Rosary with his hands

July 11, 2012

Rosary with his handsIf earlier the prayer beads were an exclusive prayer attribute, now they can also act as a fashion accessory. Interestingly, the rosaries are found in different religions. They may differ in materials, number of beads, appearance, finish, but are used in the same way - they are sorted out when reading prayers. They are distinguished by a simple form and design, so making rosaries with your own hands is not difficult.

Classic beads look like beads from round beads, but there are also specimens with oval, square and flat beads. The rosary can be made for yourself - they are perfectly soothing and allow you to concentrate, and you can also make them for a gift, in which case it will be unusual and exclusive. If you make a rosary with the use of natural stones, they can act as a talisman. Only in this case it is necessary to choose a stone for beads from among those that suit you according to the horoscope.

In this article, we offer several options for making rosaries of different materials.

Beads from a tree

For their manufacture will need: wooden blank, wood stain and varnish, fishing line, a small drill, needle, sanding paper.

  • As a material for wooden rosary, soft wood, which can be easily processed, for example, pine or spruce, is well suited. First of all, a stick is cut out of the workpiece with a suitable tool on a tree, of the desired length and diameter. The size of this wand will determine the size of the beads in the rosary.
  • how to make a rosary with your own hands

  • The wooden stick is divided into segments equal in length to the size of the beads, and we cut the cubes into separate pieces. Thus, small wooden cubes are obtained, from which beads for rosaries will be subsequently made.
  • A thin drill bit is inserted into the mini-drill, with the help of which a hole will be drilled in the center of each wooden cube. The drill should be directed exactly in the center and stand straight so that the wooden bead does not split. After all the cubes are drilled, they can be processed with a file or sanding paper to smooth out sharp edges and remove irregularities and roughness.
  • The prepared cubes are covered with wood stain, which will give the tree a beautiful dark shade, and dried.If desired, you can decorate the beads with various symbols, which are first applied using a pencil, and then engraved with a special tool - an engraver on wood. After that, the beads are varnished. This will protect them from mechanical damage and cracking.
  • Then the beads are strung on a thin fishing line of the desired length. You can alternate wooden beads with beads from another material - for example, ivory or glass. At the end of the line in the rosary they usually hang up some kind of decoration - a tassel made of fringe, a cross, a symbol, a large bead - which represent the top of the rosary.
  • The line is tightly tied, while it is important that the beads are strung freely and they can be moved to the side.

Knotted rosary

These rosaries can be made of different beads. The best material is wood, but other beads are also suitable. All beads should have a center hole for threading. For these beads you need one more bead, it will be the main one. To make it stand out, you can take it in a different form or from another material. The sizes of the beads of the rosary are not fundamental, but beads with a diameter of 7 mm are considered the most convenient.

  1. Through all the beads, except the main, thread a thick thread or cord. After each bead is tied a knot - this will give the rosary additional reliability.
  2. To tie the knot, the bead is shifted from the rest worn and tied a knot from the cord between two adjacent beads. so string the beads on the rosary to the middle.
  3. You can use one of the extreme beads of a different color or texture. This is used with half rosaries, because in this case it is easy to determine on which you stopped in a semicircle. In such beads, the first semicircle is made from a different bead, and the second - on the contrary, to it.
  4. Prepare a large main bead.

    rosary flip your own hands

  5. After all the beads are strung, both ends of the lace are threaded through the main bead and tie several knots, at least two.
  6. The excess ends of the cord are cut and melted so that it does not diverge. At this stage, we can assume that the rosary is ready, but if you wish, you can still decorate it.
  7. To do this, on the main bead you can make a tassel of fringe.
  8. Before tying a knot, a bunch of threads for a brush is inserted into it.
  9. Then the knot is tied and a tassel is made, and only after that the loose tips of the lace are cut off.

Rosary bread

For these rosaries, an unconventional material is used - bread. For their preparation will require bread, sugar and sleight of hand. Bread is better to take white wheat flour of the second or third grade, and only crumb is used.

how to make a rosary with your own handsThere are two ways to make beads for rosary.
The first way.Bread crumb with the addition of sugar knead in his hands. Sugar is added so that the beads do not crack. Moreover, the higher the quality of bread, the more sugar should be. It is necessary to knead crumb for a long time, not less than an hour. After that, it becomes like clay. Some people think that for greater plasticity of the grain mass, water can be added, but this is not the case; water will only reduce the strength of the product. When the bread mass becomes plastic and it will be easy to sculpt various products from it, you can start forming round beads. You can make beads of another shape, and if you add dyes to the bread crumb, you can get colored beads.

The second way.This method allows to obtain more durable products. Sugar is added to bread crumb, and then the mixture is boiled with boiling water. The mixture is left in a warm place so that it starts to sour, and then rub the crumb through the gauze. The resulting mass should be a little dry.At the same time it should be mixed periodically, so that it becomes similar to clay. After that, from the grain mass can sculpt products. Since the mass has a high strength, therefore, the central hole in the beads of the rosary should be done immediately, before they are dry. When stringing beads, it is necessary to choose their length individually, so that it is approximately the length of the palm.

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