Simple salads for the New Year 2018

Salads on the New Year's table do not have to be very complicated, even if borrowed from the cherished recipes of other countries. We are able to cook everything, so we will collect from all over the world “on a string” and see what is put on the table in Australia. Than they treat guests in Austria. You can look and Thailand - for sure there is something tasty, fish. We, in fact, are important recipes for simple salads for the New 2018, and not for the delights of cooking supermen.

Delicious Mango Salad

It is very easy to buy mango growing in India - go to the supermarket, go past the shelves with exotic fruits and take products such as

  • pretty big mango
  • pick a couple of green cucumbers (if you prefer the taste of long ones, then one is big)
  • fresh ginger is desirable, it needs very little
  • one lime
  • parsley - better than simple, not curly
  • ordinary potatoes, enough pairs
  • spices will need the most simple - salt and sugar

The mango flavor is unusual, but to say that it immediately makes you surprised is impossible - let this simple salad be on your New Year's table, like hello from a kangaroo, for example.

So, boil the potatoes, it is put into the salad in the form of finely chopped cubes.

Mango is simply cleaned and carefully removed from the stone. Type of cutting is the same as that of potatoes.

With cucumber do the same mango - remove the skin and make cubes.

Have you ever tried grated ginger? Today you have to rub at least a teaspoon of ginger.

We simply act with lime - squeeze the juice out of it, then pour sugar into the resulting solution and optionally some salt.

All mix, do not forget to add finely and carefully chopped parsley.

Mayonnaise for such a fresh salad is not allowed, instead we use lime juice.

By the way, this salad is very tasty with ham, so just try it, you will not be able to walk past the mango calmly.

This salad is considered to be Christmas, served with fish and meat dishes.

Delicious Mango Salad

Austrian Language Salad

We will go to Austria to try simple New Year salads for the New 2018 year. Not to say that this is the easiest salad, but you will feel in Vienna as soon as you try it, and this is something worth it!

It’s already difficult to name the ingredients proposed for the salad as delicacies,

  • buy a small beef tongue weighing about 200 g can be everywhere
  • buy him 400 g of asparagus
  • a jar of small green peas
  • sprig of dill
  • low-fat cream
  • mayonnaise
  • the spices are practically not needed here, some salt is useful

The longest is to boil the tongue. Check its readiness with a skewer, as a rule, in an hour and a half it is boiled. Now we remove the skin, cut it (if so, as in Vienna), then with thin long stripes.

Slice asparagus and stew a little

You can make the sauce at the same time as cooking the tongue, just add the finely chopped dill to the cream and add salt.

And now mix everything up, dress with sauce and feel yourself in Chopin's homeland.

Austrian Language Salad

Inexpensive Potato Salad

What could be better than potatoes? Even an inept mistress can cook such a simple salad. The simpler the composition of the salad, the more distinctly you will feel the taste of the ingredients it contains. Check that spices play an important role in this potato salad:

  • Apple vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Mustard
  • Ground black pepper
  • Salt

Buy only seven potatoes for this delicious salad and boil them in the peel.

If the house has ready meat broth - great, otherwise make a concentrate from the cube.

Peel one onion and finely chop.

And now we start the assembly of the salad: the potatoes are cut into thin slices, pour it with broth (a little!).

Add fried onions.

The sauce is prepared from the above spices, thoroughly mixed and poured on potatoes with onions. Salad is served as a separate dish or to meat, fish, and other vegetables.

Inexpensive Potato Salad

Milk Salad

Not all housewives rejoice when in fish instead of caviar, which can be perfectly salted and at home, they turn out to be milt. But this is an inexpensive and very affordable product for a delicious Christmas salad.

  • Buy fish and try to choose a few fish with milt so that you have about 400 g of this tasty cheap product.

Since you are in the store, get one for the salad:

  • Sweet bell pepper
  • Small jar of corn
  • Red Onion Head
  • Mayonnaise
  • Spices will be found at home - pepper and salt

On the preparation of salad will take no more than half an hour. Start with boiling the milk - put them in salted water and cook for about five minutes.

Now get some vegetables while the milt is cooling.

Pepper is cut into cubes, onions - thin beautiful half rings.

