Pig - a symbol of 2019 do it yourself

The pig serving as the patron of 2019 in eastern countries is considered to be almost the main owner of the yard. With good morals, she brings luck and wealth. But if you annoy her, then wait for trouble. The best way to appease the patron of the year is to make talismans, memorable gifts for loved ones and decorative elements with his image. To simplify the task, we offer you two interesting options on how to make a pig a symbol of 2019 with your own hands.

Pigier-pig piggy bank

Have you ever wondered why exactly pigs and not other pets are chosen as prototypes when making money boxes? Some believe that the pig - a thrifty sign of the zodiac, which contributes to the rapid accumulation of content. Others are of the opinion that cute pigs have “comfortable” body shapes for this purpose.

In any case, piggy piggy banks are popular at all times. A vivid confirmation of this is the wide range of products on this subject presented on sale. Of course, you can simplify your task and buy a ready-made piggy bank.But it is much more interesting to make a symbol of 2019 with your own hands.

Making a piggy-pig using a papier-mâché technique is a rather painstaking process. It includes a number of basic steps.

Papier mache piggy bank

Selection of necessary materials

The papier-mâché technique is based on the molding of a mass from a mixture of an adhesive substance and fibrous materials. It is often used in the manufacture of masks, models, theatrical props and teaching aids. In our case, the role of fibrous materials will be performed by the newspaper and toilet paper, and the bonding agent will be PVA glue.

In addition to the basic materials for the manufacture of pigs with their own hands, you will also need:

  • balloon;
  • putty;
  • acrylic paints;
  • foil + roll reel;
  • masking tape 20-30 mm wide;
  • paddle for mixing;
  • capacity for breeding;
  • fine-grained sandpaper.

It will be convenient to apply the paint with a foam sponge, and to draw the details of the pig's face with brushes of various thickness and hygienic sticks.

Papier mache piggy bank

Piggy bank case

The technology of making papier-mache is quite simple. It involves layer-by-layer gluing of small pieces impregnated with glue to the selected model.

To make a symbol of 2019 - a pig with your own hands, you must first tear the newspaper sheets into pieces of about 30x40 mm. The role of the model will perform inflated ball. The main thing is to tie the tail tightly so that the ball is not accidentally blown off in the process of pasting.

Preparatory stage

For the manufacture of the body of the piggy bank, you need to paste over the ball with pieces of a newspaper dipped in water and smeared with PVA. Get a tough and strong piggy bank can only be provided that the number of layers will be from 10 and above.

The top layer of the blank will be made of a mixture of toilet paper, the smallest pieces of newspaper and PVA glue. All ingredients must be mixed in a container until smooth.

Mixing mass

The finished mixture must be evenly distributed over the pasted newspaper ball. This work is convenient to perform with a spatula and palm.


Making the legs and face of the animal

When the surface of the pasted ball has completely dried, gently blow the ball out and remove it to the surface. The remaining hole must be sealed with all the same pieces of newspaper, soaked with PVA.

The stable legs of the figurine are the easiest way to make a reel of foil, cutting it into 4 equal pieces.The legs are fixed to the body with masking tape. It is better to close the joints with a mixture of glue and toilet paper.

Adding paws

To weight the product and give it greater stability, it is better to fill the legs with metal nuts and bolts. To seal the holes fit all the same adhesive mixture.

Piglet is the easiest to make from crumpled foil.

Making a Piglet Foil

Formed spout glued to the body using a mixture of paper mache. Under the patch, the upper lip is first formed, and then the lower.

the upper lip is formed, and then the lower

Make eyes for the same principle. The ears of the animal can be made from the same composition. Or, use clay for this purpose, tail - made of wire covered with a layer of papieshka.

Make eyes, ears, penny

After fixing all parts of the body, make a hole in the figure for the coins and leave to dry completely.

Product decoration

The surface of the dried figurines must be thoroughly sanded and coated with acrylic putty. To give the perfect evenness of the surface material is better to apply in several layers.

Coin Hole

When the putty dries, the figure needs to be wiped with a damp cloth, removing the flaws.

