Predictions for 2017 for the world and Russia

The coming in 2017 is not very bright, according to the predictions and prophecies of famous clairvoyants. If you have to deal with far from positive and even frightening forebodings, you should always look for the right keys to interpret these words.

We tried to collect the prophecies of the most famous and authentic clairvoyants whose words were always worth listening to. What conclusions are drawn from this and whether to believe in general is up to you, we only give our personal thoughts and comments about this.

The Prophecy of St. Matrona in 2017

Thus, the prophecies of Saint Matrona for 2017 induce considerable fear. The famous prophetess said that this year will be decisive for humanity, that many people will fall to the ground, fall dead and no longer stand up. And it will all happen in the evening. In the morning everything will disappear under the ground. That is, in other words, Matrona was talking about the end of the world? Maybe so.

“Without war, there will be war. In the evening everything will happen.You fall all dead. There will be many victims. And in the morning all the earth will be swallowed up: in the evening everything will be on the ground, and in the morning you will rise - everything will go underground. ”

However, to fear the advent of 2017 is not at all necessary. Nobody knows the reliable interpretation of the words of the blind seer of Matrona. It is quite possible it is just about the onset of a new era. Everything old and unnecessary will fade into the background and a golden age will begin in the history of mankind.

As is known, the great saint was an extremely religious woman and, perhaps, it is not at all about the end of the world, but about some kind of inner rebirth of human souls. Saint Matrona devoted most of her time to the spiritual side of a person, she spoke a lot about abrupt destitution, about losing faith in the best. And the root cause of the development of disasters has always been and will be money and the cruel pursuit of profit.

The coincidence of the predictions of the Matrona and the forecasts of scientists

Russia 2017 predictionsIt was not only Saint Matrona who spoke about universal changes. In the works of such scholars as Tsiolkovsky and Blavatsky, one can find confirmation that what awaits us is not an ordinary year, but a year of changes, innovations and upheavals. So, Blavatsky claimed that the serious five-year period of global change, which began in 2012, will end just in 2017.

According to Elena Petrovna Blavatsky, this year will be a kind of final stage, and after the onset of 2017, the relationships of people within society and the relation of humanity to nature will be completely formed. The future of the whole world will depend on this five-year plan of changes. The worst prediction is a planetary catastrophe. What does this promise the world? We will live and find out.

Tsiolkovsky supports in this issue "colleague in the shop" and, according to him, in 2017 the real space era of humanity will begin. His works clearly indicate that this particular year will be a breakthrough in the space issue. The development of technology should reach such a level that flights to other planets will become a daily routine.

“In 2017, thanks to an evolutionary leap, the transition of all mankind to a new stage of development will occur.”

Or, if we consider his words on the other hand, new knowledge in the field of technology may be the cause of a global man-made disaster (this once again confirms the words of Saint Matrona).

Predictions of Nostradamus for 2017

us predictions 2017

As you know, Michel Nostradamus "hid" his prophecies under the so-called quatrains.In these poems, the famous soothsayer revealed to mankind more and more amazing predictions, which, as a rule, were reflected in reality. And this is what Nostradamus quatrain says about 2017:

"Out of fury, one will wait for water,
The army is agitated by great rabies.
Noble immersed on 17 ships
Along the Rhone; the messenger arrived late. "

The great minds of mankind so decipher this message:

1-2 lines.Coming significant shortage of water due to pollution of water bodies in France. You should also wait for a riot in the ranks of the troops (or the public) for the same reason.

3-4 lines.Evacuation of the population, most likely, only the government in those places that are least affected by tectonic cataclysms.

Globa predictions for 2017

prediction for 2017 literally

Pavel Globe trusts a large number of Russians. He predicted many events that were carried out exactly. For 2017, Globa can be said to have favorable forecasts: the return to Russia of political and economic stability, and the country itself will become a leading and influential state.

There are many critical, negative phenomena in the world today: general crisis, unemployment, wars, decline in production, poverty and economic discord.It is Russia that Pavel Globa ascribes in the near future the role of the driving force that can take the whole world out of the process of a rapidly unfolding global collapse.

2017 - the end of the world according to the theory of hierarchical disasters

latest predictions for 2017The author of this theory is Arthur Belyaev, who wrote the book “Restoration of the Kingdom” (1999, Moscow), where the theory of hierarchical disasters is described. Belyaev writes about the degradation of society in the spiritual sense.