Cut cooled milk into strips.

Mix everything and salt and pepper to taste, season with good mayonnaise.

Milk Salad

The easiest salad

Thought that you can cook for ten minutes, if suddenly an unexpected bell rang? Just open a jar of canned fish - every hostess has them like a NZ.

Now let's see if there is everything you need for an inexpensive tasty salad:

  • A can of fish like mackerel
  • Six chicken eggs to boil and chop finely, separately proteins and yolks
  • One onion is also finely chopped
  • Hard grated cheese

Now we lay in a transparent vessel in layers:

  • Squirrels
  • Cheese
  • Fish well mashed with a fork
  • Bow
  • Butter
  • Yolks
  • Mayonnaise

Some layers should be additionally smeared with mayonnaise.

Decorate the salad with something bright - half a cherry tomato, parsley, dill or pomegranate seeds.

Stuffed eggs

Layered salad with red fish

This simple salad is made so fast that you will be amazed. All that is needed is to simply chop the onions into cubes and pour boiling water (this will remove the bitterness).And you need to boil a couple of potatoes (the amount of the product depends on how many fish you have).

Start with potatoes, when it is ready - cut into small cubes or grate.

Boil four chicken eggs and rub.

Fish cut into thin slices - this is the most important layer of salad.

The dishes should be transparent, we begin to lay the salad with potatoes, now the fish, we lay the onions on it, sprinkle with proteins first, and then yolks.

If you like the taste of mayonnaise, then they should coat the layers, if you like fish without the mayonnaise taste, then do not overdo it, otherwise the salad will be too heavy.

Layered salad with red fish

Sardine in the familiar salad "Mimosa"

Let's make this simple salad today without boiled potatoes - it makes the dish heavier. We will lay it out in layers in a transparent vessel. In order to replace potatoes with something, it is worth taking carrots - it is bright and tasty, it tastes great for fish.

  • Onion for such a salad should not be fried, but just pour boiling water or marinate a little in vinegar and mustard, after it is finely chopped.
  • Chicken eggs are boiled, divided into proteins and yolks, finely rubbed
  • Cheese, preferably hard, rubbed on a coarse grater - so the taste will be more noticeable
  • Carrots are boiled and grated, now fine.

The first layer will go fish, and then place the protein, carrots, cheese and yolk. Do not forget to coat the salad with mayonnaise and be sure to decorate it - let any festive dish be beautiful.

Mimosa salad"

Wonderful mix - Mix vegetable salad

It turns out that you can cook a salad of the most simple vegetables, you should not buy exotic, tomatoes, cabbage and carrots on the New Year's table can turn into a delicious dish!

Next to heavy meat dishes you definitely need to put such hearty and light snacks, all you need is:

  • Tomatoes
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Red Cabbage
  • Green salad
  • Jar of canned green peas

In terms of composition, you can regulate everything yourself - do you prefer cauliflower? Let it be a little more in the snack, and just add all the other ingredients to taste. And yet - absolutely everything except cauliflower is put in a fresh snack. But the colored inflorescences should be boiled in salted water.The carrot is rubbed on a coarse grater or shredded with a thin straw.

The dressing of this snack is specific - based on sherry. Add mayonnaise, lemon juice, spices and finely chopped parsley.

In a transparent glass salad bowl, such a snack “Mixt” looks especially bright and festive.

mixed vegetable salad

Puffed snacks in the spotlight

Ham and champignons on the holiday table should definitely be because you can’t do without meat dishes, and everyone loves mushrooms. And to diversify the taste of snacks are familiar and inexpensive ingredients:

  • Chicken eggs
  • Carrot
  • Potatoes
  • Green onions
  • Hard cheese

We use favorite mayonnaise as a lubricant for the layers.

Since we have a puff snack, then let the dishes be transparent - it's nice to see all the layers in the salad bowl, look forward to them and savor them in advance.

Vegetables for this appetizer are boiled, finely chopped or grated. Champignons are best bought marinated or in their own juice - this is all to the taste of the housewife.

Arrange the layers as you see fit; a bright layer of potatoes is empty to cover the ham, then the carrots will add a little brightness.Again, a bright layer of champignons, grated separately on a coarse grater whites and yolks. The main thing in these snacks - improvisation and simplicity. Cheese can be the final layer on a snack or it can also be put inside.

