Poems on May 9th. A selection of beautiful poems for Victory Day to tears

Greetings to all!! I do not know about you, but I have a special day in the calendar, this day is May 9th. And regardless of my mood, general condition, I always try to come to the memorial and honor the memory of the dead, thanks to whom we live under a peaceful sky ...

Moreover, I think that it is necessary to tell the younger generation about the bloody war and what feat our Russian people have accomplished.

Victory Day is a special holiday that unites our whole country. And on the eve of the May celebration, I would like to prepare a separate article, namely, to collect touching poems on military topics. After all, poetry is always very sensitive and to tears conveys moments of life.


All the poems were written, of course, not by me, I searched on the Internet and chose what touched my soul ...

Beautiful poems on May 9 to tears

Probably all the poetry dedicated to such a long war is imbued with special feelings.Therefore, reading or listening to poems, involuntarily, the heart is compressed in the chest and I want this to never happen again.

"Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten"

"Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten" -
Burning inscription on a block of granite.
Faded leaves wind plays
And snow cold wreath falls asleep.
But, like fire, at the foot is a carnation.
Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten.


"Early graying youth"

I beat the alarm, so much so that it was heard,
In the days of youth of long past years,
Not because we forgot youth
And in memory of those who are already in life.

And that youth was not at all long,
She went to the front at seventeen,
There, in Leningrad, near Moscow, on the Volga,
She broke off like an early color.

It broke ... But came into life a legend
And, as an example, survivors,
Not everyone got there ... much left,
On the rampant roads of the front.

Everyone feels death in body and soul.
The war is already the fourth year ...
No, youth is not gray with fear -
From the pain of the desecrated people.

And here is the Victory! Great effort
She has conquered my people.
So let the youth of the sons of Russia
How early color it blooms!


"The war is long over"

The war has long ended,
The country glorified the heroes,
Honored fallen names
And proceeded to build again
All that the war has ruined.

Plowed, sowed, raised,
Crepe up the lines again
So as not to be crushed by the enemy
So that we could live more easily.

The war is long over.
The country has healed wounds
Was our fault in that.
But death mowed the veterans.

We took care of them, how could
Life on white light is not eternal.
And over the overgrown bump of earth
Everyone is crying mothers, wives, children ...

From the horrors of the war years
And still the echo does not stop,
And there are still wars on earth
Born in the twentieth century.
But this is our fault,
What is evil in the world of war?


On the margins of that damned war
It was easier to die than to live,
But you kept an oath for yourself
Do not give up and win!
When a bullet in combat squinted
Death face appeared in the mist
You shouted from the last force:
"I will not give up, I will not give up to you!"
Creek silent in captivity of doubt
I can't do this no more
And in impotence you get up on your knees ...
Don't give up, the answer sounds.
People will say: "No one in the world
will not help your trouble
Ask your friends for advice
Do not give up! Will answer you.
How would life have twisted you
And whatever life was
Don't give up because you are a winner
And the victory is yours!
If the heart hurts
From the fact that sometimes no luck
And the tears of the eyes veiled,
Do not give up, hold on anyway!
When the body pierces with pain,
But even harder on the soul
There is a thought involuntarily
What did you go your way on earth.
Teeth, clenching, hold on, do not give up!
These thoughts drive away
Cling to life
You are more precious to us day by day.
Don't give up like a soldier
It's just an order for you.
Then you won in the forty-fifth,
Don't give up, you hear, now!



My gray grandma,
Though you are cheerful and cheerful
And your soul is young,
The war has touched you too.
Little girl was
When she descended on.
Deprived of his grandfather and father
You damn war.
You play with me in everything
Not taking just the game,
That the pain still bears -
You do not want to play war.
And only on Victory Day, I
Suddenly I understand why,
Always cheerful - sad:
You remember that war.
I'm sorry granny couldn't
I understand your sadness before!
I, apparently, did not grow in my heart,
Asking you to play war.
And on Victory Day every year
Now, congratulations, I'm in a hurry
All the old people I know
But before - his grandmother.


I'll sit down on my grandfather's lap, softly whisper:
- Tell me, dear grandfather, and I'll shut up!
I will listen to everything you want to tell me,
And I will not spin and interrupt!
I want to hear about the war as you fought,
How in the battle of such a distant banner you saved!
About friends of your military, grandfather, tell
And in the album yellowed photo show!
He smiled at his grandfather's grandson and pressed to his chest:
- I'll tell you about everything, of course, since I promised!
How we survived the war, how we died,
How many miles traveled in the dirt and dust!
As an enemy, we fought from the native land
And do not give a span - survived, could!
And now we celebrate Victory Day with you,
Only in the festive parade on the team: "In line!"