He identifies periods in the history of Russia from the day of the adoption of Christianity, which every time ended for society with great changes. And each time, these periods became shorter in time. That is, in other words, each subsequent catastrophe happens faster than the previous one. If we count in proportion, the ratio of catastrophes in time to each other is 3 to 1.

So, the first hierarchical catastrophe Arthur Belyaev connects with the era of Peter I, which came as early as 700 years after the Great Baptism of Russia. Next comes the second “stage of degradation,” it counts from the reign of Peter I to the revolution and the outbreak of the civil war. This stage lasted about 230 years. The next stage is the Soviet one. It lasted 75 years.Now the end of the final stage, which has been going on for 25 years and will be completed by 2017, is coming.

As the author of the theory of hierarchical catastrophes notes:

"The end of Russia is the end of the world."

However, Sergei Smirnov, a representative of the Pulkovo Observatory, frankly admits that he did not even hear anything about this theory. The scientist also believes that for each hierarchical theory there is a great simplification of reality:

“Usually, in natural processes, 3-4 steps show similar patterns, but then something else is surely included, and the whole order is disturbed. Therefore, all hierarchical models for forecasting disasters, and even more so responsible, such as the end of the world, are no good. ”

2017 promises a new era for humanity

prophecies for 2017

As is known, humanity, akin to an individual, develops according to certain laws. Just like man, all of humanity must once cease to exist. However, in nature, the end of one stage does not always represent the end, as such, most often it means the beginning of another stage. In a word - evolution.

If we turn to astrological views, then each stage of the life of an individual is governed by a celestial body:

  • childhood - the moon;
  • adolescence - Mercury;
  • youth - Venus;
  • adulthood - the sun;
  • maturity - Mars, etc.

In the same way, all of humanity lives through all these stages.Lunar period- this is the “infancy” of humanity and the first rudiments of society. At this stage, a Neanderthal appears who has no dwelling, but only a shelter, his speech is slurred and incomprehensible, like baby talk. However, it is just a few hundred roots of these words that will form the basis of the languages ​​of all mankind.

what awaits us in 2017At the mercurial stage, the language becomes more perfect. In astrologyMercuryassociated with dexterity, intelligence, cunning. A person in this period already knows how to sew clothes, hunt, and get food. Nature ceases to rule over man. A Cro-Magnon appears, a practically modern man according to external signs.

In the "youth" mankind leadsVenus. It is associated with love, household, crafts and, of course, art.

Solar periodhumanity is associated with the emergence of God in human life. This is the beginning of the reign of kings, kings, governors of God on earth. The golden era of humanity begins.

Next comes the timeMarswhich symbolizes war, battle, conquest. This is a period of great hikes, resettlement of peoples, change of type of power.At that time, gunpowder and firearms were invented.

Next isJupiter. Exalted wealth, navigation, expansion. Power goes from kings to the rich. This stage found its beginning in England, swept around the world and reached its apogee in America.

Saturn- the next largest planet from Earth. This stage of humanity is associated with a totalitarian type of society. That is, each person is a single cog of one colossus, which stands strictly in its place and performs specific functions. In astrology, Saturn is also Satan. That is why the period of the power of Saturn brought us two world wars, the destruction of churches, concentration camps and universal anti-Gods. Russia is the land of the Holy Spirit. And it was precisely in Russia that the crushing blow was dealt.

After Saturn, it's timeUraniumthat means the rights and freedom of the individual. Unfortunately, at the same time, Uranus is a supporter of nationalism, extremism and anarchy. If you look at what is happening in the world - the way it is.

As we see, time is unusually compacted, each subsequent period proceeds faster than the previous one. So, behind Uranus, who ruled for 19 years, goes Neptune, in honor of which spiritual values. Governing bodyNeptunelasted 5 years and in 2015 replaced NeptunePluto. This heavenly body means unification, the new birth. It can be assumed that an extraordinary reunion of all mankind will occur, after which the end of the old world will come and a new one will begin ...

In 2017, a new person will be born, a new humanity. All that the Old Testament saints and prophets were talking about will be fulfilled by 2017: the Second Coming of the Savior will occur, Paradise will find its embodiment on Earth.

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