The best Samsung washing vacuum cleaner: a rating of popular models for dry and wet cleaning

It is good when there is a reliable vacuum cleaner in the hostess’s arsenal that will not only help solve problems with dust, but also provide wet cleaning. In the process of creating modern technology, the latest technologies are used, taking into account even the fashion trends for interiors. If you have abandoned carpets, carpets and carpet in your home, a washing vacuum cleaner will be useful to you when cleaning upholstered furniture, laminate and windows.

To choose the optimal model, you should be guided in the proposals of the most popular manufacturers of this type of equipment. Choose the best Samsung washing vacuum cleaner based on the TOP models on the market.

Features of Samsung company offers

Most models produced by the popular South Korean company Samsung (Samsung) are equipped with a solid filtration system, which consists of eight cameras.

Called sheCyclone Force Multi. The vortex air currents that form in the product chambers, like a micro-rocket, carry away all the dust and small litter.

Eight-chamber air cleaning system
The Cyclone Force Multi filtration system, installed in the washing vacuum cleaners of the South Korean producer Samsung, perfectly removes dust from the air, and also debris from the surface.

Built-in hygienic filtration system available in microfiltersHEPA 13, helps to clean surfaces even from allergens. Pet hair, plant pollen and mold spores that could undermine human health will be removed.

It is worth recalling that HEPA filters today are recognized as the best. Their use is justified, because the dust heated in the unit, which flies out of the vacuum cleaner, is much more dangerous than the one that is still in the room. Next to the name of the filter (HEPA) there is a numerical coefficient that indicates the degree of purification.

HEPA 13 fine filter
The HEPA 13 fine filter cleans the airflow passing through it by 99.95%, leaving not only dust and small dust, but also pollen, animal dander and other allergens that can poison the lives of household members

The HEPA 13 filter has a purity of 99.95%. The vast majority of Samsung models have such a filter installed.The exception is cheap products that are not the subject of our research.

The numerous nozzles with which the company's models are equipped make cleaning even large rooms quick, simple and easy.

The "trick" of the South Korean brand

There are in the Samsung company offers something that you will not find from other manufacturers. This is a system of three cleaning options -Trio system. With the help of one Samsung washing vacuum cleaner you can perform the following types of cleaning:

  • dry;
  • wet;
  • using aquafilter.

All three cleanings can be performed without changing the container. The transition from dry to wet cleaning is carried out by switching the button on the handle, which is also quite convenient. Of course, it is not necessary to forget to fill it with water with the addition of detergent corresponding removable container and connect the supply hose.

Control system on the handle of the vacuum cleaner
The location of the control buttons on the handle of the washing vacuum cleaners causes a lot of controversy, because some users are happy to be able to control the vacuum cleaner without leaning, and others are annoyed that they switch modes by accidentally touching the buttons

Be sure to watch the video posted at the bottom of the article to get a complete picture of the essence of this proposal from the famous Samsung brand.

TOP 3 best models on the market

Undoubtedly, choosing a vacuum cleaner, we expect to effectively operate it for many years. Therefore, we try to study the ratings obtained from different sources. Pay attention to the fact that in any store on the same product there are both positive and negative reviews.

Samsung Vacuum Cleaners VW9000 Series
The Samsung Samsung VW9000 cleaning vacuum cleaners are in the same price range and differ slightly from each other, therefore, those models that have received the most attention of buyers were included in the review.

We tried to be as objective as possible and picked up those models that are in high demand. However, we advise you to pay attention to the characteristics of the goods before purchasing. Do not lose sight of the new proposals, because life does not stand still: tomorrow's models can be much better and more functional than the existing ones.

All of the following vacuum cleaners belong to the most demanded series VW9000.

Vacuum Cleaner # 1 - SW17H9050H

If you wanted to get a true Samsung, representing in all its glory the "chip" of the company Trio System, then SW17H9050H is what you were looking for. However, this is not the only advantage of the model.

