Postcards for February 23

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The postcard is a great gift for the holiday of the Fatherland defenders. In this article you will find a selection of templates and detailed workshops on making beautiful and original greetings for dad, grandfather or boy. Some of them just need to cut and glue, others to draw, and others - to fold and decorate.

postcards for February 23
We have collected postcards for you, which will be appreciated by both the military man and those who have served for a long time or even have not served at all. In short, any man will be very pleased to receive such a greeting. Making cards on February 23 with your own hands is very simple, so even children will cope with this task.

Postcard from pasta for dad

Let's start with a master class for children - a great option for elementary school or kindergarten. We offer several options for postcards from pasta and cereals. These postcards are good because they do not need to be drawn for too long, and therefore even the smallest children will cope with them. Any dad would be happy to receive such a funny homemade postcard on February 23rd.


We will need:

  • white or colored cardboard;
  • colored or decorative paper;
  • glue or clay;
  • cereals (buckwheat, rice, peas) or macaroni of any shape;
  • paints (gouache, watercolor or any others).

If the child is small, help him draw a picture and use clay for fastening the grits to the cardboard. If he already knows how to make any crafts from paper and work with glue, it is preferable to use glue.

Fold the cardboard box in half or cut a rectangle that you will draw. If you work with pasta, you need to paint them right away; if you work with other grains, you can paint them later. How to work with some types of cereals, you can read in our article.

Simple decor in this case will be quite enough. Cut two rectangles: one from a newspaper, the second from paper, make a mustache and a bow tie out of pasta.


Add congratulations. If a child can draw, a postcard on February 23 can be made very interesting. For example, the pope can give a ship filled with cereal.

rice boat

First drawing is applied, and then it is filled with croup. Add colors, write nice words.

A craft for the little ones - the word "DAD" and the number "23". Write the word on cardboard in large letters and roll sausages out of clay.To fill it, decorate with peas or buckwheat.

card for dad

Help your child make a plane (for children this is a very useful and exciting activity). Color it, write “From February 23!” And paste it in a postcard.

All presented examples of homemade postcards can be changed and supplemented with any thematic decor in the form of stars, airplanes, tanks, etc.

Postcard in the technique of quilling

This is a very beautiful way to make a custom card by February 23 with your own hands. Any man will appreciate the effort that you spent on it. Postcard in the technique of quilling - one of the best options to congratulate your beloved man, father or grandfather. Stylish, original and tasteful.

We will need:

  • several strips of colored paper;
  • cardboard for the base;
  • transparent glue;
  • white cardboard;
  • quilling needle.

If you do not have a special quilling needle, you can make it yourself. To do this, take a regular sewing needle with a big eye and bite off its tip with scissors. Insert the game with a sharp end into any wooden base.

quilling needle

The postcard begins with the preparation of drawings and details for quilling. Cut the paper into strips with a width of no more than 0.5 centimeters or less.Twist the parts with a needle, just passing it along the strip. Form the figures with your fingers. Earlier we already told you how to twist parts in the technique of quilling.

On the cardboard box we draw the desired image: the inscription "February 23", tank, airplane, etc. We lay it out with cardboard strips, sticking them on the edge with transparent glue. While they hold not very firmly, but when filling up they will stand "tightly".

Fill the space with twisted parts.

card in the technique of quilling

Excellent postcard in the "military" style will be in the form of a tank.

quilling postcards

You can lay out the numbers one after another.

postcard quilling

Whatever you choose, attach the elements to the transparent glue. Add congratulations - and the card for February 23 is ready!

Postcard-shirt or military uniform

We offer step by step instructions, having mastered that you learn how to fold a postcard in the form of a jacket and a shirt with a tie or military uniform. Choose the first option, if your man is far from the army, and the second, if vice versa. This card can be offered to the child as a craft for dad.

We will need:

  • white cardboard;
  • colored cardboard;
  • satin ribbons;
  • buttons and beads;
  • any decor;
  • Super glue;
  • needle with thread.

Choose the color of the paper according to what the postcard will be for. If you want to make an imitation of a military uniform, take a dark green paper or khaki paper, otherwise use cardboard of any color.

Cut out a white cardboard "shirt" in the form of a rectangle. Then cut the collar. The blank of colored cardboard should be 2.5 times larger.

greeting card uniform

We place the "shirt" in the center and make bends in the form of the smell of the uniform. Fold down the top corners to make a collar. The shirt also needs to be bent to get a collar.

greeting card uniform

We put a ribbon in the center of the shirt - this will be our tie. To make a knot for it, use the bead. It is better to sew. Himself tie fix on glue.

greeting card uniform

We glue a small piece of tape to a narrow white cardboard strip - this is a pocket and a future handkerchief. We pull it with glue and drape it.

greeting card uniform

Inside the shirt we write holiday greetings to the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Jacket supplement with buttons or stars, if it is a uniform. Glue the pocket, perform the rim with a marker.

greeting card uniform

The assembled greetings on the card is not visible.If necessary, you can write additional wishes from the inside of the uniform. For example, many people place poems on a gift that can be read when the jacket is fully turned. Any man will be pleased to receive such a homemade postcard for the holiday: it is immediately clear how much soul has been invested in it.

Postcard with bulk ship

This simple postcard can make a child for dad. However, even an odd job for her husband in this style would be appropriate. It will be a great addition to any gift for the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

We will need:

  • blue cardboard;
  • White paper;
  • glue stick;
  • red and blue markers.

Blue cardboard - an imitation of the sea. To make the card more interesting, we will put it: bend it in half and perform two bends inward so that it will stand. It is possible to lay an additional lining on the bottom to make the construction more stable.


From the paper fold the boat. For detailed instructions on how to do this, see our article on simple origami techniques.


Glue the boat to the cardboard. From paper we add waves.

volume card with a ship

Cut a rectangle out of white paper for the flag and some gulls.Felt-tip pens tint the flag and the ship itself.

volume card with a ship

Postcard for February 23 is ready! Congratulations can be written on the other hand crafts. And inside the card you can put a small gift or something delicious.

Three-dimensional postcard with a plane

Another way to congratulate dad on February 23 is a three-dimensional postcard with an airplane. All it is made of paper and glued together quite simply. A child from elementary school will cope with this master class on their own, and children from kindergarten will need a little help here.

volume card with the plane

We will need:

  • blue cardboard;
  • white paper;
  • blue paper;
  • paper of any bright color;
  • glue stick.

Cut out a few clouds from white paper. We make a circle out of blue paper, and then cut it out in a spiral with a thickness of 0.5 centimeters.

On colored paper, draw a plane. Separately we make wings, glue them. We glue the clouds completely, the spiral is behind the center, we glue the plane to the center.

Postcard bend in half. Congratulations can be written between the taped elements.

volume card with the plane

Such a volume postcard will appeal not only to fathers and grandfathers, but also boys. This is a great idea to congratulate classmates.

Bonus: video master class

This is a very simple volume postcard for February 23, which can be done with your own hands in literally 5-10 minutes. This greeting looks original and very beautiful. Take a look at the short video master class and get down to business - you can't be wrong.

Choose any of the presented master classes in the production of postcards, they are all good for congratulating men of all ages and statuses. Use the traditional colors of the holiday of the defenders of the Fatherland, add interesting details and write the most sincere congratulations.

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