The approach of the planet Nibiru in 2019

That's humanity, which is funny, do not feed bread, just let me dream about the apocalypse ...

And it seems that the percentage of suicides on Earth does not exceed the numbers of statistical error, and the instinct of self-preservation in our brains is hammered by nature firmly, but you are still amazed from time to time, with what ecstasy people wait for the next “end of the world”, mixing quiet excitement of anticipation with the horror in building their hypotheses.

Maya already brought us a continuation of his calendar, we experienced the millennium even earlier, and before it we were left with nothing to predict and Nostradamus, and before him ...

Should I wait for the Apocalypse?

Somewhere there was a phrase of a witty person who once said that if they gave him a cent for every apocalypse that didn’t happen in history, he would have paid a mortgage a long time ago ...

Who knows what is the reason for such a manic passion for his own death ... Psychologists claim that this is a vivid example of the practice of getting rid of fears by speaking and hypothetical “living”.

Scientists, as extremely critical and skeptical boring, philosophically notice that the law of conservation of matter and energy has not been canceled yet - well, there will be no life here, which means it will appear somewhere else.

Subtle creative natures will try to draw inspiration from the general hysteria, watching the disclosure of feelings and emotions of others, which would never manifest itself in a less stressful situation.

planet nibiru

And an ordinary hard worker, having crouched with a thermos, to smoke in the process of jogging between two of his works, thinking about what to feed the children tomorrow, if the salary is delayed, and where else to find a hack to rally the rising prices for heating next winter, hemmy something like: "I would have your problems, Mari Ivanovna ...".

But, be that as it may, and no matter what the end of the world would have thought, the press is now boiling over from the hit of recent years - the planet Nibiru, the very frightened ancient Sumerians and other modern ufologists and conspiracy therapists. Then it comes nearer to us - no.

It is considered that even if it flies by, it will not affect us, on the contrary, someone starts screaming in the style of “we will all die! ..”.

Last fall, she was supposed to go on a date with us, but at the last moment something was capricious.Now they predict that she, like a decent girl, should be late for the space 15 minutes, that is, wait for her somewhere in 2019 ... Well, before we panic, we will try to figure out what kind of fruit it is - Planet X, as they say , “From where is-gone” and, most importantly, why? ..

Alms of antiquity deep

nibiru 2019 latest news

In general, the idea of ​​Nibiru (authentic sound philologists, rather, tend to perceive as “Not-take”), we were given by none other than the Sumerians.

It is this cosmogonic object that the venerable comrade Marduk chose as the center of the universe, as a guideline for the relative position of the stars and the registration of the then gods, as the symbolic beginning and end of all things.

What this mythical patron of the Babylonians meant, now, of course, hardly anyone can understand: eyewitnesses, somehow it happened that everyone has appeared ... And Babylon has long been covered with sand and dust, and skyscrapers instead of Ziggurats on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates As if, mushrooms grow year after year, but humankind has not forgotten the tales of those gray times.

And taking advantage of the fact that no one would sue for copyright infringement and slander, he is making his own lies on the subject to the best of his meager fantasy.

What is dangerous Nibiru?

nybiru 2019 is approaching

It would seem, well, the beginning of all this Nibiru, well - the end ... And so what? Riding there in his orbit somewhere far away, and all right ... But no!

There were geniuses who decided to make a fairy tale come true and declare the Sumerian navel of everything that is the most mysterious Planet X, which seems to be quietly walking on the outskirts of the Solar System somewhere behind Pluto, but once in the N-th number of years it returns to Earth. ".

In short, everything is in the best traditions of Hollywood blockbusters: the displacement of the poles, or even the complete installation of the planet upside down, giant waves tens of kilometers in height, washing away everything from the surface of the earth, incredible speed storms, massive melting of glaciers, faults in the earth's crust and awakened volcanoes.

In general, full finita, sadly, la comedy in the end. However, there is a light version of the development of events: Nibiru deviates so much from its orbit (yeah, you can think of someone able to correctly and accurately calculate ...) that it just crashes into the Earth.

Then earthlings will be mercifully deprived of the opportunity to observe their own agony, and will be able to leave quickly and beautifully. Like in ballads.

Position of official science

nibiru where now

If we discard all my favorite Sitchin's 3,600-year cycles and the theory of paleokontakt, as well as idle reasoning, steeply implicated in mysticism, panic disorders, mythology and ignorance, in the bottom line remains Chekhovsky clear peremptory verdict of modern scientific thought: this cannot be because that this can never be.

Why? Because astrophysics, relying on existing laws, proved that the planets with an orbit attributed to Nibiru simply cannot exist a priori. And with the mass, which could so seriously affect the geophysical processes of the Earth, respectively, too.

For the same reason, theories about the existence of life in the Oort cloud and the Kuiper belt were rejected, which was what all our ufologists dreamed of, and from which, in their opinion, it was the alien planet that infected our blue planet during past encounters.

Of course, somehow comparing all these opinions, hypotheses and calculations is an extremely ungrateful and harmful exercise for a restful sleep. Although for another occasion to celebrate anything on a grand scale, everyone, of course, thanks ...

But one thing is for sureif earthlings do not stop behaving like this here, dirtied and spoiling the environment at the Stakhanov pace, engaging in excitement and passion with self-destruction, and living every day as if he is the last, and then at least the grass does not grow, then no Nibiru will be needed.

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