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Unlimited life

Over time, each person runs the risk of becoming a machine with his own “autopilot” of installations and inference. The impact of beliefs on our lives is enormous.If we act in all life situations “according to a pattern,” this will lead us to inevitable problems and difficulties.

Beliefs and life

Not so long ago, I was in Germany, where I learned about funny accidents with motorists. On some machines, the navigation maps were not updated and the drivers, following the instructions of the navigator, got into a difficult situation.

Imagine such an incident is quite simple: here you are driving a car and the navigator paves the route directly, but even with the naked eye you can see that there is an obstacle ahead, for example, a reservoir. You are a disciplined driver and follow the navigator, and the reservoir is getting closer and closer. And now common sense takes over, you urgently brake - that's just the car already in the water and you have to call the rescue team, which will pull you onto the land.

This is how our beliefs work - they make the picture of the world understandable and familiar, only they act just like the autopilot - statically and consistently.Beliefs like cement, which takes a solid form, while life is dynamic,it moves and changes constantly. If you blindly follow convictions, then you can easily find yourself in a situation of unlucky motorists. Beliefs are good, but you need to learn to feel life and be aware of the truth.

History of the Australian Marathoner

Naturally, beliefs impose strong restrictions on our lives. Here is a real example: in Australia, a marathon race was held with the participation of experienced professional runners. One of the participants was knocked out of the overall picture - the man was just dressed, shod in ordinary boots and it was difficult to call him an athlete. It turned out that this is the usual shepherd of sheep who decided to run a marathon.

Journalists laughed heartily, were interested in the stranger's hat and unpeeled boots, his experience of running. The man remained calm and answered that he was grazing a large flock of sheep and had to run after him all day.

The marathon lasted twelve days, during the day the runners overcame the distance, and at night they rested.After the start, professional athletes jerked off nicely and left the shepherd far behind, as he ran slowly and calmly.

Evening came, the runners stopped to rest, but only the shepherd continued to run when the sun went down and when it rose at dawn. In the morning, the gap was almost several tens of kilometers. Renowned runners rushed to catch up with the shepherd, but he did not stop all twelve days. Is it surprising that he came to the finish line first?

Naturally, journalists tried to figure out the secret of such endurance and the will to win. He turned out to be simple: the shepherd answered that sheep often run up and then he has no time to sleep.He lives like that. Here is a prime example of how the absence of limiting ideas opens up freedom for new opportunities.All the restrictions in life we ​​set ourselves.

Representations fill our minds, but it is important to find a middle ground with our hearts.It is important to feel the laws of life and follow them. Also, sometimes we form beliefs about others. We draw conclusions, make up your own opinion. Based on the conclusions, we label people, for example, “loser” or “lucky one”.And as soon as the conviction is fixed, “freezes”, the reality around is distorted.

Happiness is a sign of the correct influence of beliefs.

How to understand how true beliefs within us? If you are happy, then everything is as it should be. The feeling of happiness confirms the correctness of beliefs and ideas about life.

Each person in this world has its own specific task. Following your own path allows you to discover talents, create something good for others, open yourself as a person. Here isthe feeling of happiness depends on the completeness of this individual realization.

Be attentive to yourself, your heart. Pay attention to your beliefs. Understanding the impact of beliefs on life and changing them, you consciously choose the path that will lead you on a happy journey.

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