Weather in Russia in January 2019

The weather conditions in our country in the middle were always distinguished by severe frosts and heavy snowfalls. What will be the specific weather for January in Russia in 2019, time will tell. In the meantime, we can use the preliminary forecast of weather forecasters from the Weather Center, who have extensive experience in weather observation.


January in Russia

Our country has a huge territory with different climatic zones. The second month of winter in each region has its own characteristics. Speaking about the preliminary forecast, one should always remember that the probability of coincidence of temperature indicators is very low. Nevertheless, the predictions of weather forecasters help prepare for the surprises of nature. It is also worth recalling that the most accurate weather forecast for the month can be found on the online portals: Phobos or Gismeteo.

Weather in Russia in January 2019

Specialists from the Hydrometeorological Center prepared the following forecast for January 2019. According to their assumption, the second month of winter will not be cold enough. Although, the snow will fall enough.According to the statistics of recent years:

  • In the central part of Russia, at the beginning of the month, the day will be within 7-10 ° C. Night temperatures are expected in the range of 12-14 degrees Celsius. This weather is good. Indeed, in the first decade of the month, the New Year holidays are coming, which Russians like to spend in the fresh air near the forest beauty.
  • The second decade of the month will be characterized by lower temperature indices. Night temperatures will reach 25 ° C, and during the day it will be 10-15 ° C. It is for this period that Baptism falls, which has always been famous for its icy days.
  • In the third decade, the temperature will resemble the beginning of the month. This time will be remembered for heavy snowfall.

The northern regions expect lower temperatures. There, the temperature index minus 28-30 degrees Celsius will be considered the norm.

In the south of Russia, the temperature does not fall below -5 ° C. There will be no heavy snowfalls and piercing winds. True, it will not be uncommon to thaw with sleet and rain.

In general, weather conditions are unpredictable. In the first part of the month, relatively warm days are possible.Then, over a period of time, everything can drastically change and come true frosts. True, this is typical for the central part of the Russian Federation. In the North, in the Siberian and Ural regions will be consistently cold. Here, the average temperature is expected to be in the range of 15-20 degrees.

Those who are planning to travel across the expanses of our vast country should know that it is advisable to look at the online portals: Phobos or Gismeteo, in order to protect themselves from the vagaries of the weather.

Weather conditions in Moscow and Moscow region

Weather Center claims that the weather in Moscow and the region will be about the same as in recent years. True, we should not rule out surprises, since in recent years we have been increasingly surprised by nature. For example, more recently, the average temperature in January in Moscow was 9 ° C. At present, it has increased significantly to -6 ° C. True, at night it is essentially cold - 12 ° C.

The January weather in the capital and the Moscow region will be cloudy. The sun will come out of the clouds no more than 1.6 hours. Snow will go for about ten days. Therefore, to talk about the huge snowdrifts do not have to.Within ten days there will be thaws.

Sleet and rain will also be frequent. Although, January will still be one of the months with the minimum rainfall. They are expected to be no more than 42 mm.

The beginning of the month will be characterized by gusts of wind. However, the average rate will not exceed: 3.5 m / s. As for the direction, the winds of the south-east and south are mainly expected. Days with calm will be only two.

The average January temperature will be -10 degrees Celsius. The daily temperature still does not exceed - 6 degrees. Night temperature is expected to be in the range of - 12 degrees Celsius.

As a result, it can be argued that the weather in the capital and the region will not be unexpected. December 31 and January 1 is expected to relatively comfortable weather. Daily temperature will not be below 6 degrees. True, the nights are expected to be quite cold: 9-12 degrees Celsius.

Weather for January in Russia 2019. Forecast from the Hydrometcentre and Gismeteo

In the daytime, in similar weather, you can easily visit various festive events, and leisurely stroll through the elegant streets of the capital. For children, it also won’t be very shaky, so that they can roll on the slides, play hockey or play other games in nature.Surrounded by the weather and lovers of country rest. In forests there will be enough snow cover to ski, snowboard.

Fans of winter fishing will also be satisfied with the January weather. There will be a lot of snowless days when you can easily go to the coastal waters.

Forecast in Nizhny Novgorod

The second month of winter is the coldest here. During the day, the temperature is set at minus 10 degrees Celsius, and at night it drops to minus 12 degrees. Weather conditions are extremely unstable. Within a short time, the temperature can vary from minus 28 degrees to minus 5 ° C. Precipitation in the second month of winter will be: 40 mm. This is one of the driest months of the year. If precipitation falls, it is mostly in the form of snow. The month is different cloudy weather. The sun breaks through the clouds quite rarely, about one hour a day. This is usually closer to dinner. The wind will be observed in different directions. Its parameters vary from 3m / s to 8m / s. Humidity will be in the amount of 70-90%.

Weather in Novosibirsk

This Siberian city has always been distinguished by its severe January. Dry and cold weather is expected here.In the afternoon temperature indicators will be established in the range: - 16 - 22 degrees. The nights will get even colder: - 27 degrees Celsius. Sudden temperature fluctuations will not be observed here. The weather will become windy, which makes it seem even colder. The wind will prevail southwest. Rainfall in January is rarely expected. Most often it is snow. The weather will not please the citizens and guests of the city. The sky during the month covered with thick dark clouds. This is despite the fact that the duration of the day will be 7 hours. This table will tell you more about the weather in this city:

The coldest month was in 2018. The average temperature for the month was: −20.97 ° C
The warmest month was in 2015.

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