Podium for speakers in car

Many motorists are firsthandThe desire to improve the sound quality of music in your car by adding or replacing speakers. When installing a new speaker system in a car, drivers usually face the need to install a podium for the speakers. For front midbasov such supports are extremely necessary for high-quality sound.Podium for speakers

Of course, for a different kind of tuning, you canTo address in workshops, but the present drivers all are able to do the hands. And why overpay? So, let's see how to make the podium for the speakers yourself. Making such a detail with your own hands and installing it in a car does not require special skills from you, but materials will require a wooden frame, fiberglass and macroflex.

How to make a podium for speakersIn order to qualitatively and quickly makepodium for columns, you need to prepare in advance the following materials: plywood thickness of about 8 mm, fiberglass, hardboard, thick cardboard, epoxy adhesive, sandpaper, putty, nails, screws, PVA glue and macro spray bottle. We begin fabricating the frame of the platform with a preliminary sketch on paper to determine the shape of the future product. Then from the plywood are cut in two copies of the side struts, rings for the speakers and the bottom. Details are glued together with PVA glue and fixed with small nails in one frame.

The next step is that the podium forcolumns should be adjusted to the plastic pocket on the car door. For this, the pocket is unscrewed and filed until the dimensions match, then wrapped in cellophane and filled the finished structure with a thin layer of macro-fleck. The resulting shape of the product is adjusted using putty and plaster. After shaping the skeletons, it is necessary to cover with thick fiberglass, burned on fire and impregnated with paraffin. For strength, glass fiber cloth is laid in three layers and the edges are fixed with carnations.

When the car loudspeaker platforms arecompletely pasted and finished with putty, it is necessary to glue epoxy glue to them with backs made of hardboard. Such fastening for the columns will ensure a close fit to the door skin along the entire length. The putty is applied with a spatula, and then the surface is ground with a skin, for greater strength, the edge of the fiberglass is placed in a plastic pocket. Then the podium and pocket can be covered with vinyl, while heating it with a construction hair dryer or by applying glue BF-88. For a more economical option or for an amateur, you can paint everything with a nitro color in black.Speaker mounts

At the very end of the work, any podium for columnsthe car must be secured in its place. To do this, cut the holes with a torch and attach the base of the platform with screws. From the centimeter-thick plywood for greater strength, a lining is made and screwed to the door, pre-lubricated with sealant, on self-tapping screws. The podiums themselves are then attracted to the same lining by screws.

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