The term of service in the Russian army in 2019

Every year, as the time of the army conscription approaches, many rumors about possible changes in the rules of military service arise. Young men who have stepped over the threshold of maturity, hearing such unverified information, rush to speculations, not knowing what lies ahead of them.

This is due to the frequent statements of politicians who are constantly trying to make their own adjustments to the order of recruitment of conscripts in the ranks of the Russian armed forces. And although such replicas often remain at the level of empty sounds, their very appearance provokes disorientation in the information field.

Recently, news about the increase in service life and, in the near future, a complete transition to a contractual form of military service, most often penetrate the media.

Although these rumors caused an incredible excitement among the military men and their parents, in practice they were not confirmed and it is already known that in the short term such innovations are not expected.

Let's see what is the current urgent service, what are the rules for its passage and what can we expect in the foreseeable future. We will also find out whether it is worth expecting the complete abolition of the draft and the beginning of service solely on a contract basis, and what reforms in the functioning of the Russian army are prepared by the highest military ranks in 2019.

The term of service in the armed forces of the Russian Federation in 2019

Before analyzing the confirmed facts, it is necessary to immediately discard the common speculation that Russia will return to past practice, and the service for conscripts will be extended to two years. These rumors are not true, although they constantly cause a public outcry.

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In fact, a couple of years ago, several representatives of the defense committee at the State Duma made such an initiative, sending a petition to the relevant ministry asking to extend the term of military service for conscripts for a year.

This was motivated by the fact that in the current 12 months the soldiers did not have time to study all the necessary material and demobilized without mastering all the necessary skills. However, the Minister of Defense did not support the initiative, saying that today's army does not need such reforms.

Thus, the young men who are going to repay their homeland are absolutely not to worry. In 2019, as in all previous ones, the stay in the armed forces will be limited to twelve months. From the moment of the call, each new soldier will be sent to the “school”, where he will spend six months mastering the intricacies of his military profession, and then, on orders, will go to one of the parts to back up his theoretical knowledge with practice.

Perspectives of a contract army

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Most of the developed countries have long since acquired a professional army, where each soldier signs a contract with the state and receives a decent reward for his service. Our country is only trying to learn this practice every year, reducing the number of conscripts and increasing the number of volunteers in the ranks of the armed forces.

Back in 2012, Dmitry Medvedev made an official statement that by the beginning of 2019 all military units of the Russian Federation will consist of conscripts by only 15%, while the remaining 85% of the places in the barracks will be occupied by the soldiers who signed the contract.

This innovation should provide a completely new level of development of the domestic armed forces.The army will increase its effectiveness many times over, after all the mature guys will know that they are going to sign agreements with the Ministry of Defense.

For contract servicemen, military service will not be a heavy duty, but a job that they can professionally perform.

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Unfortunately, at the moment our state is not able to completely abandon the recruits, and the information on such a reform is far from being ambiguous. Some say that already from next year, the place of conscripts will be taken exclusively by professionals, others argue about the impossibility of the state to take such a cardinal step.

One thing is clear, that this year a part of young men who have reached the age of majority still try on their military uniform.

Today's realities of military conscription

It should be noted that the shortening of the service life of the soldiers-orators to one year entailed many consequences, which became an unpleasant surprise for the majority of those who want to avoid their honorable duties.

So, for example, a significant part of the reasons for which the deferment from service in the armed forces was granted was canceled, and the military departments began to close en masse, because their popularity among young people was significantly reduced.

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For many, going into the army for 12 months, in which “hazing” is practically absent compared to the Soviet period, and the material support is at a high enough level, it has become much preferable to all sorts of deviations. Moreover, after serving his legal year, anyone can sign a contract and in the future make a military career, having received a truly sought-after profession.

Considering the coming dates of the call, in 2019 they are likely to remain the same as they were before. The spring campaign to attract new recruits will begin in early April, and by mid-July, the young guys will have left for military units.

In the autumn, military registration and enlistment offices will start working from the beginning of October and will end the admission of young men with the end of November. The age level of potential soldiers will also remain unchanged. Thus, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, all guys aged from 18 to 27 fall under the appeal.

Alternative service

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According to official rules adopted by the government of the Russian Federation, for each recruit, in addition to the usual military service, alternative military training options are also available.

Such options include: a visit to the military department during training in higher education institutions or work in a public office, equivalent to serving in the army. In such places, young people receive the necessary skills in order to join the ranks of the armed forces at the right moment, and to protect the interests of the state professionally.

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