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The world will not, unless it is created anew

We ourselves are injured when we destroy walls around us, and we know that the walls will cripple us, butsomething strongly pulls us to destroy all the walls.

We kill ourselves when we destroy others. When we destroy ourselves for others. And in general, the world rests on the destruction of one for the other, and so along the chain, and in this chain there is a place for us, for everyone.

We are taught to enjoy life in spite of - this is true, becausealways have to rejoice in spite of.The world is full of pain and imperfections, somewhere joy, but it will be replaced by everyday moments and life situations.

There is no good as such, and even one who has done good to you once is not absolute good in relation to everyone and in all situations.You need to know this world a little deeper to be able to read it, as a textbook on philosophy.Not to be emotional and pliable, to remain a pure non-emotional consciousness.

And then there will be no continuation of the race. Perhaps paradise is when people understand that they are doing eternal evil and cannot stop, and the only way out is to stop multiplying (multiplying), because if you yourself are the source of evil, then who can you bring to this world and how do you bring up what you create from it?

I am in pursuit of the invisible, then in anticipation of the unknown. I would like to draw a landmark in order to move towards it, but all the concepts were changed for me, each one several times. And I, like a trash can of concepts without a major dominant, walk alone in the woods, so as not to hurt the other or myself. I, as a patient, do not want to infect another with the sickness of truth.

Knowledge, indeed, cannot be given to everyone. It is impossible for everyone to understand the essence of this world. This is a big responsibility and burden, which can deprive the joy of small everyday events.

You start to treat everything too responsibly and globally. If I eat meat, then I am an accomplice in the murder, and I encourage it. If I give birth to a child, then I can hurt him and wrong education can grow an unexpected (unsuitable) person out of him. If I do not marry for love, then, falling in love with someone else, I can get away from him and hurt. If I get a job, it will quickly bore me.If I earn a lot of money, it still does not make much sense, because the world and the integrity of the individual is not connected with the outside.

If you are blind within the framework of spiritual vision, everything is much simpler - they will tell you: study, work, earn, marry, bear children, raise children, learn, marry, then grandchildren ... And so, it's true, much simpler, but what We will wait there at the end of the maze?

For some reason, I firmly do not want anyone and can not listen. I do not say that I know everything myself. I don't know anything, maybe, but I put blocks from everything external.I'm too unstable inside to let in a light wind or the excitement of an external.

Our ways. Our roads. Who laid them and planned? Perhaps there is nothing like this and we are pavers themselves, but far from all of us consider us the creators of our path and diligently impose their development program, approved by the canons of the past. I do not blame the past and would gladly accept the standard principles of existence, but it does not work for me.

We came to this world in order not to drown, not to stumble, not to hurt ourselves? Or not to drown, not to push, not to hurt someone? Is there any difference between me and others?

After all, the world is us all together.And my pain will sometime become someone else when I can share it. And someone will be ready to divide it, andwe can heal and heal one another.

We are too closely connected and together created what is filled with this world.And if he rolls down, then it's time to clean his mindand the subconscious, it's time to forgive and ask for forgiveness, but only if you realize that you are ready for this and that it is sincere.

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