrooms need to be salted and peppered.

Cakes with mushrooms are made as follows:the finished dough is divided into two parts. One part is rolled and spread out onto a baking tray. The filling of mushrooms and onions is evenly spread on it. The second part should be rolled out on a table and carefully covered with a pie. The edges of the pie need to be well protected, then lubricate it from above, make one or two cuts for the steam outlet and, after warming the oven well, put it there. Pies with mushrooms should be baked at a temperature of 200 degrees for thirty minutes. When they are ready, you need to cover them with a dry and clean cloth and let stand for ten to fifteen minutes to make the crust soft.
And now tell you how to bake a cake from a batterless test.

For preparation of such test it is necessary to take 250grams of flour, 150 grams of butter, two eggs (use only yolks), salt. Mix the dough out of these ingredients, after you need to put it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. For preparation of this not absolutely usual pie the demountable form in diameter of twenty five centimeters undertakes. In it you need to roll out almost all the cooked dough, leaving a little to the top. The dough is covered with foil and placed for a short time in the oven at two hundred degrees approximately. Instead of foil, you can use cooking paper.

After 12 minutes, the form needs to be reached.This will be the basis for the mushroom pie. For the filling you need to take a half a kilogram of fresh champignons, wash them properly and cut them into slices. We chop the onion - it's better to cut it - and mix it with mushrooms. Onions with mushrooms should be put out in a skillet in butter for about five minutes, then add spices and a tablespoon of finely chopped dill or parsley. Spices are suitable for cumin, paprika and curry.

Now the egg filling is being prepared.To prepare the egg filling you need to take two eggs (squirrels) and 125 grams of sour cream and cream. You can do only sour cream - then it will need 250 grams. Eggs are shaken, add sour cream and cream, then salt and pepper to taste. All - pouring is ready. Now we get the base from the oven. The bottom of it is sprinkled with breadcrumbs and then the mushroom stuffing is put into it. After that, the egg mass is accurately poured into the mushrooms and the contents are closed with the remaining dough. You can tear his hands into pieces and throw them on top, or you can even do it without him. Now the form is again put in a preheated oven for thirty minutes. After the pie with mushrooms is ready, the form is pulled out and put on a wet towel to make it easier to get it. Such pies with mushrooms are very delicious and unusually tender.

Do not be afraid to experiment in the kitchen. The main thing is creativity and inspiration. Cooking is really a wonderful hobby!

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Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty Pies with mushrooms - tender and tasty