Puff snacks

One more snack from Austria

Canned fish do not cease to occupy the main place in our refrigerators. Very quickly they can be turned into a delicious light soup, added to the second dish. So, if you need to urgently and cheaply come up with a snack on the New Year's table - stock up on a few jars of fish. You will also need for this snack:

  • Chicken eggs
  • An Apple
  • Walnuts
  • Hard cheese
  • Carrot
  • Onion
  • Mayonnaise

Since we are trying to make all the snacks compact and beautiful, then prepare some beautiful transparent vessels. Puff snacks are the most delicious, it is worth each guest to put their transparent ice-cream bowl.

Layers can be made in each one in different ways, the taste will remain one, and such vessels for festive snacks look very beautiful.

Boil you need only carrots and chicken eggs, preparing a snack quickly. Just cook all the ingredients and lay them in layers, smearing with mayonnaise.

snack from austria

Red fish is an excellent snack

Thinly sliced ​​red fish fillet can be beautifully rolled into small rolls and filled with a light salad. If there are skewers - stick into each roll, so it is more convenient to take a snack from the plate.

You can make salmon or trout in fifteen minutes. To do this, you need fresh cucumbers and soft cream cheese - it turns out beautiful, very tasty and fast.

Cut the red fish into thin narrow slices - you only need 200 g of fish.

Peel the cucumbers and cut them into thin slices - you need 2 cucumbers.

We coat the slice of fish with cream cheese, put a slice of cucumber on it and roll it up into a roll. Now it remains to fasten it with a skewer and put it on a plate. And so that the appetizer would look especially festive - cut thin slices from the remaining cucumber and place them like a fan on top of the fish. You can also decorate with a sprig of parsley or dill.

Red fish

Favorite profiteroles with filling

For some reason, we use little profiteroles for salty snacks, usually they are filled with sweet custard or whipped cream.

Every hostess can bake profiteroles from choux pastry.You can prepare them in advance and simply store until the arrival of guests. The shape of profiteroles for salty snacks can be round or elongated - here the hostess can dream up.

You will need to test

  • 100 g butter or margarine,
  • 4 chicken eggs
  • 200 g flour
  • A pinch of salt

Pour water into a saucepan and bring to a boil, dissolve the oil in it. Now add flour and mix thoroughly. Now you need to drive eggs into the dough one at a time, each time you have to mix very well, otherwise “empty” profit rollers will not work. Spread the dough on a baking sheet using a spoon or pastry syringe. During baking, it is strictly forbidden to open the door of the oven, profit-making machines can “settle” due to a sudden change in temperature.

Now it’s worth making two or three variants of profiterole stuffing

  1. With chicken liver, green onions and carrots
  2. With red fish
  3. With chicken and cheese

The first filling is familiar to all who love chicken liver. Cut it into small pieces, rub the carrots on a coarse grater, add the onions, and fry everything well in a frying pan. When the liver is ready - using a blender, bring it to a state of soft pate, add butter.

Red fish stuffing is collected from finely chopped pieces of salmon or trout, soft Almette cheese or sour cream and finely chopped green onions are added. You can add a little red caviar - it tastes better!

The filling is tender with chicken meat, such profiteroles will be most liked by children. Boil chicken breast, finely chop, add finely grated hard cheese and a bit of mayonnaise.

Now cut off the caps from the profiteroles and fill the void with the filling. To make it easy for guests to understand the proposed snacks, decorate them in different ways.

 profiteroles with filling

Snack cakes - beautiful and tasty

Since we used choux pastry for making snacks, then you should pay attention to pita bread - the same stuffing as for profiteroles can be used here. But there are unusual tastes, for example, a completely incredible combination of salmon and ham.

This filling is so unusual that guests will not believe the combination of tastes. Ham and fish finely chopped, mix and add melted soft cheese. Spread the pita bread with fine scrapped filling and sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

A little trick: for a snack to look beautiful and festive, put ready-made long rolls of pita for ten to fifteen minutes into the freezer.After this cooling, the rolls are easily cut into pieces.

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