The composition of the club "SKA" for the season 2018/2019

In order for the team and the bench to have competition and a decent result on the court, the management of hockey clubs is doing everything possible to get rid of unnecessary players and buy others instead. This also included SKA, which plans to join the fight for the champion title and not abandon its plans until the last confrontation on the ice. The main core, of course, they remained in the same place, but there are several new acquisitions, about which it is worthwhile to talk in more detail.

A bit of history

HC SKA in the pastThe hockey club in question was founded in St. Petersburg in 1946. From that moment on, they constantly remained only in the highest league in the national championship for this sport. At the moment, they were able to win the Gagarin Cup twice. This happened initially following the results of the 2014/2015 drawing and then another season later - in 2016/2017. In the last season of 2017/2018, they stopped literally in step, because they lost in the semifinal stage of “CSKA”, having received the third place in the end.

At the same time, according to the results of the season, they set a record for achieving 20 victories in a row in the regular season, as well as a similar number of wins at the start of the championship. The previously mentioned record was held by Avangard.

Until 2008, the Yubileiny Sports Complex acted as a home ice arena, in the stands of which just over 7,000 hockey fans could come. Now they are meeting in the Ice Palace, which has a seating capacity of 12,300 spectators. There are moments when matches are brought to completely different grounds. That was the case in October 2009, when SKA played against Ak Bars in the Lithuanian capital at Siemens Arena. Almost a year after that, the St. Petersburg team played with the Moscow “Spartak” in the Swiss capital of Davos on the ice “Willlant Arena”.

Coaching staff

For two years ahead, SKA was led by German coach Oleg Znarok. After the end of the 2017/2018 season, Ilya Vorobyev was selected as the head, who took office on May 1, 2018. He is also the coach of the Russian team, and before that his coaching career took place in Metallurg Magnitogorsk.

Ilya VorobievIt is worth noting that Vorobyev has dual citizenship - Russian and German.And he himself, up to 2010, performed at a professional level. His last team is Frankfurt Lions, in which he spent almost 4 seasons. It was from this hockey club that he began performing in 1993.

Main cast

The main representatives in any team are considered to be the main players who constantly perform on the ice rink and try to achieve the maximum result. But only they cannot constantly play, as they exhaust themselves from match to match or are injured at all. So that this happens extremely rarely, there is also a bench, reserve hockey players, capable of replacing them at a decent level. We should talk about each of them in more detail, as this will provide an answer to the question of who will play for SKA in the season 2018/2019.


Igor ShesterkinAlways the main focus in the team goes to the goalkeepers. The quality of their game on ice will depend on the number of goals conceded. If there are a lot of them, you will have to try and attack in order to bring the result of the opposition to the desired level.

SKA has three players among the main keepers:

  • Nikita Bogdanov. He played most of the matches in the VHL, as he had a bilateral contract.Once in 2014/2015, he was declared a member of the team from St. Petersburg, but he did not get a game practice. We'll see what happens in this draw, if of course it deserves such an opportunity to be on the ice arena.
  • Igor Shesterkin. Despite the fact that he is only 22 years old, in his 16 years he was in the capital "Spartak". At first, he was not given a place at the base, but the match of the season is already worth a lot at that age. Already in 2014, he was in St. Petersburg. It was announced initially on the playoffs, but it didn’t work out on the ice. Every year the number of exits to the gate became large, and the last two draws he spent more than half of the meetings in the regular season. Apparently, he is not ready for the playoffs yet, but still several matches were able to play for his team. The percentage of broken pucks he did not fall below 90%. But recently it has risen to almost 94%.
  • Magnus Hellberg. Since the two goalkeepers are very young and do not have enough experience playing in the KHL, the management of SKA decided to make an acquisition in the form of a representative from Sweden. Hellberg was in the KHL for the first time last season and Kunlun was chosen as the club.He spent 51 matches for the “red star”, that is, almost no confrontation in the regular season could do without him. At the same time, the percentage of broken washers was almost 93%. This is a decent result in a team that could not get into the playoffs. Now he will have to show himself in the St. Petersburg squad to entrench himself at the base. He already had to play against Kunlun, where he missed only 1 puck for the entire match.

It is clear from this that without quality protection it will be difficult to play on the goal. The leadership of SKA will have to rely on the young, as well as on the newly acquired keeper, who will need time to prove himself in real confrontations on the ice, and not in friendly meetings. In the latter, they played 7 games in August and missed only 6 goals in their gates. This is more than just a decent result. If you continue to conquer opponents at the same pace, they will be able to make an excellent bid for the championship in the draw.


Roman RukavishnikovNever the number of goals conceded will depend only on the team goalkeeper. It is necessary to pay attention, including to the defense, among which there is a sufficient number of important players building the game from themselves and from the opponent.Some of the defenders have been playing for the St. Petersburg squad for a long time, but there are also a few minor and novices who have previously played for other clubs, including in the division below. None of them can be left aside, since they are likely to be at least in several confrontations of the next draw on the ice arena for SKA.

