Uzbek pilaf

April 5, 2018

There is a great variety of rice dishes in the world cuisine, and even more recipes. The site offers the most original and time-tested dishes of all the peoples of the Earth, because rice is a truly international product. In the article we will dwell on the famous Uzbek pilaf.

Uzbek pilaf

Heat the pot and pour 200 grams of vegetable oil there. The oil should be heated to such an extent that if a drop of water falls there it will crack in all directions.

You can also test it - just a small drop. As soon as the oil is hot, we put lamb fat into it.

It is not recommended to heat the fat to the last drop, it is recommended to catch it from the oil as soon as it is reddened and covered with a crust. Then he throws stones into the butter, from which we cut the meat before.

Stirring often, add salt and cumin. The meat on the bone should be fried until it gets a stable brown color. Then we throw a bow - stirring intensively, bring it to a golden state.

Узбекский плов

As soon as we notice the gilding - add the remaining pulp of lamb. Stew, gently stirring, 7-10 minutes, the crust on the meat should not be. Then, we put the carrots into the pan and we also actively interfere 10 minutes. And then the most important stage comes, after which we can say that the floor of the case is done - we fill it with cold water. The most important thing with water is not to be mistaken. At our serving in the pan need 1, 2 liters of cold water. The water level from frying to rim should be about a centimeter 2.

We wait until the water boils (this is called zirvak) and throw garlic and hot pepper in the sauce.

Pepper is not necessary to cut - it must be safe and sound, otherwise pilau, it will be impossible to eat.

It is time for rice. Before you put it in a saucepan with sauce, soak it for another 30 minutes in slightly salted water. Drain the water, and rice, gently shift to the sauce, evenly distributing in a saucepan. Stir categorically impossible, but until the sauce is absorbed, we stir it very gently on top.

Узбекский плов

As the rice absorbs the sauce, the fire on the stove must be turned down so that meat and vegetables do not burn to the bottom. If you see that rice is completely absorbed zirvak - you can remove the fire.Ready-made Fergana pilaf should stand for about 20 minutes. You can eat.

As it turned out, in order to cook a real Fergana pilaf, buying Devzira rice is not enough. This is an art ... The East is a delicate matter. Bon Appetit!

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