Royal beach, Crimea: how to get, description, reviews

One of the favorite places for tourists in the Crimea -Royal beach. This is one of the most beautiful beaches of the peninsula, located on the shore of the Blue Bay, to the right of Cape Kapchik. There is a legend that it was here during his visit to the resort village of Novy Svet in 1912 resting Russian Emperor Nicholas II.

How to get there

The Royal Beach of CrimeaThe goal of many tourists going to thisresort peninsula - get on the Royal beach. Crimea is why many people choose the purpose of their trip. Its main difference from the beach, located in the very village of Novy Svet, is that it is not covered with sand, but with pebbles. True, it has been forbidden to swim here for several years because of the likelihood of a landslide. However, it still remains popular among tourists who want to admire the amazing seascapes.

So, you decided to get to the Royal beach (Crimea). How to get there, we'll tell you. The easiest way to go on ecological path number 2, which begins on the outskirts of the village of Novy Svet. Go deep into the sanctuary until you reach a turn in the gorge. This road leads you straight to the beach.

What good is the Royal beach?

The New World Royal BeachFor what is so fond of local and tourists it is thisa place? Firstly, it is an excellent place for seclusion. After the beach was banned from bathing, there are not many people here. So there is a high probability of being the only ones on the whole beach.

A wonderful romantic atmosphere is ensured. Especially if you find yourself here in the evening and find the sunset. There is a beautiful view of the sun setting over the mountains. The sky acquires pink shades and begins to resemble a paper on which the young kid painted a shallow fairytale landscape.

The water is as transparent as possible. At the same time, the peak of the cape Kapchik is still quite well illuminated by the sun. It resembles a mountain, strewn with gold coins.


Royal beach Crimea how to getFor the village of Novy Svet The royal beach, of course,main attraction. Even despite the fact that there is a Golitsyn trail leading to the wine cellars. However, it is also possible to get to this beach.

In addition to the amazingly clear and transparent water, hereyou can meet and unique vegetation. The foot of the mountains is decorated with Stankevich pine (a kind of Calabrian pine). Tsar's beach (Crimea) is the best place where you can admire them.

As we have already said, he is in one of the mostromantic places of Crimea - Blue Bay, which is located between the cape Kapchik and the monument of nature Karaul-Oba. So there is something to admire here. The Karaul-Oba is a huge mountain, its height is more than 340 meters. The basis is a strong limestone of organic origin. On the western slope of the ruins of the ancient fortress Kutlak, the first mention of which dates from the I century BC. According to researchers, it belonged to the warriors of the Bosporan kingdom. This ancient state, which existed until about VI century AD, after passed under the rule of the Byzantine Empire.

Visit of the Emperor

Emperor Nicholas II his name is obliged to King's Beach (Crimea). The history of the origin of the name of the beach is quite interesting.

The family of the Romanovs came to the peninsulaalmost every year. But the emperor was a rare visitor in the Crimea. However, it is known that he spent the period here from the spring of 1912 to August 1913. The emperor traveled with his family in full force. So to get to the New World, Tsar's beach to see with my own eyes could and Alexandra Fyodorovna, and young princesses, and heir to the throne Alexei.

Days on vacation the imperial family dedicatedwalks and bathing. Most of the time was spent in the Livadia Palace. The biggest event, which went beyond its limits, was the name day of Tsarevich Alexei. On this occasion the entire Black Sea squadron arrived in Yalta, the heir accepted the parade of the Yalta garrison. In the evening, in honor of the heir, they arranged an illusion that, amidst amazing sea scenery, created an unforgettable sight.

Royal beach today

Royal Beach reviewsBecame extremely popular in the mid-20th centuryRoyal beach. Crimea, Fiolent, cape, next to which it is located, and today attract many tourists. Some go down the Golitsin trail, others approach the boats from the sea.

This place is a mandatory item of the program of manyexcursions and sea walks in the Crimea. At the same time the beach is small and not designed for a large influx of people. In addition, in recent years, there is a possibility of a landslide. Because of this, visits to the beach are limited, but brave souls who want to swim in the clear water or admire the sunset, still in abundance.

At the same time quite small in size King's Beach. Crimea boasts more spacious grounds for recreation. In fact, this is a fairly narrow strip of land, covered with gray sand. At the same time the beach is clean, everything here is of natural origin.

Beauty of nature

Royal beach of Crimea FiolentPart of the beach in the surf area is composed of shallowpebbles. That is why even during a strong tide or storm the water remains crystal clear. Another plus is the gentle beach, which the Royal Beach boasts. Crimea is famous for a large number of such places of rest. The only drawback is the stone blocks sticking out of the water.

It is also difficult to find here a shadow andsigns of civilization - showers, toilets, sun beds and trash cans. At a time when there is no danger of landslides, the entrance to the beach is paid. This is due to the fact that the bay is located in the nature conservation area. If you want to save, then you can get to the Royal beach on a rented boat or boat. However, consider that you can pick up you no later than 19 hours, this must be remembered when planning your vacation.

What to take with you to the Royal beach?

Royal beach Crimea history If you decide to follow the ecological path, you must free your hands and put on your free shoes. The path is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Remember that there is no infrastructure on the beach. Therefore, food, drinks and bathing accessories should be taken with you. It's best to pack it all in a small backpack.

Will find a lot of interesting and loversdiving. Not far from the Royal beach you can dive with a mask and admire the majestic stones, seaweed, get acquainted with the inhabitants of the underwater world. This will give you the Blue Bay.

It may happen that you will not be satisfiedRoyal beach. Crimea (reviews about rest here are always the most positive) is ready to offer you dozens of similar places for rest. All of them are located between the village of Novy Svet, where the Royal beach is located, and Sudak. And people there may be less, and a variety of beach beauties will not yield.

In the New World the most favorable periodfor relaxation - the velvet season. Then the weather still favors and vacationers are not so much as in the summer months. Experienced tourists are advised to alternate rest in all the bays located in the vicinity of Sudak - Blue, Green and Blue.

Reviews of tourists

Tsar's beach is mostly devoted toexceptionally positive feedback. Tourists note the purity of the water and the beach, arguing that this is really a royal place. Many are conquered by juniper groves, through which they have to go, making their way to the beach. Here you can indefinitely and slowly consider the bizarrely bent trunks, amazing crowns of centuries-old trees, admire the wonderful views and be saturated with curative air.

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