The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane

At the end of winter - early spring 2013 the companyAeroflot acquired 16 Boeing 777 300ER aircraft. They are designed for long flights, have a two-engine turbofan engine General Electric GE90. Created these aircraft in the early 90's, their drawings were completely made on computers. This is the first line of cars so produced.

cabin scheme boeing 777 300er

Another feature is the six-wheeledchassis, providing a soft landing, as well as a very roomy and at the same time comfortable for all passengers saloon. Consider a closer look at the interior of the Boeing 777 300ER.

Interior of the aircraft

All 777 airplanes have a peculiarcurvilinear interior of the cabin, enlarged shelves for hand luggage and portholes. Seats, kitchens and toilet booths are mobile, and the airlines at their discretion arrange them in aircraft.

If we consider the layout of the Boeing 777 300ER,then compared to other representatives of this company, the aircraft has a long length and passenger capacity. It is 10 meters longer than the previous modifications, and accordingly, accommodates from 350 to 550 people on board.

There are many toilet cabins on board, whereengineers of the project invented a new system of hydraulic hinge on the toilet, closing the lid automatically and slowly. There is a kitchen where you can order drinks and fresh food. After all, the range of flights is huge. For example, there is a flight from Moscow to Hong Kong or New York. The distance is not small, so a snack, and sometimes a tight meal will want exactly.

In the salons are mounted in the armchair monitors, which you can watch your favorite movie and listen to news from the cockpit.

By the way, for the crew in airplanes alsothere are places for rest, located directly above the cockpit of pilots. There can go replaced pilots, sit in comfortable chairs or relax lying on the bed.

For charter flights, special VIP-lounges are used, where all seats with more comfortable flight conditions are created.

Salon layout

Let's look at the number and quality of places inThis aircraft belongs to Aeroflot. According to the passengers, all the seats are very comfortable, but we need to find out which ones are the best, find flaws and tell about them. To do this, we offer you the scheme of the Boeing 777 300ER ("Aeroflot").

boeing 777 300er interior layout the best places

In total it accommodates 402 passengers. They are located in three service sectors and have a different category of comfort.

On the scheme of the cabin Boeing 777 300ER is allocated business class, comfort and economy class. We will tell you more about them.

Places of business class

On the nose of the aircraft, the first five rows of seats contain30 passengers. These seats are located on two seats on the left, on the right and in the middle of the cabin. Side seats have access to the windows, the size of which is 380 × 250 mm. The distance between the rows is free, 1.5 meters, so it is convenient to exit, if necessary, without hooking the neighbor. Judging by the layout of the cabin, in Boeing 777 300ER the best seats are business class.

The chairs here are made as comfortable as possible. Before each passenger, a monitor with a screen diagonal of 15.4 "is placed. The chair itself has an interesting structure. His plastic back remains in place, and the soft part is folded forward. So even if the neighbor from the front breaks up completely the chair and goes to bed on the bed, the person sitting behind it will not cause any inconvenience.

 boeing 777 300er scheme of the cabin aeroflot

The photo shows how the chair is laid out insuch sector of the aircraft. But in addition, on Boeing 777 300ER (according to the scheme of the salon) the best seats are occupied by passengers who have additional options for individual ordering food in the restaurant. You can make a reservation only when you arrive aboard the aircraft. You will cook and serve your favorite dish. But, of course, for this service will have to lay out a round sum of money, because the ticket for an airplane in such a class is not cheap.

Comfort class

The next degree of comfort in the scheme of the cabin Boeing 777 300ER are considered seats from 11 to 16 series. In each of them there are 8 armchairs, with sufficient passage.

This compartment is designed for 48 passengers. Above each place has its own small lamp, in front - an individual monitor, measuring 10.6 inches.

boeing 777 300er jet interior layout

For the convenience of passengers, a comfortable footrest is made for the feet, and in the sleep mode a special system of extension of the chair and not the backrest is developed. This method does not prevent people from front and back.

Economy class

The remaining 324 people are located in severalThe airplane compartments occupying the middle and tail of the aircraft. According to the scheme of the cabin, in the Boeing 777 300ER the best places in the economy class are located in the crevices at the aisle. There are double places by the portholes, if a couple travels, they will be cozier together.

boeing 777 300er jet

The distance between the seats of this class is 90 cm. Some passengers consider the most convenient places in front of the partition with the toilet. There is more distance for the legs and you can pull them forward.

The most inconvenient in this class, iforient according to the scheme of the cabin Boeing 777 300ER, people call the last places in each compartment. It's because these seats can not fully fall back. Because of this, it is difficult to take a comfortable position for sleep.

The first class of the JET fleet

In long-distance aircraft going toChina, to the North, to Europe, to the name of the aircraft attributed Jet attachment. The best places in the Boeing 777 300ER JET are the first class, in which there are only 8 seats. They completely unfolded, becoming a sleeper. In addition, the chair - massage in eight points and with the support of the waist.

The sector of the first class is closed by doors and you can invite a visitor to your compartment, for which there is a small sofa.

first class JET

In the personal compartment there is a LED backlight, a monitor 23-inch, communication, power supply, lockers for personal items. Everything is done for the convenience of the distinguished guests. But the cost of the ticket is appropriate.

Business class JET

If you carefully consider the Boeing 777 300ERJET layout of the salon, then we will see quite good places in the business class. Arrangement of seats - 1 - 2 - 1. There are chairs at an angle of 45 degrees in the direction of the aircraft, in the form of a Christmas tree. They are laid out completely, so that passengers during the flight can get a good sleep.

 business class JET

Of all 30 seats, passengers do not like justThe chairs next to the galley. They complain that every time the curtain was raised, all the smells of the kitchen came out, into the salon. Although, in general, the reviews are positive.

In the partitions comfortable monitors are built in, a power unit is suitable, where you can recharge the shaver or phone.

The remaining seats in the plane are occupied by passengers sitting in the economy class.

When buying tickets, especially if the long-distance flightit is recommended that you carefully consider the layout of the aircraft. Even if you want to save money and do not take tickets to expensive compartments, you can also choose more convenient places in the economy class where the kitchen is far away, the toilet too, but the passage with more legroom is next door.

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The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane The layout of the Boeing 777-300ER: the best seats on the plane