  • Roman Rukavishnikov. From the age of majority he played for Atlant, a Moscow region, where he reached the level of the main defender. But in the end of the season 2014/2015 he moved to the "SKA". Until the last rally, he didn’t fly out of the main clip, playing, including in the playoffs, which St. Petersburg people made their way through. But the 2017/2018 season he did not ask. Not only did he have only 13 matches in the regular season, but he did without a playoff round. Will he have enough health now to play for the team?
  • Another representative from Sweden (with the goalkeeper) is David Rundblad. He also appeared in the KHL only last season, but immediately staked out a place in defense. If in the regular season he was almost always seen on the court, where he additionally recorded 2 goals in his name, then in the playoffs he practically didn’t shine (2 games and not a single goal).It is time he wedged more among all the other defencists.
  • A bilateral contract was signed with Yegor Rykov (also the MHL), since he literally just turned 21 years old. At the same time, he was able to win back three draws, where he almost did not stay on the bench. Almost never saw pucks from him, except for the past season, but he plays very well at the gates of the hockey club. No wonder he spent every playoff confrontation, where SKA stopped at the ½ final stage.
  • Mikhail Tikhonov. This player often travels to various clubs of the KHL, as he was able to visit the ranks of Neftekhimik, Amur and earlier SKA. But I almost never got a game practice. Most of the time he spent at a level lower in the VHL. But nevertheless, at the age of 22, it is high time to climb the career ladder, which is extremely unfortunate for him. It is unlikely that it can be seen at all on the ice due to its results.
  • Dinar Hafizullin has been playing for a long time in the ranks of the St. Petersburg squad since 2013/2014. He immediately joined the main clip players protective plan and does not leave this place until now.In addition to excellent defense during the regular season, he is able to record in his name a few goals scored and assistants, which helps the attacking line well. This he showed several times earlier and in the playoffs. A similar result is expected of him leadership in the current draw.
  • We'll have to decide the fate of the Swede Patrick Hersley after the end of this season. After all, a contract ends with him. This suggests that he will have to show himself at a good level on the ice rink so that in his 32 years he will not be left behind. If you look at the last draw, where he fully played for SKA after the transition from Yaroslavl Lokomotiv, then the chances remain good. After all, his name was recorded 14 goals, which is almost a record for the defender. He was able to excel in the playoffs for the St. Petersburg squad, where he did not miss a single confrontation.
  • Anton Belov. The player has plenty of experience, as in his professional career he managed to play in many teams of the Continental Hockey League. From the season 2014/2015 he is playing in SKA and for the time being he is not going to leave the position of a defender in the main holder. And this is despite the fact that he was already 32 years old.All this time, apart from the regular championship, they also do not refuse it during the playoffs. Yes, and in the attack, he helps very well, writing down assistants in his name, and even scores into the opponent's net.
  • We can say that Vladislav Valentsov is just listed in “SKA”. He spends most of his time in the VHL. So far, he has never, in official meetings, gone to the ice rink for the St. Petersburg ice hockey club. Perhaps at the age of 21 he still lacks experience and skill, to which he draws each draw.
  • One cannot leave young and ambitious Vladislav Gavrikov, who last year moved to St. Petersburg from Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, where he began everything. He easily wedged into the defensive line and almost did not miss a single match of the regular season and playoffs. At the same time, scored heads are constantly expected from him, where he has the experience and the foundation for development.
  • Defender Artyom Zub can be called a decent purchase from Amur. Suppose that he almost never gets to someone else’s half of the court, which is reflected in the zero number of goals scored (on average, less than 1 shots to the opponent on the ice in a match), but provides decent help to the goalkeeper.
  • After a sufficient amount of time, first in “Atlanta” and then “Salavat Yulaev”, Andrey Zubarev moved to the ranks of Petrograd in 2015. But lately, he began to leave the bench less and less, which is reflected in his results. Perhaps his career growth is strictly declining, as this season will celebrate his 32 birthday.

Not without acquisitions, in spite of such a colorful composition of defenders. As such, you can call Vasily Tokranov. The next few years this particular player will be in the ranks of the St. Petersburg squad. The contract was signed with him until 2022. The management was able to lure him from Ak Bars, in which he had played for the past 10 seasons. By the way, it was in Ak Bars that he played for the first time at a professional level in his 19 years. Starting from 2015/2016, he did not disappear from the eyes of fans and hockey fans, constantly going out on the ice. There is a possibility that he will play perfectly for SKA and at the same time will upset the opponent more than once. It is worth noting that in the last three draws he had accumulated 18 play-off goals with the playoffs, which is a great result for the player to defend. You can even say that this is a player on the two flank, where he shows experience and skill.

