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Smokers sometimes do not realize how many people around them do not tolerate cigarette smoke for various reasons. And if one of the relatives suffers from a bad habit, sometimes the use of a special unit - an air purifier from tobacco smoke - becomes the best solution. After all, if you do not pay enough attention to the sterilization of the apartment, the health consequences may be the most deplorable.

Design features

In cigarette smoke, a huge variety of harmful substances that easily penetrate into the lungs. For this reason, it is recommended to have a special cleaning unit in the house that neutralizes bad odor if someone in the family smokes.

The device also allows you to protect furniture and decoration from the terrible smell of tobacco. No unit is able to completely eliminate all harmful impurities, but a high-quality device significantly reduces their number.This technique drives the air in the room through special filters many times.The device includes two main components:

  • filtering system;
  • a fan that sucks in room air.

Tobacco Smoke Air Absorber

  • filtering system;
  • a fan that sucks in room air.

Thus, harmful particles are trapped on the filters, and purified air enters the room. In modern models there is an ionizer that provides disinfection.Filtering occurs in several stages:

  • Pre-cleansing. The largest particles of dirt are eliminated, they linger on the input preliminary element.
  • Fractions of tobacco smoke are absorbed by filters with activated carbon and potassium, which kill other unpleasant odors.
  • The last stage involves disposal of the smallest dust particles and other harmful substances.

It is best to use a unit that includes several units. This allows you to achieve better cleansing.

Types of filters

Now on sale you can find many varieties of cleaners. The effectiveness of the neutralizer is most affected by the filtration component.The most common types of equipment are:

Absorber Filters

  • Budget unit from smoke with a simple mesh membrane that captures the largest objects, such as wool and dust. In this case, a complete cleaning of volatile compounds is impossible.
  • The electrostatic air cleaner from tobacco smoke for the house copes with negatively charged particles. With a positive charge, they attract even the smallest elements.
  • Domestic filters include carbon membranes that trap harmful gases. This technique perfectly copes with its task, demonstrating high-quality purification of the gas fraction. Coal remarkably adsorbs pollutants. This smoke trap is used in kitchen hoods and many other devices.
  • HEPA filter also absorbs bad odors. If the equipment is chosen for home use, models of class H11 will do - less than 5% of harmful elements pass through them.
  • The photocatalytic smoke absorber of cigarette smoke includes an ultraviolet lamp, which, in addition to its main function, also ensures the splitting of toxin molecules, which does not lead to the decomposition of substances.This technique has a high price, but it can serve for quite some time. The unit does not require preventive cleaning, it is necessary to change the UV lamp only once every 3 years. The installation consumes a lot of electricity and produces a lot of noise during operation.
  • The ultrasonic device type should be attributed to the latest achievements. Thanks to the hydrostat, it is able to control the humidity in manual and automatic mode, not only effectively cleaning, but also moistening the air. Cleaning is done by running an air stream through a spray of water. The dirt particles stick to the wet surface and dissolve in the liquid. It is necessary all the time to add water to the provided container. The cost of equipment is high, but the quality of cleaning is not as good as in the previous case.

Principles of choice

It is better if the unit has several filters. This technique operates with high efficiency. But, in addition to this component,You should also consider other important criteria of the air purifier from smoke:

How to apply air absorber

  • Power - the performance of the device depends on it. 10-14 watts would be enough for a home.If you need equipment for the office, it is better to stay on models with a power of 25-30 watts. The higher this figure, the faster the fan.
  • The intensity of air purification from smoke due to the performance of the unit. For home use, you can take a device that can handle 120 cubic meters per hour. As for air purification in an office space, it is preferable to stop the choice on a figure corresponding to 150 cubic meters.
  • Additional features allow you to make the work of technology more efficient. Self-cleaning mode, air washing and the ability to control the use of the device at night are valuable options. As for ozonation, then care should be taken with it. Ozone shows a powerful effect on hazardous compounds, but it should not exceed the accepted norm, otherwise the opposite effect can be obtained. As a rule, devices with such an option are used in medical and industrial facilities.

The more sorbent is in the filter, the less often it needs to be changed. It is impossible to assess the quality on your own, so you will have to trust the manufacturer, who confirms the indicated effectiveness with laboratory tests.

DIY cleaning device

Model of air absorber

DIY cleaning device

You can make such a device yourself. To do this, you need plastic utensils, impeller from the fan and water. In the prepared container a hole is made corresponding to the dimensions of the fan. Additionally, it is strengthened cogs. Such a device should not be allowed to fall into water, otherwise a short circuit may occur. Water is poured into the container and the device is connected to the network. It is necessary to use the relay, due to which the unit will turn off.

There is another way. Such a device is suitable for rooms with high humidity. You will need plastic dishes, a fan and salt, as well as a material with a porous structure. As it can be used foam, gauze or cotton.In the dishes you need to make a couple of holes of different placing them at different heights on both sides of the container. One is necessary to fix the fan, and the other is to attach the material to the filter (using adhesive tape or glue).

Salt should be poured so that it completely covers the second hole, but did not reach the first. The air is distilled by the fan through the filter, the dirt is delayed. Such devices have a simple design and demonstrate high efficiency in operation.

Thus, the correct choice of cleaner and its timely maintenance can reduce the concentration of toxins in the air and clean the atmosphere of the room. There are different types of filtering systems, and each has its own characteristics. Having understood the nuances of the varieties, you should give preference to the one that more specifically meets the specific requirements.

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