Poems about nature for children: 30 best

Poems about nature for children

The site "Mom can do everything!" Collected poems about nature for children. In the article you will find 30 best works of famous poets and writers: A. Barto, A. K. Tolstoy, A. N. Plescheev, A. S. Pushkin, S. Yesenin and others. These verses are about the most frequent natural phenomena such as rainbow, rain, thunderstorms, as well as the beauty of the world around us, which are familiar to us from childhood.


Honey playing
In the raindrops,
Rainbow sparkles.
Going to heaven,

Ties together
River banks
Sky Bridge -
Rainbow arc!
(L. Gromova)



We are whole morning
Tinkering with sprouts,
We planted them
Do it yourself

Me and grandma together
Planted seedlings
And Kate went
With a girlfriend in the garden.

Then we had to
Fight weeds,
We snatched them
Do it yourself

Grandmother and I dragged us
Full watering cans.
And Kate was sitting
In the garden on the bench.

- Are you on the bench
Sit like a stranger? -
And Kate said:
- I'm waiting for the harvest.
(A. L. Barto)

The sky is crying with small tears,
Slammed the umbrella in the girl's hand,
Drops melt in small pieces of ice,
Slowly sliding down the cheek.

The rain has gone, passersby are rushing,
A cloud of black crow soars,
These moments are worthless -
In the sky, thunder rolls up.

The leaves gleamed like mirrored,
Rang in streams streams,
Drops from the sky are falling crystal,
Turning, with a shiver, into bubbles.

The sky is overcast, the rain has intensified,
The horizon is no longer visible,
The weather was a little offended by the weather,
Having unfolded in a fit an ardent umbrella.

The air is clean, not breathing ozone,
Full breath, dizzy,
In a dimensional beat, the song of the rain is heard
And the grass glistens under the drops.
(V. Zadorozhny)

Here is the last snow in the field melts
Warm steam rises from the ground.
And the blue jar blooms,
And the names of each other are cranes.

Junior forest, dressed in green smoke,
Warm thunderstorms waiting impatiently.
All spring breathing warmed,
Everything is around and loves and sings.
(A.K. Tolstoy)



Birch white-bent down at the pond.
Mirror water admires her beauty.
Dew washed birch in the morning.
The wind caresses it, the fog is basked with it.

It is well dressed with a loose scythe
And the traveler admires the unwritten beauty.
The ray of the sun, the dawn of alai comes to visit her
And from that it becomes more lovely.
(B. Sheshegov)



Snow melts, streams run,
The window blew in the spring ...
Nightingales will soon soon
And the forest will dress foliage!

Pure azure,
The sun has become brighter and brighter,
It is time the storms of evil and storms
Again for a long time passed.
(A.N. Pleshcheev)



From the magic jug
The river has released gin,
And he swam over the water
With a long white beard,
Over the fields, over the meadows,
Deftly hiding behind the stacks.
Retired to a dark forest
Lost and disappeared.
(N. Tsvetkova)Poems about nature for children: fog

Winter is not without reason angry
Passed her time -
Spring is knocking at the window
And drives from the yard.

And everything began to fuss,
All nudit Winter won -
And the larks in the sky
Already raised the peal.

Winter still bothers
And grumbles at Spring.
She laughs in her eyes
And it only makes noise ...

Wicked Wicked Wicked
And seize the snow,
Allowed, running away,
In a beautiful child ...

Spring and little sorrow:
Washed in the snow
And only became more blush
Contrary to the enemy.
(F. Tyutchev)


"In the meadow"

Forests in the distance are more visible
Blue heaven
Noticeable and blacker
On arable land,
And children's louder
Over the meadow voices.

Spring is on the side,
Where is she herself?
Chu, you can hear a clear voice,
Is this spring?
No, it is loud, thin
In the creek rushing wave ...
(A. Block)


Mushroom rain

Warm rain washes the forest,
Whispering leaves and grass,
And raise the trunks to heaven
Crown of green oak.

By selecting an observation post in the branches,
Rejoicing in the rain in July,
As on the swings, the blackbird swings
With a bit of sun on its beak.
(S. Makhotin)



Covers a sheet of gold
Wet land in the forest ...
I boldly stamp my foot
Spring forest beauty.

With cold cheeks are burning:
I love to run in the woods
Hear how the twigs crack,
Leaf foot raking!

Long on the leaves lies
Nights frost and through the forest
Cool looking somehow
Clarity of clear skies ...
(A.N. Maikov)Poems about nature for children: autumn

Persecuted by spring rays,
From the surrounding mountains already snow
Run off in muddy streams
On the drowned meadows.
A clear smile nature
Through the dream meets the morning of the year;

Blue shine heaven.
Still transparent, forests
As if down in green.
Bee for field tribute
Flies from a wax cell.
Valleys dry and mottled;

The herds rustle and the nightingale
Already sang in the silence of the nights.
(A. S. Pushkin)



Run out soon
Look at bullfinches.
Flew, flew,
A flock met snowstorm!
A Frost Red Nose
He brought a ryabinki.
Well treated
Sweetened well.
Late winter evening
Bright scarlet bunches.
(A. Prokofiev)


"Spring Thunderstorm"

I love the storm in early May,
When spring thunder first
As if frolicking and playing,
Rattling in the blue sky.

