PPU pipes (from polyurethane foam) - what is it?

Polyurethane foam is a type of plastic that is used for pipe insulation.

Why do you need

All pipes that are under the ground, actively give heat out. Thus, you pay for hot water in your batteries, but in the end you get a semi-warm apartment.

In addition, you must overpay, because due to the fact that the batteries are not enough heat the room, you must use electric heaters.

Previously, glass wool was used for insulation. On the one hand, it was cheaper. However, glass wool easily passed moisture, which led to corrosion of pipes. On the other hand, glass wool is distinguished by its flammability. In addition, glass wool was quite problematic to fix to the pipe. After the layer of glass wool was applied, it had to be wound with wire and covered with a sheet of zinc.

Since the heating main is not protected by anything but a layer of earth, zinc sheets are often dug up and stolen.

Polyurethane foam can also be wrapped with a layer of zinc.However, increasingly used polyethylene coating.

What makes the theft of material meaningless. However, if you have the necessary equipment, and carefully remove the protective layer, it can be reused. Insulation of polyurethane foam differs from glass wool in that it does not let in moisture, does not require additional skills during installation, is mounted faster and the joints between the segments are closed by a sealed coupling. Also, the properties of polyurethane foam should include an increase in the life of the pipe itself. On average, a pipe can last up to 15 years.

If you have metal pipes longer than this period, you should know that they are officially considered in disrepair.

But pipes that are in isolation can last twice as long. You can even save on the quality of the pipe itself, since the main function of resistance to the external environment is assumed by the layer of PPU protection.

Insulation is suitable for heating, plumbing, gas, etc. If the temperature is not important in the case of water, insulation is still necessary to protect the pipe from corrosion.

PPU pipe consists of three sectors:

1. Inner tube through which gas, water, etc. is transported

2Polyurethane foam layer. Spray applied. It has a porous structure. Due to the presence of air bubbles, retains heat. But at the same time, like plastic, does not let water through.

3. The outer layer of zinc or plastic. It is worth considering that the pipes differ in what they are intended to transport, as well as at what temperatures they will be operated. The first group of pipes - for warmer weather. The second is for cold terrain.

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PPU pipes (from polyurethane foam) - what is it 36

PPU pipes (from polyurethane foam) - what is it 23

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