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Good day! The source of the emergence of any tradition or holiday can be not only a joyful event. So the day of hugs came about a bit strange. According to one version, a young man named Juan flew to Sydney in the mid-70s, and since he wasn’t the best time in his life, and no one met him in Sydney, he felt sad.

 He wrote a poster with the words “Embrace for Free” and stood with him near the terminal building. At first, people were perplexed, but then a woman approached him and said that she was left alone and she really needed someone to embrace her ... This moment lived the beginning of the embrace movement in Australia, and then the tradition spread to Europe.

It is believed that on this day, January 21, you can embrace complete strangers, exchanging spiritual warmth with them. January 21 is celebrated as the National Day of Hugs, and on December 4 it has the status of an international holiday.

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Congratulations on the Day of hugs and with all my heart I wish every day to embrace and hug, give joy and feel to your loved ones and feel like a happy person. Let children and friends, relatives and loved ones, colleagues and acquaintances, pets and even Mrs. Luck herself embrace him.

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