What date is Forgiveness Sunday in 2019

Forgiveness Sunday is a very important day for every Orthodox Christian. It was at this time that people get a unique opportunity to say goodbye to all resentment, to build relationships with loved ones and to leave in the past all conflicts, no matter how serious they are.

Every believer seeks to purify his soul before the onset of Lent, and this holiday becomes the best opportunity to perform this godly deed. In this material, we learn the whole essence of the celebration, the folk traditions dedicated to Forgiveness Sunday, as well as the date on which the last day of the Carnival falls in the coming 2019.

History of celebration

It is believed that the original Greeks founded the original tradition of repentance before all those around them in ancient times. Their priests loved to test their spirit and body for strength, securing themselves in the harsh desert or high mountains for a certain time. Not everyone could withstand such severe torture, and often went into a hermit, simply did not return.

Knowing about the possible dangers, the clergy, before setting out on the road, asked forgiveness from everyone around them, thereby purifying their soul from sinful things. After such a ritual, it was much easier for them to leave their relatives and acquaintances, because they knew that no one harbors resentment in their souls.

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Over time, through the close contacts of two friendly nations, this tradition “migrated” to the ancient Russian state.

Gradually, the Orthodox Church completely assimilated this custom, making it an integral part of religious ritual. After being fully accepted by the spiritual community, the holiday also received another name - Adam's exile.

Thus, the Orthodox clergy decided to remind humanity of the comprehensive generosity of the Creator, the example of which all people must follow. In all churches on such a day a special ministry is performed, in which priests tell their parishioners about the importance of such virtue as forgiveness.

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After all, according to the commandments of Holy Scripture, all rebellious souls, cleansed of vices, after death will be spared the filth of carnal ailments and go straight to heaven.

Contrary to the general misconception about the riotous character of the last days of Shrovetide, Forgiveness Sunday is a very important, responsible and serious time. On such a day, it is necessary, first of all, to deal with our own spiritual experiences and throw off the heavy burden of resentment, which with an unbearable burden accompanies each of us.

This is a celebration when all believers are obliged to behave with dignity, to forgive their close people for their sins and not to pay attention to the machinations of ill-wishers. In addition, during such a period, it is customary to commemorate relatives who have passed away, to visit cemeteries and perform prayers for the repose of their souls.

Date of the holiday in 2019

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Forgiveness Sunday, like many other Orthodox celebrations, does not have a permanent date. The day of the holiday is floating and depends entirely on the time of the onset of the Olive Week.

In the coming 2019, our compatriots will celebrate this day on March 10, when the oil fun comes to an end, and with them the preparation for the Great Lent. Calculates the date of the coming of Forgiveness Sunday, based on the day of Easter. It is necessary to take away from the time of the feast of the Lord's Resurrection the duration of Great Lent, that is, 49 days.

Traditions of Forgiveness Sunday

In order to spend this holiday, there is no single ceremony that would suit every person without exception. We are all completely individual, and we can only get rid of our inner experiences if we overcome our grievances on our own.

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The basic rule of this celebration is to realize the mistakes made and apply all the forces to correct them or at least repent of their commission.

From the depth of centuries, a tradition has come down to us that is obligatory for every Orthodox person. She says that on the Forgiveness Sunday believing people always ask each other for forgiveness, and the one who is older must repent first, for example: parents initially apologize to children, teachers to students, but the authorities to their subordinates.

On this holiday, be sure to clear the soul of the heavy burden of resentment and understatement.

Orthodox Forgiveness Resurrection

Another tradition of our ancestors, which the current generation increasingly neglects, is the custom of visiting burial sites. This is done so that on the bright day of Forgiveness Sunday to remember the departed, to pray for their souls and ask forgiveness from people who have long since left this world.

According to ancient legends, at this very time ancestors can hear our sincere words of repentance and will surely forgive any offenses if a person sincerely repents of them.

Basic rules and prohibitions

The last day of Shrovetide is the time of sincerity, peace and goodness. On this day, it is strictly forbidden to arrange conflicts, get angry at others, raise your voice to your neighbor, offend and be offended.

All the intentions of people are obliged to be only good, and the actions - full of kindness and philanthropy.

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You must be ready to forgive any person who sincerely repents in front of you and this is the main condition for this celebration. Sometimes letting go of an insult will be incredibly hard, but only by overcoming yourself, and having done this noble act, you can get rid of spiritual anxieties with gentleness.

On Forgiveness Sunday, any hard work is also not approved. Housewives are completely freed from daily duties, do not work in the garden and around the house, but they devote most of their time to cooking, because on the eve of Lent, you can indulge yourself with various goodies that do not contain meat.

Forgiveness Sunday for hundreds of years, many people help to calm down mental suffering and forget even the most terrible insults.

Many now follow this unforgettable tradition, sincerely repenting to their loved ones. But in recent years, the spirituality of the custom is increasingly lost, turning it into a popular formality, which does not at all correspond to the original meaning of the bright holiday.

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