Ski Track Russia 2019

Ski Track Russia 2019 - a new edition of the country's most popular sports tournament! At the start of the competition will come all who are more or less confidently on their feet, and who have a desire to prove to the world that he is the unrecognized champion of cross-country skiing. In 2018, these brave souls turned out to be almost a half million! They represented 73 regions of the country. Will the upcoming release of the ski championship even more massive?


Date of skiing Russia 2019

The competition traditionally takes place on the second Sunday of February each year. If you follow this simple formula, then the 37th edition of the tournament will take place on February 10, 2019.

Ski Track Russia 2019

The championship takes one day, rarely two. Everything depends on the region, where the Skiing of Russia (LR) 2019 will take place. The competition program in each region is also different. As a rule, it consists of the following activities:

  1. collection;
  2. the distribution of participants by category and issue numbers;
  3. the opening ceremony;
  4. start at distances of 5 and 10 km;
  5. start of the VIP race (2019 m);
  6. Winner's reward ceremony;
  7. closing ceremony.

More information about the tournament can be found on the official website of the 2019 All-Russian Ski Race - Better yet, go to the sports sites of the region participating in the competition.

Championship participants

Pensioners, women, businessmen, foreigners, Christians, Jews, children, adults, the rich, men, the poor - anyone can stand on skis! Regardless of gender, citizenship, social status, religious beliefs and political preferences. LR is the case when sport truly unites!

In order to join a sporting event, you must register on the Ski Track of Russia 2019. To do this, the newly-made skier will have to apply to the admission commission. It opens a few days before the start of the competition in the community where the Republic of Latvia will be held.

Commission members will require the following documents:

  • identity document;
  • OMS policy;
  • medical certificate of admission (if not 18 years old).

If the commission is satisfied with everything, it will be included in the list of participants, and on the day of the race he will be given an individual number.

How did LR go in 2018

To appreciate the scope of the sporting celebration, we recall how LR was held in 2018.

One of the biggest races took place in the Moscow region. About 25,000 people took part in the competition. Among other skiers there was even a governor of the region, Andrey Vorobyov!

Russian Ski Track 2019

The best among men was the repeated winner of international competitions Maxim Vylegzhanin, and among women - Olga Tsaryova. Winners got snowmobiles!

It is very possible that the central launch of the Russian Ski in 2019 will be taken by the Moscow Region.

The northern capital held ski races with no less scope. Participants traditionally competed in the Vyborg district, in the village of Pyrgalovo. At the opening ceremony were the first persons of St. Petersburg and famous athletes in the past.

In total, 27,000 people went skiing. Perhaps in 2019 the All-Russian ski race in St. Petersburg will be interested in even more people!

Anton Shipulin himself came to Ekaterinburg! The star of the world biathlon already participated in the ski race in 2014. Then the victory was left for the famous athlete. Did not become an exception and the last part of Shipulina. A native of Tyumen did not doubt his superiority.

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