Threw the girl, what to do in this case?

When the relationship ends, every personthere is a feeling of loneliness and self-doubt, because you are used to thinking that your love is over because of you, that you did something wrong. But sometimes it happens that your fault in this is not, and you were abandoned. Unfortunately, with a similar problem, they face every once in a lifetime, even the most self-assured and purposeful men, because no one is immune from this. And then the question arises, if the girl threw, what to do? Of course, there are many methods and ways to forget about your unhappiness, but that you do not do sooner or later the thought of losing a loved one will again sneak into your head and you should be ready for it as much as possible.

So, the girl threw you, what to do?

If you are faced with a problem, what to do ifthe girl has ceased to love you, then first of all make maximum efforts to forget her. That's why you should not write to her messages, call a hundred times a day, as if just asking how things are. Forget it, like a terrible dream. If she left you, maybe to another guy, so be it. So, you will still find yourself a worthy darling who will love you as you deserve. Do not spend hours at the computer waiting for at least one letter from your ex-girlfriend. Come to yourself, gather, because you're a guy. A real man should not be killed because of women.

And if this happens, and you do not know what to do,if the girl is cold, then just get rid of thoughts about her and about all the little things in your life that remind you of her. It is best to go somewhere in such situations, but this is if you have a similar opportunity. After all, changing the situation, new people, new acquaintances will only benefit you. And who knows, maybe you'll understand that you never really liked this girl, and it was just a habit. It's worth trying, because in any case you do not lose anything, and it's worse from this you definitely will not.

Also, you should stop thinking about it as aboutthe real Goddess, because she for you for this time has become just an ideal of beauty, an example for all girls, and looking at it all from the side, you will easily understand that this is far from the case. That is why it is very important to abstract from everything that is happening around.

Of course, if a girl threw you, what to do to youcan advise your friends, who also once found themselves in similar situations. After all, someone else's experience can be very useful for you. Remember that life goes on. There are still many girls in the world who are waiting for you. And it does not matter when this long-awaited meeting happens, because now you are completely free, and this is a "plus".

Go in for sports.It's time to bring yourself in order and go to the "hunt". Also intensively engage in the achievement of new goals in all possible fields, including in the labor sphere, you can even open your own small business if you have such an opportunity.

If the girl has thrown, what to do in no event it is impossible!

Do not even think about starting to drink with grief, because thisyou will not help at all, but rather just the opposite will only aggravate the depressed state and drive you into depression. Also, do not even think about agreeing to her proposal: "And let's remain friends?" Forget about everything that you had, at least for the first time, until the pain subsides.

So, if it so happens that from youthe girl left, do not despair, because the woman who would have made you fall to her knees before, especially if she herself wanted to leave you, was not born yet. And she still does not know what she's lost! And maybe soon she will regret that she once did and wants to come back to you, but it will be too late. After all, now you do not need it at all! All the pain is in the past.

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