Slip and hat from old t-shirt

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From your old T-shirt you can sew a great children's bedroom set - a slip and a cap. We will tell you how to do it yourself, give detailed instructions, useful tips and illustrate the process with a specific example. Even if you can’t almost sew at all, you’ll be able to handle this change in no time.

slip and cap

In this workshop, the slip and cap are sewn from a T-shirt, but if you want to make a warmer version, use a cardigan or cardigan as a basis. The main thing is that the material of the original product is natural, since the delicate skin of the baby is not ready for contact with artificial and the more prickly tissues. That is why we offer you an example using a regular thick T-shirt made of organic cotton.

What do we need?

  • old t-shirt
  • any ready-made children's slip or suit (for reference)
  • edging material

From the tools we need scissors, soap, pins and durable threads.


First you need to attach the finished slip to the T-shirt. Cross the sleeves on the chest - until we need them.

how to sew a slip

Make a markup on the T-shirt with a remnant. Mark the contour and align it with a centimeter or a ruler. You should get a silhouette of a long T-shirt on the straps.


Cut the ribbon from the fabric. Its width should be about 4 cm, we will use this fabric for edging. Fold it towards the center. Then we fold it in half (already during processing).

the cloth

Tape better iron iron. If you do not want to mess with it, take the finished edging. However, do not forget that you can do everything with your own hands from the same T-shirt.


Cut out the silhouette of the future slip in a duplicate. If it is convenient, do it at once - from the front and back of the T-shirt. Spread both pieces on the table and fasten with pins on the side of the neck. Estimate to the finished slipik - throat width should be about the same. But for the time being, there is no need to stitch the construction: you first need to take up the sleeves.

how to sew a slip

Sleeves are also measured by ready-slip. Simply attach the remaining parts of the T-shirt to it and make the markup with soap. The most convenient way to make them from the sleeves.Most likely, there is already edging, and you do not have to bother with the additional processing of the edges. When the pieces are cut, attach them to the main structure with pins.

how to sew a slip

Sew the slip from the inside out. You can do it on a typewriter or manually. Process hem fringing so that inside you can insert a rubber band or lace - the standard tightening for the slip.


To sew a hat in tone, you need to attach any ready-made hat for your child to the remaining parts of the T-shirt and cut its outline, and then just cut it out and sew the two parts together. By the way, the seam allowance is not necessary, as it is automatically taken into account when stroking - you do it at a distance.


Thus, all from one old T-shirt, we got two new things for the child. A cap and a slip are children's things that are always needed. They are useful both at home and on the street. And so that they become more beautiful, they can be supplemented with applications, embroidery or knitted decor.

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