Tyumen for the New Year 2017

Tyumen is an ancient city that successfully manages to keep up with modern trends. Here, everyone is used to doing everything thoroughly, efficiently and in a big way, as regards celebrating the New Year. Festive events here begin in mid-December and can last until Baptism, and in some cases even longer.

For residents and guests of the city are organized various festivities right in the open air, restaurants, clubs and hotels offer original entertainment programs, and numerous recreation centers invite you to spend the holiday not only fun, but also with benefits.

There are a lot of options for celebrating in Tyumen, so everyone will be able to realize their ideas about the perfect triumph. At the same time, regardless of where and how you decide to spend New Year's Eve, pleasant emotions, vivid impressions and a sea of ​​positive are waiting for you.

How Tyumen prepares for the New Year

With the approach of the main holiday of winter, Tyumen is completely transformed. Streets, parks and squares shine with thousands of lights of holiday garlands, almost every Christmas tree in the city boasts intricate decorations,and the center of the city turns into a real abode of a winter fairy tale. A skating rink is set up on the main square, as well as a snow hill for lovers of winter fun, beautiful ice figures are set up here, and beloved fairy-tale characters walk around.

meeting of the new year 2017 in Tyumen

It should be noted that in Tyumen, the decoration of the city center is not a chaotic jumble of garlands, but a thoughtful composition dedicated to a specific topic.

Traditionally, on December 31, fairs, concerts and various competitions for children and adults are held on the square. New Year's melodies are heard everywhere, the spirit of the holiday is in the air and a great mood reigns around. Residents and guests of the city congratulate each other happy New Year, have fun, make funny photos and just have a great time.

Local restaurants, cafes, clubs and hotels are carefully preparing for the celebration. All of them are planning an original holiday menu and developing interesting entertainment programs for their guests. They can be ordered as an individual table for a small company, or as a whole corporate party for a large number of employees.

How and where to celebrate

Tyumen offers its inhabitants and guests many different options for celebrating the New Year. The most traditional of them is a hike to the main square of the city. As already noted, there are many different entertainments, and the apotheosis of the evening will be a grand firework, so no one will be bored. Celebrations begin before dark and last almost the entire New Year's Eve. This celebration is perfect for a large group of friends who love fun and walks in the fresh air.

Another "classic" version of celebrating the New Year is going to a restaurant. Having booked a table in one of the Tyumen institutions, you can guarantee yourself a wonderful celebration, which will be held in a cozy atmosphere. In addition to a gourmet dinner, restaurants offer fascinating entertainment, competitions, performances by music groups, and some - even salutes for guests.

New Year's Eve in Tyumen restaurants

Those who find it possible to spend the whole New Year's night in a restaurant seem somewhat boring can complement the evening with a trip to a nightclub. Dancing until the morning under the best network of DJs, a sea of ​​positive and vivid emotions will be a great start to the new year.

New Year 2017 in Tyumen can be celebrated outside the box, for example, going to one of the recreation centers located outside the city. Here you will find not only unity with nature and a real New Year's atmosphere, but also active winter fun, including snowmobile, sledding, skiing and horse-drawn sledding. Such a celebration will surely differ from the usual home gatherings at the table and leave a lot of pleasant memories.

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In addition, in Tyumen, you can combine business with pleasure and on New Year's Eve go to one of the local spa resorts. They offer you not only a wide list of various health and beauty treatments, but also the opportunity to swim in a natural hot spring. The water in these sources is rich in trace elements and minerals, and therefore contributes to recovery. In addition, the opportunity to soak in the hot pool, when the frost and snow around itself is amazing.

What you need to know when planning a trip to Tyumen

Tyumen is a very hospitable city in which cordial people live. A very pleasant atmosphere always reigns here, and on holidays it becomes completely fabulous.Therefore, planning to meet the New Year 2017 in Tyumen, you can be sure that you will like it here.

It should be remembered that the winter here is quite harsh, with frost and snow (as, indeed, this season should be), and therefore you should take various warm clothes with you, especially if you want to take a walk in your free time.

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It is also worth noting that reservations in Tyumen restaurants, sanatoriums and recreation centers must be made in advance. As a rule, already a few weeks before the holiday, all the tables and vouchers are already occupied, so it is important to take care of reservations before the trip.

Tyumen is a truly modern city that welcomes guests and offers them all the best. Both lovers of traditional holidays and those who prefer an unusual pastime will have a great time here. What option of the New Year’s meeting you would choose, one thing is for sure - you will definitely like it here.

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