Poems for the Victory Day to the competition of readers

Very excited when children read this poetry. Usually, schools always organize events by May 9th. Veterans come to the celebration, and listening to congratulations they recall that it is impossible to forget.

How many were those heroes
Whose names are unknown.
Forever took them with me,
Into its land, unknown, war.

They fought selflessly
Last patron took care,
Their names are brought by the wind,
The sad wind of that war.

Sometimes heard on the battlefield,
Through dozens of peaceful years:
"Cover me! - I will close Kohl! ”
And suddenly the rocket lights up.

And Kohl, in this quiet field,
It lies, it will never rise ...
Only a bitter wind, we sometimes
Recall terrible year.

Today, few people cry
Coming to the graves of that war
But it still does not mean
What Kohl we have forgotten.

We remember, remember this grief.
War was remembered
And Russian, native, field
Brings names to the wind.


Black muzzle blockade of the night.
very cold.
Inserted instead of glass
carton box.
Instead of the next house -
And mothers are not for some reason.
Hardly alive went to work.
I really want to.
My brother died.
In the morning.
Out of the water.
Do not walk to the river.
Very tired.
Forces any.
The thread of life is stretched thin.
And on the table -
on the father's funeral.


On the photo in the newspaper
Fuzzy depicted
Fighters, still almost children,
Heroes of world war.

They were shot before the fight -
In the embrace of four in the pit.
And the sky was blue,
There was green grass.

No one knows their last names,
There are no songs about them, no books.
Here's someone's son and someone's darling,
And someone's first student.

They went to the battlefield,
Beginners barely live
And the sky was blue,
There was green grass.

Forget that bitter long year
We could never
Across Russia, obelisks,
Like souls, rush out of the ground.

... They covered their lives with themselves,
Beginners barely live
That the sky was blue,
There was green grass.


Over the grave, in a quiet park
Bloomed tulips brightly.
Forever the fire burns,
Here the Soviet soldier is sleeping.

We bowed low
At the foot of the obelisk,
Our wreath blossomed on it
Hot, fiery fire.

Peace soldiers defended,
They gave their lives for us.
Keep in our hearts
Light memory of them!

As a continuation of the life of soldiers
Under the stars of a peaceful state
Flowers on the graves of war burn
Wreaths of unfading glory.


"The Ballad of the Mother"

Aged mother in thirty years,
And there is no news from the son and no.

But she keeps waiting
Because she believes, because mother.

And what does she hope for?
For many years, how the war ended.

For many years, how it all came back.
Except the dead that lie in the ground.

How many of them in that distant village
Boys without hair, did not come!

... Once sent to the village in the spring
The film is a documentary about the war.

Everyone came to the cinema - both old and young,
Who knew the war and who did not know.

Before the bitter human memory
Hate overflowed the river.

It was hard to remember ...
Suddenly from the screen the son looked at his mother.

Mother recognized her son at the same moment
And the maternal cry rang out:

Alexey! Alyoshenka! Son!
Alexey! Alyoshenka! Son!
Alexey! Alyoshenka! Son!
Like a son could hear her.

He rushed from the trench to the battle.
She got up to cover him with her.

All was afraid he would fall,
But through the years my son rushed forward.

- Alexey! - shouted countrymen,
- Alexey, - they asked, - Dobegi ...

The frame has changed. son stay live.
Asks the mother about the son to repeat.

Asks the mother about the son to repeat.
Asks the mother about the son to repeat ...

And again on the attack he runs,
Alive and well, not injured, not killed.

Alexey, Aleshenka, son.
Alexey, Aleshenka, son.
Alexey, Aleshenka, son.
Like a son could hear her.

At home she thought everything was a movie.
Everything was waiting - just now out the window,

In the midst of tridental silence
Her son will knock at war.


"Morning Victory"

Where the grass is from the dew and from the blood is damp,
Where the pupils of the machine guns are staring fiercely
In full growth, over the front edge of the trench,
The winner-soldier rose.

The heart beat on the ribs intermittently, often.
Silence ... Silence ... Not in a dream - in reality.
And the infantryman said: “They have rejoined!” Basta! -
And noticed a snowdrop in the moat.

And in the soul, longing for light and caress,
Lived the joy of the old melodious stream.
And the soldier bent down and shot to the helmet
Carefully fitted a flower.

Lived again in the memory -
Moscow region in the snow and fire Stalingrad.
For the four unthinkable years for the first time,
As a child, a soldier cried.

So stood the infantryman, laughing and sobbing,
A boot trampling on a thorny fence.
Behind her, the dawn burned ...