When painting the mumps in the first layer, apply dark paint.

Gilt decoration

After it dries, coat the product with red paint. The third layer is pink.


Eyes pigs can be issued as you want.

Eye decoration

Such a cute pig can set foot on a great New Year gift for loved ones and a worthy decoration of the interior.

Master class on sewing pig toys

It is difficult to meet a person who would be indifferent to soft toys. After all, they bring to the house a special comfort. Continuing the theme, we offer an interesting master class on sewing the 2019 symbol with your own hands from textile materials.

Selection of materials and accessories

For the manufacture of such a nice couple will have to spend at least three hours of free time. But the result is worth it!

Piggy toys with their own hands

A set of necessary materials:

  • white and pink fleece cuts;
  • sintepukh or holofiber for filling;
  • white and pink threads;
  • needles for hand sewing;
  • pins.

The option of finishing the costumes of a couple in love depends only on the preferences of the craftswoman. In our case, these were: satin ribbons, beads, floss threads, organza cut for a skirt. To make the image more romantic gentleman handed a bunch of artificial flowers. (21)

Creating a pattern and transferring it to the fabric

Having decided on the sizes of the future figures, we create paper patterns of all the details. Please note that in the photo the figure of the body of the figure is presented in a folded position in half.


The paper pattern is transferred to the fleece cuts, not forgetting to leave the seam allowances.

Transferring the pattern to fleece

An important point: using several shades of fleece for sewing pigs, do not forget to take this into account when transferring the paper pattern.

Assembly and tailoring of parts

First of all we sew the legs and ears of the product.

sew the feet and ears of the product

This work can be done manually. But to simplify the task and speed up the process, it is better to use a sewing machine.

All the paws of the figurine are alternately turned upside down and filled with filler.

Stuff foot filling

According to the same principle, we sew other body parts, not forgetting to leave the areas for turning on the front side. The lower legs of the piglet sew to the body.

Stitch parts

Turning the places sewn up with a secret seam. Fill the finished figure with synthetic fur, carefully close up the seams.


From the strip and round billet we collect a penny, for convenience, fixing it with pins. Sew parts and fill them with filler.

Stitching parts

We sew ears to the head of the figure.

Subtleties of skill! To create a secret seam we start a needle from the seamy side of the fabric and, after making a stitch, pull the thread. After that, grab the thread of the main fabric and gently tighten it so that no wrinkles form on the fabric. By the same principle we carry out the subsequent stitches.

With the same secret stitch we sew the upper legs of the pig and the tail.

Design options toys

At the final stage we embroider threads of floss on the muzzle of a pig eyebrow and smile, on the patch we make two shtryshka - nostrils.

We embroider the face

How the talisman of the year will look like depends only on your preferences. In our case, the boy-gentleman will be with a bow around his neck. In his paws, he has a bunch of flowers.

Gilt girl dressed up in a pretty organza skirt. To give an image of romance the skirt of the skirt is decorated with decorative flowers, and a flirty bow adorns the head. In addition to the image, the foot of the pig frames the bracelet from the beads collected on the thread.

Gilt decoration

Carnival mask from felt

It is difficult to imagine a New Year's holiday without such an accessory as a carnival mask. And the easiest way to make a mask with a pig symbol of 2019 is to cut it out of felt. It is only necessary to choose the pattern you like.This may be a cute muzzle pig or piglet little pig.

felted maskfelted mask


For work, you also need felt of different colors, needles or glue, rubber and decorative elements.

felted maskCarnival mask pig out of felt

To make a mask you need to perform a series of simple steps:

  1. Choose your favorite pattern.
  2. Transfer the contours of the pattern to pieces of material.
  3. Cut out the contours for the eyes.
  4. Decorate the mask with elements of decor.
  5. At the edges of the mask attach gum.

To make such a mask will take only 15-20 minutes. If desired, an easy-to-work job can be turned into an exciting activity with children. It will give a lot of pleasure to young assistants.

Having made any of the suggested symbols with your own hands, you will be able not only to appease the patroness of the year, but to please your loved ones with an unusual and touching New Year's gift.

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