Another acquisition can be called Alexander Yukseev.Only it is difficult to imagine him among the main players. A bilateral contract was signed with him and most likely he will spend most of the season in the VHL. Previously, he played in Avtomobilist, Severstal, Amur, and in the season 2010/2011 was listed in SKA. But almost always he stayed away, in the background. In the KHL, the maximum that will be given to him is to spend a few matches on substitution, nothing more.

Decided to leave the "Admiral" defender Artem Zemchenok, where he scored an average of 2-3 goals per season. Its main advantage lies in the small number of penalty minutes scored during the year. For 30 matches in 2017/2018 he has only 4 minutes on the bench, offside. For the St. Petersburg squad he will play calmer, which will force him to concentrate on excellent defense and help the players of the attacking line.


Jarno KoskirantaYou can never keep aside the players of the attacking plan. Much depends on them in the final result after the match. And if a sufficient number of pucks are thrown into the opponent's goal, you can relax and the defenders along with the goalkeeper. It is necessary to mention every attacker who builds the history of the hockey club, as well as beginners who will try to insert into the main clip and not drop out of it for a long time.

  • Viktor Tikhonov.He literally spent one season at Severstal, after which he was lured to the St. Petersburg squad, where he has been performing since 2011/2012. From the main clip does not fall and is not going to. Almost no regular-match match, as well as the playoffs, can do without it. In the latter, he scored 3 goals in 12 confrontations of the team, completing 1 assistant.
  • For several seasons, Nikolay Prokhorkin is also considered the main attack player. That's just the last playoff, he spent unsuccessfully - only 4 games and 1 goal. The regular championship was almost the best in terms of performance. In 47 meetings, he recorded 16 goals in his own name, eventually reaching 16.5% of the shots realized (the best career indicator). Now they are waiting for results not worse.
  • Sergey Plotnikov. After the 2014/2015 playoffs, when the attacker was playing for Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, several clubs looked after him at the expense of a great striving for clogging (25% of the rolls). But nevertheless he turned out to be in St. Petersburg, where he remains to this day. The main squad can not do without it, including in the playoffs.
  • Denis Orlovich-Grudkov can be considered as a backup player.In the past, drawing on his account, only 2 matches on the ice rink, and a year earlier, 7 matches in the regular season for the “Cupid” from Khabarovsk. Most of the time he spends in the VHL. Most likely there will continue to play, since so far his experience and level of playing on the ice will not be enough to create a serious competition to those players who are available on the line of attack.
  • The representative of Finland, Jarno Koskiranta, initially chose Siberia as the main club, where he played 2 seasons. In 2015, he moved to the number of Petrograd people and continues to play in offense at a decent level. He did not leave a single draw for the main clip, including at the playoff stage. In this case, the best performance in the attack he falls on the last rounds, when the team strives for the championship. True, it would not be superfluous for him to correct the situation in the assists, as he tries to do everything on his own, without the participation of colleagues in the team. This can be called a minus, the correction of which will improve the style of the game and the performance of the hockey club as a whole.
  • At first, Yevgeny Ketov in the KHL could not decide on whom to play on the court.But then he stopped at Severstal, where he moved in 2010. After another 3 years, he finds himself in the “SKA”, where he stands up to the current draw. He needs to play decently, especially since the contract is for the next two years. In the regular season, he is constantly expected not only heads, but also a sufficient number of assistants. But here the playoff rounds are held with varying success. He can roll on the ice without a single puck in his name. So it was, for example, in 2015/2016 and 2017/2018. In addition, during this time he has available only 1 assist. He has something to think about, if at the age of 34 he wants to continue his professional career.
  • Turning after Dynamo Moscow, Maxim Karpov received a place in the base. But last season he had a very small percentage of sales of shots - only 4.8%. This is a very low figure, which can push the leadership of the St. Petersburg group to part with it. In the capital, he managed to play much more effectively in attack, which resulted in a large number of points for scoring goals and assists. And the percentage of sales did not fall below 9-10 percent.
  • In 2013, Ilya Kablukov moved to St. Petersburg. From that moment on, he almost never misses not only the regular season confrontation, but also the playoffs. Its main disadvantage is weak attacking power. Maximum in the season he scored 5 goals, and in the last round of the playoffs there was not a single goal at all against the opponent. Apparently it was not for nothing that the team decided to strengthen it in the attack.
  • MHL silver medalist Alexander Dergachev can not yet get into the permanent foundation of "SKA". In 2015, the Los Angeles Kings was drafted under the 74th number, but it did not bring any further result. It happened after the world championship silver medals. Last season, he played 31 matches in Spartak Moscow, where he scored 6 goals and recorded 5 assistants in his name. Let's see what he can show in the current draw. After all, it's time to go to the main clip in the KHL.
  • Pavel Datsyuk plays most of the matches for St. Petersburg. His main advantage is that he tries to score a lot and make a lot of assists. So, last season he has 8 goals and 27 assistants. Almost in identical proportions, he has also recorded the drawing of 2016/2017 - 12 and 22, respectively.That is, Datsyuk - an indispensable player for the rest of the attack, which allows him to keep constantly on the edge. The main thing is that after the expiration of the contract (April 30, 2019), he does not decide to change the team, since there will most likely be an enormous amount of offers.
  • A lot of experience behind Nikita Gusev. After joining the SKA, it can still be put on almost the best players in the attack. And how to say it differently, when last season he had 29 goals scored and 45 assists with the playoff stage. A draw earlier, he chalked up 31 goals and 63 assistants. Few people can boast currently the best performance even in the whole tournament. Due to this, it can be cited as an example for young and beginners who are just joining the ranks of the St. Petersburg squad.
  • Not finding a place for himself in the main team of the hockey club from St. Petersburg, Svetoslav Grebenshchikov went to Sochi, where he spent 33 meetings during the full season and scored 4 goals. He urgently needs to correct his statistics so as not to remain in the shadow of all the other SKA hockey players, including newcomers. Otherwise, the only available place will be reserved on the bench.
  • In 19 years, the team got Alexander Barabanov.If at first he was almost not given the opportunity to go to the site and prove himself in the KHL, then for three seasons in a row the main clip always includes it. He perfectly copes with the attacks, which translates into quality goals. It provides excellent chances for teammates to distinguish themselves.