Model SW17H9050H
The SW17H9050H model is an excellent copy of the VW9000, which differs from other vacuum cleaners of the series not so much by functionality as by its careful attitude to the surrounding furniture: the case and wheels of the vacuum cleaner have rubberized parts


  • types of cleaning - wet / dry;
  • suction power - 250 W;
  • power consumption - 1700 W;
  • dust collectors - aqua filter (2 l);
  • fine filter type HEPA 13;
  • power regulator mounted on the handle;
  • telescopic suction pipe;
  • noise level - 87 dB;
  • cord - 7 m;
  • five tips included.

Despite the weight of 8.9 kg, this model is quite maneuverable, stable and moves smoothly over the surface. Such qualities are achieved due to large rubber wheels having an orbital structure. The vacuum cleaner does not tip over even when moving fast and when cornering.

Now, going for cleaning from carpet to flooring, you do not have to change the container. It is enough to change the mode of operation of the unit using the switch on the handle.So that when wet cleaning on the treated surface did not have a divorce, it is enough to attach a tissue attachment to the holder.

Due to the vortex flows that are created in the eight chambers of the model, dust and small litter are easily removed from the treated surfaces. The dust collector model SW17H9050H is easy to clean. It is enough to separate it from the body, pour the contents into the trash, rinse the container and wipe dry.

Model SW17H9050H top view
With all the variety of functions assigned to this vacuum cleaner, its body is compact enough: it does not need much space to store it

With the HEPA 13 filter, the SW17H9050H model provides reliable anti-dust and anti-allergic protection.

As disadvantages, customers indicate a significant weight of the product, the fragility of its plastic elements, a slippery handle and a high level of noise in the process.

Vacuum Cleaner # 2 - SW17H9071H

Since the SW17H9071H model and the previous SW17H9050H belong to a single series, the Trio System is a distinctive feature of this product of a popular brand.

Model SW17H9071H washing
The predatory appearance of the SW17H9071H vacuum cleaner of the South Korean brand’s popular VW9000 series, Samsung, speaks of its merciless attitude to dust and dirt of all kinds on any surface: even on such delicate as parquet

With this unit, you can perform all three types of cleaning, without particularly straining, and without the use of expensive consumables.


  • cleaning methods - dry and wet;
  • power absorption / consumption - 250/1700 W;
  • dust collector / volume - aquafilter / 2 l;
  • there is a HEPA 13 - fine filter;
  • control of working functions is on the handle;
  • telescopic suction pipe;
  • cord - 7 m;
  • noise level - 87 dB;
  • six nozzles in the kit.

In addition to the nozzles that are presented in the previous model, there is also a parquet brush. It should be noted that not all vacuum cleaners designed for wet cleaning of the room are equipped with special brushes that can carefully clean such demanding surfaces as parquet.

Nozzles for washing Samsung vacuum cleaners
Numerous nozzles for washing vacuum cleaners Samsung allow you to perform various tasks, and you can store them in a compact case with detergents

All nozzles for work SW17H9071H placed in a special organizer with a special detergent and defoamer. It's nice that the manufacturer did everything to make this model convenient not only to exploit, but also to store.

Video user feedback on the practical application of the washing vacuum cleaner Samsung SW17H9071H, produced in Vietnam:

Vacuum Cleaner # 3 - SW17H9090H

The basis of this model, like the previous two, is the Trio System, successfully implemented in the products of the entire series. As planned, this model is equipped as a multifunctional product.

Model SW17H9090H
The washing SW17H9090H vacuum cleaner - the multipurpose unit which perfectly copes with the functions and, at the careful relation to it, will serve long


  • cleaning (types) - dry / wet;
  • type of dust collector - aqua filter with a volume of 2 liters;
  • power consumption / suction - 1700/250 W;
  • there is a fine filter - HEPA 13;
  • management of working functions is located on the handle;
  • cord - 7 m;
  • action radius - 10 m;
  • telescopic suction pipe;
  • noise level - 87 dB;
  • six nozzles in the kit.

