Vladimir Zhdamirov and the group "Butyrka"

vladimir ждаdjamirov

Vladimir Zhdamirov was born on August 6, 1958. in the Voronezh region. The biography of the chanson performer is rich in various kinds of events. His parents are engaged in art, and the brother reached significant heights in dancing.
Childhood and youth of Vladimir proceeded ratherroughly. Hooliganism, and drives to the police took place in his life. Already in his childhood years, our hero began to sing, performed at the school at various concerts. He was the vocalist of the group "Far Light" in 1998-1999.

The group "Butyrka" in the life of Vladimir Zhdamirov

Since 1999, in the work of the group "Far Light"began a simple one, which lasted for three years. It happened, as the participants say, "for family reasons." At this time, Vladimir Zhdamirov and Oleg Simonov (the second author in the group) leave and begin to "break out into people" together. Oleg wrote poetry and music, and Vladimir Zhdamirov devoted himself to vocals. An important moment in the biography of Vladimir was a meeting with the future producer of Butyrki Alexander Abramov. In the distant 2001, unknown performers Vladimir Zhdamirov and Oleg Simonov turned to the recording studio "Russian chanson" with a request to record their first songs. Then they were noticed by Abramov. At that time, the names of the group were not yet there. Once they heard about how several prisoners escaped from the well-known insulator "Butyrka". Abramov suggested giving the group such a name and it caught on. The first concert of the band took place in 2001. In the following, in 2002, the first album of the band "Butyrka" was released, and the guys became one of the most popular chanson performers. The songs of the group are true, sincere, coming from the heart. They sing about simple life and simple people, without glamor shine, so they leave very few indifferent. After the release of the second album, the group was awarded the "Discovery of the Year" award and the "Best Russian Chanson" award.

Discography of Vladimir Zhdamirov

Soloist "Butyrki" was invariably Vladimir Zhdamirov. Discography of the band began in 2002. Then the first disc was presented to the public, which was called "The First Album". He brought the band the popularity and love of listeners of different ages. Continued success was recorded as "The Second Album", he received awards at the music contest "A Worthy Song-2002", held in St. Petersburg. In 2004, the third album "News" was released, in 2005 the fourth album was "The Icon".

vladimir zhdamirov discography

In 2007, the fifth albumthe name "Globe". In 2008, the "Sixth Album" was released, which was the last one released under a contract with the "Russian Chanson." Since that time the band began to record their compositions independently, regardless of commercial organizations. In 2010, two albums were released under the names "Hooligan" and "Street of Freedom". In 2014, Vladimir Zhdamirov ceased to be the vocalist of the band "Butyrka", deciding to make a solo career. In late 2014, it is planned to release a solo album by Vladimir Zhdamirov entitled "Spring after the Fence".

The departure of Vladimir Zhdamirov from Butyrki

why Vladimir Vladimirov left

Why did Vladimir Zhdamirov leave the Butyrka group? A unequivocal answer to this question is difficult to give. There is an opinion that the conflict between Vladimir and Oleg Simonov has ripened. Someone says that Zhdamirov wanted more fame and money for his work. These participants do not confirm these rumors, but they also do not refute them. In this regard, we can not fail to mention the scandal in the city of Minsk. Before Vladimir announced his departure from the group, a concert was planned there. The staff of Butyrki was ready to conduct a concert without Vladimir (with a new vocalist) and compensate those who bought tickets for this concert. But upon arrival, the artists simply were not allowed into the hall, and instead of the group in the hall Vladimir Zhdamirov performed with a solo concert, performing hits that did not belong to him.

Solo career of Vladimir Zhdamirov

At a certain point in his musical careermany speakers in groups of participants have a desire to start a solo career. This desire arose and Vladimir Zhdamirov. In 2014, on December 23, Vladimir announced his departure from the group. He told the listeners that he would work on a solo project. New songs by Vladimir Zhdamirov will be in chanson style, as in Butyrka. And also Vladimir will present to the listeners the lyric songs of his own composition.

Family and future plans

songs by Vladimir ждаdzhamirova

Vladimir has a wonderful family, who understands andTaking his constant absence at home in connection with the tour. He has four daughters, one of them is foster. A second grandson was born, who was named Ilya. The main thing in life, as Vladimir Zhdamirov believes, is to be a man and respect the elderly. He has a special, respectful attitude to those people who gave their youth for the fact that at present we live freely with you. He honors and remembers the musician and those who passed the war. The singer's cherished dream - that there was no war. In the future, Vladimir also plans to please his admirers with creativity, giving them new songs. His family and friends support him in all endeavors, inspire the conquest of new creative peaks.

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