Long greetings for schoolchildren

I also found no less exciting lines that guys of different ages can learn, here the main thing is to convey the emotional mood of the poet, who put the pain of war into each line ...

"He was buried in a globe ..."

He was buried in a ball of the earth,
And he was only a soldier
Total friends, soldier simple
Without titles and awards.
Him as the mausoleum of the earth -
For a million centuries,
And the Milky Ways are dusting.
Around him from the sides.
On the red slopes of the clouds are sleeping,
Blizzards are sweeping,
Thunder heavy rumble,
Wind run take.
The battle was over long ago ...
The hands of all friends
Put the guy in the earth,
As if in a mausoleum ...


“What is Victory Day?”

What is Victory Day?
This is the morning parade:
Riding tanks and missiles
Marching system of soldiers.
What is Victory Day?
This is a holiday fireworks:
Fireworks take off into the sky,
Scattering here and there.
What is Victory Day?
These are songs at the table,
These are speeches and conversations,
This is a grandfather album.
These are fruits and sweets,
It smells of spring ...
What is Victory Day -
That means no war.


"At the obelisk"

They froze on guard,
The blue of the sky of the peace is clear.
Go year. In anxious buzz
War is far away.
But here, at the edges of the obelisk,
In silence, bowing his head,
We hear the crash of tanks close
And tearing the soul bombs gap.
We see them - soldiers of Russia,
What a distant hour
His life paid
For the happiness of light for us ...


"Need a World"

Peace and friendship are all needed
The world is more important than anything in the world.
On a land where there is no war,
At night, children sleep peacefully.
Where the guns do not rattle,
In the sky, the sun shines brightly.
Need a world for all the guys.
We need peace on the whole planet!


"We celebrate Victory Day"

We celebrate the Victory Day,
He goes in colors, banners.
All the characters we are today
Call by name.
We know: not easy
He came to us - Victory Day.
This day was won
Our fathers, our grandfathers.
And so today
Order they put on.
We, going on holiday with them,
Song voiced sang.
We dedicate this song
Our dads, our grandfathers.
Our beloved motherland
Glory, glory on Victory Day!


"Even then we were not in the world"

Even then we were not in the world
When salute boomed from edge to edge.
Soldiers, gave you the planet
Great May, victorious May!
Even then we were not in the world
When in a military firestorm,
Fate deciding future centuries,
You fought a battle, holy battle!
Even then we were not in the world
When you came home with a victory.
May soldiers, thank you forever
From the whole earth, from the whole earth!
Thank you, soldiers, you
For life, for childhood and spring,
For silence,
For a peaceful home,
For the world in which we live!


“Children sing about war”

Schoolchildren today about the war
Sang songs and poems read
In a small cozy school room,
In an extraordinary silence.
Veterans, not hiding tears,
We listened to the children and remembered
Songs that sang on a halt,
Despite the noise of military thunderstorms.
Again resurrected in the memory of the fighters
Crashing bombs, defeating enemies,
Vivid in Fatal Hurricane
The exploits of husbands, sons, fathers.
These children are not, not worse than us -
Babies of war years.
Scamps? So, they are children.
Is childhood without pranks?
Looking inquiring, like a big question
Thirst for knowledge, thirst for hobbies,
Impatience of moralizing ...
Has anyone else grown up?
How they sing! And in their eyes -
Pain for trouble, joy for victory,
Pride in Russia and grandfathers,
Who defended their homeland from evil.
Dead and alive - bow to the earth,
Great-grandchildren poems and grandchildren songs.
Children stand up, God forbid, but if
The enemy of Russia will go to war.

Poems by May 9 for kindergarten children

Not by chance, at the beginning of the post, I said that we should not forget about this holiday and enlighten children, even the youngest.

Already preschoolers understand the seriousness of this event and are happy to memorize lines about the Great Patriotic War.

"Victory Day"

Ivan painted in the album
Red flags on the house.
Orders were put on grandfathers.
Today is Victory Day holiday !!

Congratulations on Victory Day
Homeland big.
Praise our veterans
And my own country.
I wish you all peace,
Joy and happiness
Let there be no more wars
Tears, loss, bad weather.


"Day of Remembrance"

Day of Remembrance -
Victory holiday,
Bear wreaths
Live tie
Warm bouquets
Paints of different
So as not to get lost
With the past connection.
And the plates are mournful warmed
Flowers breathing field.
Accept fighter
As a gift, all this
After all, it is necessary


"On the radio"

I tried to write
Write without blots:
"Please do
Grandfather's gift ... "
Was a long way
Musical greetings.
But he came up
And my grandfather hugged me -
Came to him on holiday
9th May
His favorite song


"Let there be peace!"