Using the proposed nozzles, you can perform effective cleaning of any room. Nozzle to collect dust allows you to clean even the surface of the windows. The quality of air filtration will especially please allergy sufferers.

Vacuum cleaner filters SW17H9090H
In order for household appliances to serve for a long time, do not forget to clean the filters in a timely manner, because otherwise their work will not be able to meet your expectations.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that most Samsung models have a very economical A-class power consumption. And this fact does not affect the quality of cleaning.

Suction power as the main selection criteria

So that a washing vacuum cleaner does not disappoint your expectations, you need, first of all, to pay attention to its suction power. Ordinary vacuum cleaners should not surprise the consumer with the refinement and abundance of functions. They should be simple, understandable in operation and convenient. The more powerful such a unit, the better the result of your cleaning.

However, it is not necessary to look for extremely high rates. Smooth floor coverings and not too thick carpets are perfectly cleaned with a power of even 250 watts.

Girl with a vacuum cleaner Samsung
In order not to be deceived by your own expectations, critically evaluate your needs and compare them with the possibilities that Samsung guarantees you with the characteristics of their models.

By the way, it should be noted that the suction power indicator you need is indicated in the product specifications. That power, which is written in large characters on its body, is consumed.The higher this figure, the higher the utility bills, and not the quality of cleaning.

The models presented by the South Korean brand do not have enough power to dry out a quality wool carpet with a long pile after wet cleaning. Try to wash only artificial surfaces or you should choose other, more powerful products.

Recommendations for choosing a washing vacuum cleaner Samsung

Before you make a choice, let us remind ourselves that the main criterion for a successful purchase of a washing vacuum cleaner is its ability to perform its functions properly - dry and wet cleaning.

Triune cleaning system
All presented models of Samsung washing vacuum cleaners are designed to perform three functions (wet cleaning, dry cleaning and cleaning with an aqua-filter), and they cope with their tasks
  • Pay attention to the smell emitted by just removed from the package with a vacuum cleaner. As a rule, cheap plastic emits a sharp unpleasant odor.
  • You should pay attention to the number of nozzles that are included in the model. Recommended accessories: traditional carpet / floor, for wet cleaning, for upholstery cleaning, fabric, for removing dust.If the nozzle you need is not included, you can purchase it.
  • The kit usually includes a special detergent and defoamer. That they need to be added to the container with water before performing wet cleaning. Conventional powders and cleaning agents cannot be used. This is guaranteed to disable the vacuum cleaner.
  • Since women are traditionally engaged in cleaning with us, do not forget about the weight of the product. When buying, hold your favorite model in your hands. Wouldn't it be hard for you to lift it?
  • Pay attention to the dust collector and water container. Check how easy it will be to get them out of the vacuum cleaner and put them back in.
  • Control buttons for Samsung models can be located either on the body of the product or on the handle. Check in advance whether the option offered by the manufacturer is convenient for you. Some people prefer not to bend over once more to the body, others believe that you can accidentally push something extra on the slippery handle. Find a convenient option for you.
  • Check the length of the cord, collect the pipe so that all the surprises are revealed to you before the time of purchase, and not after, when it will be upset and troublesome.
  • Make sure the seller turns on the vacuum cleaner. So you not only make sure that it is in good condition, but also get a wonderful opportunity to hear the noise level emitted by the model. Since Samsung products cannot be called silent, make sure that nothing annoys you.

In order for the equipment you purchased to work for a long time and successfully, do not forget to care for it. After each use, rinse and dry the water tank, clean the nozzles and rinse the aqua filter and the HEPA filter 13 in a timely manner.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The essence of the Trio System (three cleaning methods) is presented in this brief overview video:

When buying a washing vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the specific characteristics of the product, compare them with the terms of your apartment, carefully study the instructions, use only recommended detergents and defoamers. If you take care of your home helpers, they will last a long time, and will always delight you with high quality cleaning.

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