Silicate paints

Silicate paints can be attributed to mineral. They are single-component components that are made on the basis of potash glass used in liquid form. In addition, they contain organic additives. The use of silicate paints is based on the painting of facades, architectural monuments, in the repair of interior premises, etc. In addition, silicate paints will be the best option for coating walls of concrete and cement, brick and stone. In the event that the surface is already covered with paint or plaster, you need to remove these layers. Before applying this paint, it is necessary to prime the surface using silicate plaster.

Silicate paint resists temperature extremes, and also protects the wood from rotting and fire. It is endowed with seemingly incompatible features — it has a transparent layer and at the same time “breathes”. It is important to know that silicate paints are alkaline in their composition, therefore, when working with this material, it is important to adhere to the rules of safety and precaution. You also need to remember that there are objects that can not be painted with silicate paints.These include ceramics, stone, glass, metal objects. They should be protected from possible splashes, because the basis of silicate paints can quickly corrode the surface. For the same reason, silicate paints can be used only along with special alkali-resistant pigments, this indicates that their color solution is limited. In addition, silicate paints are not as elastic as, for example, acrylic samples.

The durability of the paint, of course, is excellent. But this feature of it can also become a weakness of the material. Everything is explained by the fact that the paint keeps on the surface for about 20 years, therefore, after painting, for example, at home, it will hardly be possible to paint it later. It is easy to explain: silicate paint contains liquid glass, which simply “coalesces” with a painted surface. It is worth knowing that if you still prefer silicate paint, then before applying it you should definitely walk on the surface of a silicate primer, and after that work with paint. Moreover, after applying the primer should take at least 12 hours.The paint has a short shelf life, so you need to apply it quickly.

And finally, I would like to note that silicate paint is best suited for those premises where there is a sufficiently high humidity, it is not terrible for paint.

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