Technology of building a house from glued timber

Today houses are built from various materials. It can be a stone or brick house, which is built from individual stones or bricks. But more and more often, people are returning to a tree that has been forgotten for some time in its more modern form: glued laminated timber.
The technology of creating a house from glued timber is different, for example, from a brick one. When there is already a project at home, then every detail is done separately and it will have a specific place. Such a house is first collected on the site, because they are dismantled, numbered and taken to the installation site. This is how houses are made of turnkey glued timber. Ordering a turnkey house from the company “FJORDOM”, the client receives a number of advantages that will not be in other homes. Unique projects of houses and an individual approach provides its own architectural and design office. A team of professional builders carries out projects in quality and in full compliance with the deadlines stated. You can find out more on the website
First of all, a wall of laminated veneer lumber has a very low thermal conductivity when compared with other materials. If, for example, we compare walls with the same thickness of timber and bricks, then a timber wall holds heat five times better than a brick one. The total payment for heating is almost doubled.
If the timber was produced in compliance with the technological process, then such a house will hardly shrink. This makes it possible not to let the house settle, but to deliver it immediately without a break and significantly reduce the entire construction of the object and its delivery to the client. Short construction period also reduces the cost of the house.

Some are wary of the glued timber itself, because glue is used in its manufacture and therefore it can be hazardous to human health. But this is a completely wrong opinion. Glue is really used, but the fact is that if an enterprise makes a high-quality timber, then an expensive sort of glue is used, which has all the environmental tolerances. That is why you can not save here. But those who nevertheless decided to save money and bought glued laminated timber from a dubious manufacturer, paying cheaper, buy a cat in a bag.It is unlikely to use high-quality glue. This is where the fame of the glued laminated timber comes from. The glue used to produce high-quality timber is always neutral and not at all toxic.

Since each house is assembled separately at the enterprise, each timber undergoes personal processing, which means it will ideally fall into its place, leaving no gaps or irregularities. When the house is ready, then every detail is numbered and dismantled. On the spot. When the foundation of the house is ready, the house will be folded, strictly adhering to numbering. This scheme ensures high build quality, long service life and beautiful appearance.

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Technology of building a house from glued timber 5

Technology of building a house from glued timber 60

Technology of building a house from glued timber 68

Technology of building a house from glued timber 38

Technology of building a house from glued timber 11