Let no machine guns scribble
And the menacing guns are silent,
Let no smoke curl in the sky
Let the sky be blue
Let the bombers on it
Don't fly to anyone
Do not die people, cities ...
Peace is always needed on earth!


"Victory Day"

Victory Day May 9 -
A holiday of peace in the country and spring.
On this day, we remember the soldiers
Not returning to the family from the war.
On this holiday we celebrate grandfathers,
Who defended their home country
Giving Victory to the nations
And who returned us peace and spring!


"What a holiday"

In the sky festive fireworks,
Fireworks here and there.
Congratulations to the whole country
Glorious veterans.
A blooming spring
Gives them tulips
Gives white lilac.
What a glorious may day?


“Let the children not know war”

I have not seen war, but I know
How hard it was for the people
And hunger, and cold, and horror -
All they had to experience.

May they live peacefully on the planet,
Let the children not know war,
Let the bright sun shine!
We should be a friendly family!

I play soldiers.
I have a gun.
There is a saber, there are tanks.
I'm big and I'm 5 years old!
I play soldiers.
This is a child's game.
But I know it firmly -
Created our world for good!
So that the war did not know the children!
That was a peaceful sky.
And stayed so that a toy
Forever Infantry platoon.

If your children still remember the strings poorly, then just read them yourself and discuss.

A selection of touching poems that rhyme well

Here is another very shrill rhyme, choose the most exciting.

We remember, love, honor and know
That blood is spilled for good reason
Sprinkled with drops on the banner
She is for peace and good.
And let life sometimes mercilessly
Scourges you without war:
You are strong in spirit, you are mercy
Do not ask, sons of war.
We, as descendants, on Victory Day
Honor tribute give you,
For the eternal memory of the legend
We will give you about the sons.


To forget about the past is just strange.
Grateful memories are true,
Praise, constantly, veterans,
But really should help!
A war veteran woke up early -
Again the old wounds hurt.
Help the gray-haired veteran -
He fought for you in battles.
He walked the sea and the country.
And it was not an easy long way.
Help a veteran today!
Do something for him!
Come as if from a fog
The faces of those who gave their lives for us.
Help a live veteran!
Help not tomorrow, but now!


In a small pen
Flowers at the boy.
He is this bunch
On the marble put.
Can not war
Remember this baby,
However forget her
Also can not.
How to forget
If the world gave
Those for whom he brought
Your bouquet.
Flowers laid a boy
To the mass grave
People saved the planet from harm.
In order to frolic,
For playing,
Quiet dreams
To be able to see
For the children
Wars have not seen
The people of the earth must fight!


Morning fog melted, spring flaunts ...
Today, grandfather Ivan cleaned the order.
Together we go to the park to meet soldiers, gray-haired, like him.
They will remember their brave battalion there.
They will talk heart to heart about all the affairs of the country,
About wounds that still hurt from the distant days of the war.
Hikes will remember and fights
And their brave songs, probably, will sing.
They will sing about the courage of friends that fell into the ground;
They will sing about their homeland that they have saved from their enemies.
Saved the people of different countries from slavery and fire ...
I'm glad grandpa Ivan takes me with him.


Beginning of May.
Red Carnations,
Like the tears of those distant scary years.
And the veterans of the righteous countenance,
Especially, which is no more.
When are these dates coming up again?
For some reason I feel guilty -
All less remember about the Victory,
More and more forget about the war.
None of us are responsible for this.
And I'm talking to myself:
There have been so many wars in this world
So many years have passed since then.
And, as usual, I remember my father,
Returning without both legs ...

As he climbed easily on the ladder,
How he could dance on prostheses ...
There are parades on TV,
Burn in the archival films of the city.
Those who remain are given awards.
And it seems that it was always like this.
The war is still not ready to disappear.
Those years are millions of personal dramas.
Therefore, let us remember again
All those who gave the Victory to us.
When we go for a walk in May, we will go,
Cheerful, quite satisfied,
Let's say something about Victory
And remember, at least a little, about the war.


Carved shutters opened.
Wore a black shawl.
She buried a soldier
He lay next to the chase.
Dug a hole, commemorated
Only maternal tears.
And somewhere there, behind the pass,
All went on a hard fight.
Carved shutters opened,
Wore a black shawl.
She buried a soldier
To get my son home ...


