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Simple truths in questions and answers. Part 1

Dear friends, Oleg Gadetsky’s webinar “Simple Truths in Questions and Answers” ​​just recently took place. The participants of the webinar Oleg Georgievich asked many different questions related to relationships, raising children, building careers, etc. We offer you a selection of answers and we hope that you will receive a lot of useful information.
Question 1. Elena: “Good afternoon, Oleg! In the trainings you refer to both ancient texts and the Gospel. What religion do you incline yourself? ”
The world has the Supreme Divine Source, to which different religions, esoteric and spiritual traditions lead. I explored various paths, practiced a lot and chose the spiritual path. At some point I realized that Knowledge is one, as one and God.
He has many different qualities. He manifests himself differently through tradition and religion. To choose your spiritual path, you need to listen to your heart and here, the experience of other people will not help you.Whatever spiritual tradition you choose, you can truly follow it if you can see one family of God in all spiritual traditions.
The world is now very fragmented and saturated with conflicts. I want people not to be separated, but united. So that they did not build abysses, but on the contrary, built bridges. Each of us has one spiritual path. This is the path of love for God and for all living beings. Whatever tradition your heart prefers, remember that Truth is one, the family of God is one and God is one.
Question 2. Tatyana: “Good afternoon! I really want to release negative emotions and fears from the body. Could you recommend video tutorials that will help me in this? ”
Darling, Tatiana! Tuning into the liberation from fear, you will never reach the goal. It is akin to wanting to get rid of all the germs in the body. To clean the body of germs and bacteria, you need to kill it, since it consists of them.
Fears are constantly present in human life. Sitting on the plane, many have the thought "I will dolechu or not." I confess that I, like many, have this fear, but still get on a plane. Why? Because in life I have a business and it is more precious to me than all the fears taken together.
My advice to you is to find the real deal.You must realize your purpose and live for the good of others in this world. You must be useful, show respect and give love. Look for the real thing, your purpose, and do not pay attention to the little things. In this world there will always be obstacles - do not fight with them, but go to the main goals and then you will not notice fears.
Question 3. Ivan: "Where is the line between his happiness and the living of others' expectations?"
Your happiness is inside you, but you can’t meet him because you are trying to meet other people's expectations. As a result, again fall into the trap. Start by contacting yourself, think about yourself now, about your needs, values ​​and vocation.
Question 4. Irina: “Hello, Oleg! Six months ago, I got married. Close relationships have become a painful duty for me. The husband allows himself hurtful comments and accusations against me. I want to understand and understand “Why is this situation given to me? What can she teach me? How to save a family and is it worth it? Deep down there is a belief that being born as a woman is not a very big happiness. Thank you for everything you do for people. ”
Irina, you yourself answered your question, which was asked in the letter. Inside you there is a belief that being born a woman is a great misfortune. Change this self-esteem. Behind her there are very deep injuries from your childhood. You need to clean your inner world. Listen to my training. It is called"Clearing the memory of childhood". Start working with him. Your difficulty originates from your relationship to yourself.
Understand that being a woman is a divine gift. The woman is the mother who gives life. A woman is a wife with her beautiful and amazing qualities: loyalty, chastity, faith in her man. Open them in yourself, start feeling, learn to experience them and be a woman.
Question 5. Lydia: “I read your post that difficulties and problems come when we behave incorrectly. I do not understand what I'm doing wrong. Why for 7 years I can’t get out of life difficulties, which are becoming more and more. Tell me, please, where to start? ”
Imagine that you got into the car and asked: “What action do I need to learn so that I can go where I need to go? Do I first need to learn how to press the brakes or how to turn on the ignition, how to steer, slam the trunk or the door of the car.Tell me which of these actions I need to know first of all, so that everything in life is good, and I travel by car to my destination. ” To answer these questions?
Holistic life and it can not be learned in fragments. I recommend you start learning the training."The Laws of Destiny". It contains a capacious concentrate of knowledge, which I decode in all other trainings and courses. Start with it, and you will get the first ideas on how to drive a car. Life is holistic and you need to learn it all. Only in this case we will reach such a beautiful country called “Success and happiness”.
The text of the article was prepared on the basis of Oleg Gadetsky's webinar "Simple truths in questions and answers."

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