Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers

An important role in caring for a pet is played bynot only quality food, but also regular visits to the veterinarian. A timely inspection of the animal will help to identify the disease in the early stages, which will allow the necessary treatment and keep the patient's health for many years to come. Also, the expert will give recommendations on how to care for the pet, and will advise the most suitable food and vitamins for the full life of a four-footed friend.

vet clinic bibirevo

Choosing a Veterinary Clinic

Choose a clinic and a specialist is better to startimmediately, as soon as a new tailed tenant appeared in the house. After all, if you need help with an animal unexpectedly, it will be better if it is already available to a specialist familiar with the health of the pet.

In Moscow, the institutions providing services foranimals, very much. And to make a choice in favor of one of them is rather difficult. Therefore, before a visit to the clinic, it is better to read reviews about it, about specialists working there.

The veterinarian herself must be equipped with modern technology to quickly and accurately diagnose, and the doctors taking the reception should be specialists with higher profile education.

24-hour vet clinic in bibirevo

Also important is the presence in the clinicnarrowly specialized doctors and professionals on exotic animals, because today as pets many breed different animals, who also need help.

24-hour veterinary clinics

Leonberger-known veterinary clinic in Bibirevo, is located on theStreet Prishvina, in the house 26A. The institution, in addition to the standard services for the treatment and care of animals, also offers assistance in the transportation of pets, if the owner for any reason can not do it on his own. The driver will take the pet to the reception, wait for him to finish and take the patient back.

Some owners face a problempets on vacation or business trip. For them, the zoological hotel is very proud, which is very proud of the vet clinic itself. In Bibirevo "Leonberger" - one of the few hospitals that offer this kind of services. But the main condition for placing a pet in the hotel is the presence of all necessary vaccinations.

The institution works daily and around the clock.

Network Veterinary Clinics

Vetklinika in bibirevo 17 b

Bio Vet has several centers in Moscow. In Bibirevo, a vet clinic is located on Altufevskoe Highway, in house 56. Specialists are ready to take tail patients daily and around the clock. The clinic is equipped with modern technology, which allows you to make an accurate diagnosis, and appoint a competent treatment.

Convenient location next to the metro makesThe clinic is accessible not only to the residents of the district, but also to visitors from other districts of the city. Prices for services in the clinic are quite democratic, but not the lowest in Moscow.

In the north of Moscow is gaining popularity"ASTMedika" - a networked veterinary clinic in Bibirevo. These institutions for the provision of medical assistance to animals have won the locals' position, thanks to qualified specialists and individual approach to each pet.

In 2009, the first branch of a veterinary clinic in Bibirevo, 17 B, was opened, and the second one was opened in 2014 at 7 Berezovaya Alley.

Vetklinik Altufievo and Bibirevo

The institution employs specialists of variousdirections, and some of them require a preliminary record, for example, a cardiologist, a neurologist and a dermatologist. But if the problem is serious, and the life of the pet is at stake, then the doctor can accept and without waiting. However, it is better not to bring the situation to such a state and in time to take the pet to the reception, at the first signs of malaise.

Both clinics of the network work daily, from 09:00 to 21:00.

You can not ignore the branch of "Gosvetseti"located on Kostroma street, in house 16. In addition to Bibirevo, a 24-hour vet clinic has branches throughout the city. Here you can quickly pass tests, according to the results of which the specialist will appoint the necessary treatment. You can make an appointment on a multi-channel phone, and in case of inability to visit the clinic personally - call a doctor at home.

Clinics with own laboratory

"Chance Bio" - the first largest veterinaryLaboratory in Russia, performing research, according to international standards. Many hospitals in Moscow and the region send biomaterials of their patients here because they are confident in the quality and correctness of their analyzes. Professional workers of the center conduct more than 1000 types of research on modern high-end equipment.

vet clinic in bibirevo

In addition to laboratory services,provide medical assistance to ill pets. There is a branch of vet clinics in Bibirevo from 09:00 to 21:00, every day, seven days a week, at the address: Bibirevskaya, 17 B.


Medical institutions in the NEAD of Moscowquantity, and sometimes it is very difficult to decide the choice. In which Vetklinik in Bibirevo carry his pet? Which specialist is entrusted to a four-legged family member?

24-hour vet clinic in bibirevo

It is important to decide in advance with the clinic anda specialist who will observe a caudate friend. To do this, you can familiarize yourself with the recommendations of friends, read reviews about clinics, visit a veterinarian yourself, without an animal, to see which specialists and in what conditions they work.

All these actions will make it possible to choose a suitable veterinary clinic in Bibirevo and Altufevo, and not only where they can really help a pet for a reasonable price.

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Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers Vetclinic Bibirevo: network and round-the-clock centers