The crisis of middle age: what to do?

The phenomenon that we will consider today, insome countries are called "the rebellion of the 40-year-olds," and we refer to it as a crisis of middle age. This phenomenon can affect those who are not yet forty, and who are already 50 years old. And this period lasts for all in different ways: from a year to a whole decade. Let's take a closer look at this problematic topic: the crisis of middle age, what to do, how to survive it without mental and physical disorders.

Middle age crisis

Have you noticed how outwardly self-confidenta person who has achieved much in life, successful and promising, suddenly changes radically? He ceases to enjoy life, falls into depression, dramatically changes his mood, stops doing his favorite things, and leaves his family. From the side these actions seem absurd and unpredictable. All these are symptoms of the internal state of a person aged 35-50 years. This is a crisis of middle age. What to do in this period of life and what are the symptoms and causes of this period?


Do you know what a person feels? Having achieved success, stability, material prosperity, he suddenly realizes that he has missed something in life that is capable of more. Family, friends are fading into the background. Everything seems like a bustle and routine. What is the reason for this behavior? Sometimes psychologists notice that a middle age crisis is an echo of the unsolved problems of a teenage rebel. All that was not able to end in adolescence, suddenly pops up and comes down with an obsession: to show everyone their desires, and not the desires of the parents. Adult enough, who already has his own grown-up children, sees in himself a loser and a hypocrite. He rebels against his life principles and intends to show his "I" to everyone.

However, there are still explanations for this behavior. Often it is fame, career, confusing people. He does not see what else you can strive for. I'm not sure about the stability of my professional activities. Or maybe even afraid of competition. And yet, the crisis of middle age for many - the usual period of aging of the body. Appearance, physical strength, themes for conversations - everything speaks about natural physiological changes of a person.


Having dealt with the cause, you can find an effectivethe solution to this problem. Let's see what to do in a crisis. Of course, youth can not be restored, but it is possible to suspend the aging process and improve the physical condition. Be sure to give up bad habits and go in for sports. All that you achieve at this time will be your victory. Set yourself reasonable goals, and when you reach them, you have the ability to rejoice and receive satisfaction.

Explore your potential. What skills do you have that you did not realize? How can you help people, despite financial instability and your material wealth? What you dreamed of, fantasized like a child, now! Plan your life further and be sure to take time for your family.

Skillfully survive the crisis in relations

The crisis of middle age is often accompanied bycrisis in relations with the spouse. Support for a loved one is very important throughout our life together, and especially when a crisis in relations has come. What to do, how to return the former attraction to the companion of life? The recipe is simple - actively and openly take part in the affairs of your family. Remember the time of visits and grand events. See photos and videos from the family archive. Talk about your feelings and know how to listen. Do not give up the help of a specialist psychologist. Life is beautiful, and some unpleasant years of our life - just a temporary phenomenon.

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