Thunder peals young
Here the rain spattered, dust flies,
Pearls hung rain
And the sun thread gilds.

An agile stream runs from the mountain,
In the forest, the bird din is not silent,
And uproar forest, and the upland noise -
Everything is echoed by thunder fun ...
(F. I. Tyutchev)


Bird cherry

Fragrant cherry
With spring bloomed

And the branches are golden,
What curls, curled.
Around dew honey
Slides down the bark
Under her spicy greens
Shines in silver.
And near, at the thaw,
In the grass, between the roots,
Runs, flows small
Silver Stream.
Fragrant cherry
Weighed, worth
A golden green
The sun burns.
Creek wave rattlesnake
All branches dow
And ingratiatingly under the steeper
She sings songs.
(S. Yesenin)Poems about nature for children: bird cherry***


Warm rain warmed
Our summer has come.
Stood on the threshold
Jumped up the road.
Ran through the colors
Summer is heard
Here and there.

Summer, summer, hot day,
From the heat tired stump
Sighed quietly, and sighed,
And until the autumn took a nap.
(L. Kislenko)



The burdock stood in the rain
And from the water plumper and fluff.
The burdock is not lethargic, burdock is not chah,
Burdock swamp wet groin.

The burdock covered from caustic jets
Green moss and small flies,
Chipmunks, mice and those
Who was afraid to wet the fur.

When the downpour summer verse,
There was a loud sneeze in the forest.
Rain wetted burdock
He sneezed four times out loud.


"Summer in a red sundress"

Summer in a red sundress
I liked our Anya:
- Give me a sundress,
I will sew a pocket to it.

Summer in a red sundress
Smiled to our Anna:
- My dress is not easy,
You sew yourself another.

Mine is with flowers and gardens
And endless fields.
He is with a sweet cherry, and a strawberry,
And fragrant strawberries.
(L. Kislenko)

Sunny Bunny
ran along the path ...
- Bunny-lawn,
Where are your legs?
- Ray on the grass
and a ray - in the river,
And the rest -
at mother - in a hand.

Dressed up the sun
In yellow clothes,
Zastegnulo sun
Yellow clasps.
The sun ran
To the other end of the world -
Caught up with the sun
Golden summer.
(A. Alferova)

Summer, summer, old friend
Came to us in the meadow.
Sat by the fire,
Where kids missed.
Treated us raspberries
And it took an expensive long.
(L. Kislenko)

The brook runs, ringing.
He invites me:
“Well, race!
Who is faster to the river ?! ”
And he took off running.
I follow him, not feeling the legs.
Ahead shines the river.
I hear the splash from afar:
"Do not catch up anyway -
I have been in the river for a long time! ”
(N.Radchenko)Poems about nature for children: stream

The summer somehow bored:
- I'm not dressed in fashion,
I am a little kokoshnik,
And the belt is too narrow.

Where to find a dressmaker fly,
To be fashionable to wear?
Maybe the berries eat less?
On a diet, maybe, sit down?
(L. Kislenko)


Warm days again,
Hello summer time!
Near the river on the sand
Sunbathes kids.

Gild in the field ear,
And in the forest the grass is like silk.
Giving a cuckoo voice,
And the nightingale fell silent.

Here strawberries zalela,
We are in a hurry with baskets.
We all have a deal
Do not sit at home in the summer!
(G. Demchenko)

Autumn has come
Dried flowers
And they look sad
Bare bushes.

Wither and turn yellow
Grass in the meadows.
Only turns green
Winterize in the fields.

The cloud covers the sky,
The sun does not shine
The wind in the field howls
The rain is drizzling.

Waters rustled
Rapid creek.
The birds flew away
In warm countries.
(A.N. Pleshcheev)



Autumn, fall, fall of the leaves,
Yellow leaf dotted the garden.
In a warm land, where there are no blizzards,
Bird flocks flew away.

The clouds are running around
The wind blows under the mountain.
Autumn, fall, fall of the leaves,
Yellow leaf dotted the garden.
(G. Demchenko)

Golden foliage spun
In the pinkish water on the pond,
Like a butterfly flock of light
With fading flies on a star ...
(S. Yesenin)

White snow fluffy
Spinning in the air
And the land is quiet
Falls down.

And in the morning with snow
The field turned white
Just a shroud
Everything dressed him.

Dark forest with a hat
Wore a wonderful
And fell asleep under her
Hard, unbearable.

The days are shorter
The sun shines a little.
Here came the frost
And winter has come.
(I. Surikov)

... Here is the north, the clouds catching up,
Breathed, howled - and here itself
There is a fairy winter.
Came, crumbled; in shreds
Hung on the boughs of the oaks;
Lay wavy carpets
Among the fields, around the hills;
Brega with the immovable river
Equal plump veil;
The frost glittered. And we are glad
Mummy Mother Winter ...
(A. S. Pushkin)


In the meadow by that path
What runs to us right in the house,
Ros flower on a long leg -
White with a yellow eye.
I wanted to pick a flower
Raised his hand to him,
And the bee flew off the flower
And buzzes, buzzes:
"Do not touch!"

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