Signs: that you can not give? Why not give knives, watches and mirrors?

On holidays, anniversaries, birthdays are acceptedgive gifts. Age-old traditions and superstitions can give each presenter a positive or negative color. There are people who are skeptical about the beliefs and will be happy with the gift. But there are others prone to superstition, which in gifts can see the badsigns. What can not be given?What kind of presents should be avoided?

Elementary politeness will not allow to refuseeven from a dubious object. And any negative of the gift can be easily neutralized with the help of salt, fire, money, water. Often a bad omen is just an excuse for bad character, inability to give and receive gifts.

Gifts and signs

Since the time of paganism, there are beliefs thatyou can give and what not. It is not customary to come into someone else's house empty-handed - this is a manifestation of disrespect for his masters. But some gifts carry bad signs or negative energy.

signs that you can not give

This relationship does not always justify itself. A primitive is just a subjective reaction of a particular person to a certain action, an object. Believe it or not - everyone will decide on their own. However, in order not to upset the owners or the birthday boy, one should take into account some signs. What can not be given, and what can be? How to choose a present on the holiday date?

You should not bring gifts from holiday, onwhich have strange characters, unknown words. It is possible that in this way the sorcerer wants to throw his fate, illness on the one who will receive this thing.


Objects associated with funeral symbols are not recommended to present as a gift. They carry an intuitive denial, a hidden alarm. What can not be given? Signsabout slippers are associated with the transition to the world of the dead. Usually people are buried in shoes, often in slippers. Therefore, a gift can cause unpleasant associations.

If the donor and the recipient of the presentation are peoplenon-believers, then the omen may not work. We transmit our information with our thoughts, we charge negative energy. Therefore, good mood and good wishes are the best sign for any presentation.


Almost in every country there is a superstition about what gifts can not be given. Signsdo not always work. It depends on how much the person believes in this or that belief. For example, a wristwatch is not recommended to give to either men or women. It is believed that the triggered time mechanism affects the biological rhythm of a person. In China, such a gift means an invitation to a funeral.

that you can not give a sign

In our country, too, there are such signs. What you can not give to your loved oneTo the person? Wrist Watch. This will stop the relationship, accelerate the process of parting. In addition, the process of putting the watch on hand is like snapping handcuffs.

The neutralization of the gift is simple. It is possible to symbolize a wristwatch symbolically on a soft toy or a doll and thus present as a gift. The sign does not apply to wall, floor clocks and alarm clocks.

Shawls, towels

Handkerchiefs and towels are usually correlated withritual actions. During the funeral, those who carry the coffin are given a new towel. The others are kerchiefs. This is done so that the deceased person will remember with kind words. Therefore, it is not customary to give funeral symbolism to the holiday.

that you can not give a guy signs

But there are bathtubs, kitchen towels, hand-made handkerchiefs, which you would like to hand to someone. How to present what can not be given? Signs in most cases have exceptions.

Both scarfs and towels can be given, but only in pairs. A double present symbolizes harmony in the house. Two handkerchiefs or two towels will not bring negative effects.

Socks, briefs, books

There are items that are not recommended to give to a man. What is strictly forbidden to present to a loved one? What can not be given to a man? Signs,connected with socks, pass from generation to generation. Everyone knows that such things should not be given to a husband, a loved one. Having received such a present, a man can soon leave the family.

Giving cowards - to treason. This intimate toilet item symbolizes love affair on the side.

Books, oddly enough, also lead to parting. Love lyrics, poetry, novels are not a good gift for a loved one. This bad omen can lead to a break in relations.

Sharp objects

Do not present stitching and cutting products to those who believe in bad signs. What can not be given?Decorative pins, scissors, knives, daggers, forks. Such gifts will bring into the house a quarrel, a misfortune.

that you can not give the girl signs

Any point (knife or furniture) attractsnegative energy, evil spirit. Therefore, even in the interior of the house should prefer a round or oval table, rounded corners of the chest or cabinet.

A knife as a gift will lead to discord in the family or break off relations with the donor. But for a woman such a present - to a new acquaintance, an interesting fan.


Girls because of their emotionality andsuspiciousness give gifts the wrong meaning. Therefore, for surprises for the fair sex should be treated cautiously. What can not give a girl? Signs of pearls are known for a long time. Superstitious people claim that they are tears of mermaids. And pearls can bring misfortune.

signs that you can not give to your beloved

It is impossible for girls and women to give mirrors. When you look in them, youth will disappear, sooner will be old age. Mirrors from the very beginning frightened people with their reflected world. In the beliefs they say that they are the entrance to another dimension. In addition, the mirror perfectly preserves the information. It carries a lot of alien energy, both positive and negative.

Such a gift can scare a superstitious person. According to the signs, a cracked or broken mirror carries misfortune, death. Therefore, it is better to refuse such a gift.

Images of animals, birds

Bad signs are associated with birds. What can not be given,so these are figurines or figures of pigeons, forty, crows, herons. They are a symbol of misfortune. Even a bird that has flown into the house can bring trouble. Therefore figurines of birds are associated with sadness.

And from figurines with different animalsthat you can not give a guy? Signs, for example, link the figureelephant with an erection. The downward trunk is associated with a violation of potency. But if the elephant's trunk is raised upwards - this is a symbol of luck and happiness.


Even the color of the wallet can bring problems. The blue tint is associated with the element of water. This means that the money will not be delayed in such a purse, will begin to flow away. The ideal color of a purse for attracting money is brown or red.

that you can not give a man signs

Signs say that you can not give an empty purse. Be sure to put a small coin in there. She will draw money, and in the future the purse will always be full.

Dowry for the newborn

A huge number will take the dowry fornewborn. All superstitions converge in one thing - before the birth of a child, nothing should be given to his parents. Neither sliders, nor booties, nor children's dishes, nor toys should be presented to a young family. Only after the successful birth of the baby can you present gifts.

Porcelain dolls are also considered strangepresentation. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the master invests part of his soul during work. Also, dolls are often associated with the magic of Voodoo. Therefore, having received a porcelain beauty as a gift, it is necessary to clean it of foreign energy.

Purification of a gift

If it is suspected that the gifted itemcan bring disaster, it is necessary to clear it of negative energy. Do not give up the presentation and offend the donor. It is better to understand in a quiet environment why a gift causes unpleasant associations, and to clear it of unnecessary information.

what gifts can not give signs

  • Money.The easiest way to neutralize a bad omen is to redeem a gift. Of course, do not give it a real price. A small coin handed to a donor will save you from painful doubts.
  • Water.If possible - rinse the gift under running water or wipe with a damp cloth. This will help clear the subject of any negative information.
  • Fire. The purifying flame will remove all bad signs. You can lead a gift over the flame of a candle. Or to smoke a dubious object with smoke from a fire.
  • Salt.This is the most acceptable way, if the giftDo not wet or bring to fire. If the present is small, you can bury it in large salt at night. By the morning, the gift will be clean from any energy-informational impact.

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