Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes

Medicinal plants are used not only inform of regular decoctions or infusions. Of these, alcoholic tinctures are also made. These recipes allow you to store the remedy much longer, and therefore less often to prepare new portions (as in the case of broths and infusions), and act faster and more efficiently on the human body. In all pharmacies are available for sale tincture on alcohol. Recipes for which they are made, consist of alcohol and extracts from medicinal plants. But it is quite possible to make home tinctures on alcohol even in the conditions of the city.

Recipes for cooking vary independing on the main component - raw materials, but the principle is the same. Dried or fresh grass, flowers or roots, pour alcohol or strong vodka and soak in a non-flammable place, protected from direct sun, for seven to fourteen days. Then the resulting liquid is filtered, take the medicine drop by drop, diluting in a small amount of water. Prepare in this way, almost any plant.

For example, non-traditional medicine recommendswith hypertension, menopause, heart diseases, use hawthorn in the form of a tincture on alcohol. Recipes are simple. Fruits or fresh flowers of hawthorn (30 g) insist in a glass of 70% alcohol. Then strain, dilute 40 drops in a spoonful of water and take before each of the three meals. Juice from the flowers of hawthorn can be preserved with 96% alcohol (1: 4) and used for the same purposes. Hawthorn flowers, infused with 70% alcohol, are also recommended to take 20 to 60 drops per 100 ml of water three times a day as a soothing and antispasmodic. Alcohol for tincture should be taken ten times more than flowers. They can be treated for a long time and with insomnia, which is accompanied by nervous excitement.

Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal,wound healing, disinfecting, spasmolytic and choleretic properties possesses an alcoholic infusion of calendula. In addition, it acts soothingly, lowers blood pressure, increases heart tone. It is especially effective for the treatment of the mucous cavity of the pharynx and mouth, stomatitis, tonsillitis, alveolar pyorrhea, periodontitis, gingivitis, thrush in children. In gynecological practice, too, tincture of calendula is used to treat colpitis trichomonas, fistulas, cracks in the mucous membrane, erosion on the cervix, regulate the menstruation, performing regular douching (3-4 teaspoons of tincture on a glass of boiled water).

Since the days of antiquity, healing powers have been knownwormwood, used as a tincture on alcohol. Recipes, according to which the preparation is made, make it extremely bitter, making it difficult to use. Found a way out of this situation, the French healers, they offered to make wine. Alcohol is not 70%, but 60%, and fill in the dry grass of wormwood not only with this alcohol, but with white wine in this ratio: for 30 g of grass, take 60 g of alcohol and 100 ml of white wine. First, the grass within a day, you need to insist on alcohol, then add wine, insist another ten days. Then strain and take the received medicine no more than 10 grams per day, since the content of the toxic substance in the herbal oil of wormwood can provoke seizures similar to epilepsy. Use wormwood tincture for chronic diseases of the pancreas and gallbladder gland, digestive organs, hemorrhoids, for coughing, influenza and as bitterness to enhance appetite. Long-term use of drugs from wormwood can cause at the best light poisoning, and at worst - common toxicosis with hallucinations and convulsions. Therefore, without the recommendation of a doctor at their discretion, they can not be treated, as by many other means. Do not forget that healing plants and medicines from them are completely different things.

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Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes Tinctures of alcohol. Cooking recipes