The best Russian films in 2019

Recently, the Russian film industry is gaining momentum. More than a hundred films with different genres are produced in the country throughout the year. The average viewer can get confused in this diversity. This review of new movies will help viewers not to miss the best Russian films in 2019.

The film "Ikaria"

The best Russian films in 2019

The film was directed by J. Gyrdev. The picture is shot in the studio "Third Rome". This is a new reading of the ancient story of Icarus. According to legend, the young man disobeyed his father, rising on the wax wings to the Sun. The end of the story is very sad.

The plot of the film tells a little about something else. Genetics and transplantology in 2027 reached such heights that scientists began to talk about the immortality of humanity. True, for the final conclusions, there was only a small amount left - to conduct a series of important experiments with people. A special group is selected for this test. Moreover, everything is served in the form of a television project. The participants in the experiment and its organizers face a difficult moral choice.Not many will be able to overcome it. Some project participants will die. How the filmmakers will link this tragic story with an ancient legend, viewers of the new film will learn.

In fact, the release of the film was supposed to take place two years ago. However, something prevented the timely release of the film.

The film was created with the participation of:

  • Ivan Yankovsky;
  • Maria Fomina;
  • Igor Mirkurbanov;
  • Olga Zirsen;
  • Petr Skvortsova;
  • Alexander Gorchilina;
  • Nikita Kukushkina;
  • Irina Gorbacheva;
  • Mary Kurdenevich;
  • Harald Rosenstrom;
  • Rinal Mukhametova;
  • Vladimir Dukhovichny;
  • Alexandra Revenko
  • Eleonora Schlanda and others.

"Star Mind"

The best Russian films in 2019

The director and scriptwriter of the picture was V. Lisnevsky. This is his first job as such. The film was shot at a young film studio "Kinodanz". By genre this is a fantastic thriller.

In the story, the tape resembles the American films Passengers and Alien. Likewise, events unfold on the spacecraft. As a result of ecological disaster, earthlings are forced to leave our planet. However, in order to colonize on the chosen planet, it is necessary to transform its atmosphere for the life of people.For this, a Gemini installation was created. Now it must be delivered to the place of the future life of earthlings. For this purpose, an entire expedition is sent into space. During the voyage on board, a breakdown occurs, and the crew loses contact with the Earth. Now, earthlings can not return to their homeland and in the new place they are also not particularly waiting. Flight crew is fraught with many dangers. How they will overcome the heroes, will show the premiere of the film. While it is known that the picture will be released 11.04.19. In the film we will be able to see the following actors:

  • Egor Koreshkova;
  • Alyona Konstantinov;
  • Katya Kabak;
  • Nikita Volkova;
  • Katerina Spitz;
  • Nikita Duvbanov;
  • Anvar Halilulaeva;
  • Alexandra Kuznetsova;
  • Sergey Gilev;
  • Mikhail Bashkatov;
  • Karina Ivanova;
  • Sergey Kempo and others.

"Something for nothing"

The best Russian films in 2019

The film was shot by director A. Talyzin in the noir format. The picture is similar to tapes:

  • "Terminator";
  • "Blade Runner", etc.

Although the events of the film take place in 1985, this is fantastic. Who can not wait to find out what the film can read the work of the same name by R. Sheckley. We can only remind you that this is about policeman Max Flamberck. He deals with missing people.As a result of the testimony of witnesses, he goes to a strange character. But then the plot of the film twists in such a way that viewers begin to think that the policeman himself is the culprit of the crimes.

At the same time, the protagonist becomes the target of an alien hunt. As a result, Max should not only investigate the chain of crimes, but also protect the honor of his uniform and save people. Despite the fact that the film takes place in the United States, the film was shot in St. Petersburg.

To participate in it, was chosen a good cast:

Agent plays: Alexander Udalov
In the role of a detective: Nikita Chuzhmarov
In Jennifer Flamberk reincarnated: Anna Oris
Tony Price played: Igor Grigoriev
In the role of Ray Hicks shot: Igor Lifanov
Stephen Walker has displayed: Valery Kukhareshin
Max played: Igor Botvin


The best Russian films in 2019

In the role of director A. Boguslavsky was noticed. The film belongs to the family fantasy genre. The picture was created with the participation of the company "Twentieth Century Fox" and tells about a girl named Abigail. It so happened that because of the epidemic, she was separated in childhood from her father. As an adult, magical abilities awaken in her.However, in the city in which she lives magic is forbidden. The girl does not know how to manage her abilities, so she wants to find her father. Over time, Abigail realizes that the world is full of mysteries and magical transformations. The film will be released on wide screens on August 22, 1919. It involves both domestic actors and foreign artists:

  • In the role of Spencer starred: Olivier Snow;
  • The image of Roy tried on himself: Petar Zekavitsa;
  • Ethan played: Nikita Tarasov;
  • Marcus displayed Nikita Duvbanov;
  • The role of Lililan tried to play: Cécile Plezhe;
  • Margaret Foster - Ksenia Kutepova;
  • Stella played: Ravshana Kurkova;
  • The role of Garrett was made by: Artem Tkachenko;
  • Rinal Mukhametov was in the role of Norman:
  • The image of Abigail Foster tried on himself: Tinatin Dalakishvili.

The director of the film, inspired by the works of "The Labyrinth of the Faun" and "Harry Potter", wanted to create something similar. The film is designed in the original style, which among specialists is called - steam-punk.

"Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor"

The best Russian films in 2019

This is the first full-length tape, which was shot on Russian comics Bubble. Two years ago came the short version of the work. This adventure thriller was created by director V.Besedin.

The film tells the story of how a strange character appeared in St. Petersburg, ready to declare war on all corrupt officials. At the same time he wears a medieval mask and intends to inflict a real mob on officials. Such a state of affairs can plunge a huge city into chaos. To prevent this from happening, Igor Thunder takes action. He serves in the police and is ready to restore order in his city.

The film was produced by the company “Bubble Studios”. The main role is played by A. Gorbatov. On wide screens, it will be released in October 2019.


The best Russian films in 2019

The catastrophe film is dedicated to real events that took place at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station ten years ago. The director of the historical drama was A. Tarasov.

The protagonist of the picture is a young man who continued family traditions and went to work on a hydroelectric power station. In the first days of his work, he witnessed a terrible accident that claimed seventy-five lives. The young man does not remain on the sidelines of the terrible tragedy, but takes an active part in saving people.

As it turned out, the cause of the accident was the destruction of the attachment of the hydraulic unit No. 2.This led not only to the death of people, but also to an environmental disaster. In order to remind once again to the inhabitants of the country about that alarming time, the authors of the film decided to name their film “Hydraulic Unit”.

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