No matter how strong the attack, it also requires strengthening by attracting new players to the team. Serious enough can be called striker Naila Yakupov. He began with the youth "Reactor", after which he almost immediately left to conquer the expanses of Canada. He originally played in the Sarnia Sting. But in the same season he came to the Russian “Neftekhimik”, where in 22 matches he scored 9 goals. He became interested in the NHL, where he originally went to Edmonton. Immediately became the top scorer and sniper among newcomers of the tournament. At the same time he became the best in the attack of the Canadian team. But apparently he was hooked star fever and rates began to fall from year to year. Then he played in the "St. Louis Blues" and "Colorado" for one season. In the latter, the contract with him was not extended, and then the decision was made to return to Russia. While the contract with him is signed for one year.Everything will depend on the results, which so far are not quite encouraging. After all, he spent 350 matches in 6 NHL seasons, which is one of the worst indicators of attackers (the first Draft number) since 1963.

Lured "SKA" and another decent player to yourself. This is Oleg Lee, who for several seasons in a row played for the Khabarovsk “Amur”. Suppose he never distinguished himself in the playoffs in five games, but in the regular season he recorded 10 goals and 19 assistants in 54 confrontations in his own name. Previously, he also played in Atlanta and Admiral for one season. Looking at his results, it was the last years that became the peak of his career growth. So, for Petrograd, he should play at a height with a lot of points on the line of attack.

Trust “CSKA” Andrei Kuzmenko decided to pursue a professional career in almost the eponymous hockey club. He is only 22 years old, and for almost 3 seasons he has spent in the main army team, where he played, including in the playoffs. That is, he had enough experience here to upset his rivals on the court. The last rally was for him the best from the start, so he scored 13 goals in the regular season with 15.3% of the shots and 4 goals in the playoffs with their maximum 16.7% of sales. The indicators are more than decent for his age group.

Another replenishment - Alexey Kruchinin. Once he had already played for the St. Petersburg squad - in the 2011/2012 season, he had 8 matches in which he scored 1 goal to the opponent's goal. After that, he constantly traveled to Lokomotiv, then to Ugra, until he stopped at the Tractor. In the last club there are 4 full draws with enough goals scored and assistants. He particularly pleased the fans in the 2017/2018 playoffs, where in 16 matches he beat 5 goals with 18.5% of the sales of the shots. In addition, there were 8 assists there. So in St. Petersburg, he definitely will not interfere on the ice during performances in the regular season.

Lured to his "SKA" and Alexei Byvaltseva, who spent several seasons in the "Cupid". More attention to him came after the expired rally. After all, in 56 matches played, he scored 19 goals in the gate of opponents and 24 assists. Every year his performance is only improving, and the percentage of sales of shots has increased almost three times as much. It is time to start playing in St. Petersburg at the height of “Amur”, along with the rest of the squad, biting his elbows.

From the presented list, we see that the SKA leadership placed the main focus on the line of attack.A lot of new players have appeared here, who are certainly able to create competition, and, consequently - show themselves well in the ice arena. But first they need to play with all the other hockey players, and only then we will look at their results. Already from the first match, it will be possible to draw some conclusions regarding the radical renewal of the attackers in a team from St. Petersburg.

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