Grandfather has one girlfriend,
She went with him to the war,
Hiking such a mug,
Admitted from the side.
He remembers the taste of a sip of water.
And tea warm sip,
She saved from the trouble
Followed, so as not sick.
He, along with her troubles sipped,
But the fun rolled,
As he took the Reichstag, he returned it to the house,
And, like a symbol, saved.
And on Victory Day, he again
How does the twin brother get
Having filled up to the top, sings,
How you had to fight ...


We are never understand
How could this be?
That the child stood at the bench,
I could not eat, not drink.
To be able to pick it up
Just like that, take it away.
So that he could shoot,
For fun, sipping wine.
After all, for us it is a dream and a nightmare:
In the occupation, the city froze ...
So, thank you, veteran,
What then did we gain Victory!

Children's poems for Victory Day

In fact, a lot of rhyming lines for such a great holiday. Therefore, I offer you a few more options.

The country has blossomed. But the enemy is around the corner.
I made a raid, went to war with us.
At that terrible hour
Steel becoming a wall
All the youth took the weapon,
To defend the fatherland native.


Hurry, get dressed soon!
Hurry up to call the guys!
In honor of the big holiday
The guns are firing.
Everything was quiet around

And suddenly - salute! Firework!
Rockets in the sky broke out
And there, and here!

Above the square
Over the roofs
Over the festive Moscow
Rising higher
Lights fountain alive!

On the street, on the street
All happily run,
Shout: "Ur-ra!"
On holiday


In a clearing, close to the camp,
Where the wild rosemary blooms all summer,
Look at the road from the obelisk
Infantryman, sailor and pilot.

Imprint of happy childhood
Preserved on the faces of the soldiers,
But nowhere they can not go.
From the military severity of dates.

"Here in the same green June, -
We were told by an elderly foreman, -
I took them, funny and young,
And the war did not return home.

At dawn, having pressed the automata,
Soldiers were walking to assault the height ... ".
Timeless our counselor
We laid flowers at our feet.


May 9 is a special holiday:
Heroes have won the victory for us!
In fights very difficult and very dangerous,
So that peacetime reigned now!

Now they are old veterans
We will always help them gratefully!
They are all troubles, and fears, and wounds,
For our happiness we suffered then!


Do not rattle everywhere guns
Silence, peace and peace,
War is not a toy
For me, great-grandfather is an idol,

Because he is a veteran
Terrible world war
He is very grateful
For my dreams alone!

We will remember Victory Day
In this life we ​​are always
And we will give advice:
To live, to be friends, to love centuries!


May 9 - Victory Day!
It is celebrated by boys and grandfathers,
And wait, certainly, his old women,
After all, a peaceful sky is most needed!

I congratulate everyone on this holiday,
Let all people on our planet be friends!
I wish you health, happiness, luck, love,
And so that we could live without war!

Poems on May 9 by Tvardovsky (for preschoolers and elementary school)

A. T. Tvardovsky wrote a lot of military lines. Among his poems there are both long and short, and also do not forget about the poem "Vasily Terkin", you can also take many quotes from it.

Salute and glory anniversary
Forever memorable day.
Salute victory that in berlin
Fire trampled the power of fire.

Salute her big and small
Creators that went one way,
Her fighters and generals
Heroes who have fallen and been alive, -

And let him be heard
Those who are not happy to celebrate
What do the covenants write with the blood of the world?
They sing war, breathe war,
War rave in reality.

Two words to them in essence.

I am free to speak freely
Like the soldier with whom he was in battle
Who did the dust swallow on
And whose poet I am.

He, the creator of the immortal, was
What does not go into the mist of time
You glorified from afar,
When the storm took acceleration.

When you horror blew into the soul,
And he, the soldier, began his way
At sea, in the air, on land,
Enemy encountering chest on chest.

You believed he did not know
While there was still war,
Who Why Was the Victory?
And at what price is needed?

But you hardly thought it yourself,
Rowing to the color of his friends,
What does he think you are friends
In the soul of its ingenuous.

Even then, playing hide and seek
And warming my hands near the war,
You are not mistaken in the conjecture
What is he - a soldier of his country.

And do not put the world into your ears
Lies of speeches, newspapers, shop windows,
What with sea, air and land
The one who took Berlin is threatening you.

Who cities and villages ruins
Once again revived in his native land
And, as Berlin stormed on,
To storm the elements is in service.

And with unwavering courage
In labor, obliged to mind,
Create your day for your own good
And to humanity all over.

Yourself a master's hand
He outlined his plan, his path,
And so it deprives you of peace
What is not afraid of you at all.

He took out and tasted so much
There are so many great forces
That fear is unknown to his soul,
Where would anyone threaten.

You should remember:
Victory Day
He is in honor of her proclaimed.

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