Remove stretch marks after childbirth

Stretch marks or "striae" are called breakssubcutaneous tissue, which are filled with connective tissue. Often, such stretch marks appear after delivery, and the cause of their appearance is too rapid and strong stretching of the skin on the chest, sides and abdomen. But it happens that a woman who has gained more kilos during pregnancy, stretch marks may be less than those who have recovered less. And the reason is that during pregnancy, there may be a hormonal imbalance that reduces the elasticity of the skin.

Stretch marks after delivery have a burgundy orreddish color due to blood vessels that appear through the skin. Gradually, filling with connective tissue, stretch marks get white. These stripes never sunbathe, as they can not produce a pigment under the influence of the sun, so they become very noticeable.

To prevent the appearance of striae, or at leastreduce their number, it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis, that is, to monitor nutrition (it must be balanced), take contrast showers and baths with aromatic oils.

Massage and exercise are alsogood preventive and restorative measures. To prevent excessive stretching helps the bandage and special underwear. But even after taking these measures, stretch marks after childbirth can still appear. In this case, you need to fight with stretch marks after childbirth.

From the striae, which are particularly noticeable in the early days,it is very difficult to get rid of. It is necessary for a long time to take special care of the skin. Not all women know how to remove stretch marks after childbirth. First of all, in the first three weeks, you need to continue to take preventive measures, as well as take fish oil, which is now available in capsules and pump the press.

To reshape scars and increase the elasticity of the skinhelps a special cream or gel containing vitamins and plant extracts, as well as collagen. To achieve the desired effect, use this tool for a long time. It is necessary to choose absolutely safe and non-toxic creams and gels.

The attending physician may also suggest how to remove stretch marks after childbirth. You can start active treatment of stretch marks in about six months, if breastfeeding is not an obstacle.

Very effective are various wraps: mud, chocolate, blue clay and especially algae - you can use either whole algae kelp, or micronized algae. The components are applied to the skin and to enhance the effect of the beneficial substances they wrap the film. These measures give a good effect, especially if stretch marks after childbirth are not obsolete, but all of them are contraindicated to nursing mothers.

Stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth are well removed fromusing microdermabrasion, which is allowed to women breastfeeding. On the skin under pressure, small abrasive particles are applied, which are sucked off by vacuum and polish the skin, removing the keratinized particles. This stimulates the formation of new cells, as a result of which stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth turn pale, become less deep and noticeable, and then disappear. The course should be repeated several times every seven to ten days, but you can not sunbathe for several months.

In addition to cosmetic and physiotherapeutic methods of eliminating stretch marks, there are even more radical ones that can be used only after the end of breastfeeding.

These methods are associated with the use of current andultrasound, exposure to cold and heat, as well as using a laser and chemicals. A good effect is injecting methods - mesotherapy and reinforcement with gold threads. With old-fashioned stretch marks, you can fight with medium and deep peeling, which is carried out in beauty salons. And the last resort is the surgical method - adminoplasty.

Whichever methods are used, competent use of them will certainly bring good results.

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